Juventus VS AS Roma (1-1) - Juve Back to Top

Juventus VS Roma (1-1) - Juve Back to Top

Juventus managed to force a 1-1 draw when treated to AS Roma at the Stadio Olimpico on Tuesday (13/12) morning, once again topped the standings.

Pressure from the fans at the Stadio Olimpico of Rome who could watch the Juventus coach, Antonio Conte, it was really happening.
Arturo Vidal is supposed to be able to secure a volley that was actually quite weak from Daniele De Rossi was not able to do it perfectly, the ball was rolled rushing into the top corner.

Turned into a 1-0 advantage in the sixth minute for Roma.

The game became more interesting, both teams were both look to attack, several times the penetration made by the players of both teams.

However, although both teams play the same game, namely the control of the ball as well as a fast attack, Rome remains more efficient, it can not be separated by re-playing Il Capitano, Francesco Totti.
Until the first half whistle was blown by the referee, no more additional goals that happens, Roma Wolves stay ahead of his guests, The Old Lady.

Starting the second half, an incident occurred, where there are Roma supporters who threw fireworks into the goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, lucky security guards were quick to respond and the game resumed.

Finally, Juve effort pays off in this second round, a Giorgio Chiellini header from Maarten Stekelenburg managed to fool who tried to punch the ball, the position changed to 1-1 in the 60th minute.

Rome actually has a chance to back ahead through a penalty, but Totti who became executor failed to do their job well, kick right foot Totti successfully blocked by Buffon.

Although buying and selling attacks continue to occur, but until the long whistle is blown by the referee's score has not changed, both teams had to settle for sharing the numbers 1-1.

With this result, Juventus returned to the top of the standings, but their position is still very unsafe, because the same points, Juve and Udinese 30.

While the Romans increasingly immersed in 14th position with 18 points.

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