Major League Baseball (MLB) - New York Mets, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox

Major League Baseball (MLB) - New York Mets, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox 

Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the highest level of professional baseball in North America. more specifically, again, MLB is the entity that runs the two highest levels of professional baseball in the United States, the American League and National League since 1903 (National League has been wrote since the year 1876). In 2000, two leagues that were previously run separately, united by the Commissioner of Baseball, which regulates the Umpire recruitment and negotiations television and advertising contracts. Commissioners are selected based on the choice of any MLB team owner. Together with the International Baseball Federation, MLB also manages the World Baseball Classic tournament.

An MLB season lasts from the first week in April until the first week in October, then followed by a round of postseason play in October and sometimes into early November. In the round of the postseason, also held the World Series, which brings the final round between teams that won the team that won the AL and NL.

By mid-season, about July, the match was held between the stars with star players from the AL against the stars of NL-called Major League Baseball All-Star Game that the players selected by fans choice. Besides the players who participated the All-Star Game wearing his team uniform. In addition, before the All-Star Game, there is a contest known as the Home Run Derby, where players are pitted permissibility elected in a home run.

Spring training

Springtime is the time to do exercises and friendly matches before the start of the regular season. The players and teams ready themselves to face the new season by doing spring training, mostly in Florida and Arizona, in February and March. Exercise of this season is an opportunity for players to win the struggle for prime position in the team.
There are 30 teams with 29 teams from the United States and one in Canada. 30 teams are divided into two leagues in MLB: 16 in the National League (NL) and 14 in the American League (AL). Each league is divided into three divisions are divided by geography ("East", "West", and "Middle"). Held 162 matches each season for each team (plus one additional game, if there is a tie breaker in determining the teams that participated in the playoffs.

Rules and regulations used by the two leagues are the same, except in one respect: The American League is run by using the rules of the Designated Hitter (DH), while the National League does not use it. The use of Designated Hitter rule in inter-league games, All-Star and World Series is determined by the rules of the league where teams are playing at home. The use of different rules in two leagues this makes a typical MLB, because three professional sports in America (NFL, NBA, and NHL) league all the same rules apply.

Ration to enter the playoffs from each league are the same, namely four. Three playoff ration was taken by the winner of each division (every league in number there are three divisions) and one share of the remaining playoff called the wild card, where the teams (other than division champions) in the same league merged into a single table to determine which team would grab a wild card. Standings are determined by win-loss record.

Just as with most sports leagues in the United States and Canada, MLB does not use a system of promotion and relegation team

Teams in MLB

Baltimore Orioles | Boston Red Sox | Chicago White Sox | Cleveland Indians | Detroit Tigers | Kansas City Royals | Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim | Minnesota Twins | New York Yankees | Oakland Athletics | Seattle Mariners | Tampa Bay Devil Rays | Texas Rangers | Toronto Blue Jays

Arizona Diamondbacks | Atlanta Braves | Chicago Cubs | Cincinnati Reds | Colorado Rockies | Florida Marlins | Houston Astros | Los Angeles Dodgers | Milwaukee Brewers | New York Mets | Philadelphia Phillies | Pittsburgh Pirates | San Diego Padres | San Francisco Giants | St.. Louis Cardinals | Washington Nationals

New York Mets

New York Mets baseball team is one of the United States who are members of Major League Baseball. The team is based in Flushing, New York City and play in the national league baseball eastern part, the National League East. New York Mets are one of two Major League Baseball teams in New York. Other teams with the New York Yankees. New York Mets won the World Series twice. The first time in 1969, and the second in 1986.


In 1957, two national baseball team of New York, Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants relocates from New York to California, making the largest city in the United States without a national baseball team. Two years later, on July 27, 1959, a lawyer named William Shea announced the formation of a third major league baseball, the Continental League. A year later, Shea and other committee ignores the new league. Instead, it created four new baseball team. Two American teams in the league and two American League teams in the National League National League. City of New York get one of two new National League teams.

This new team needs a name. Many of the suggestions given, the names are included in the final candidate is the "Bees", "Burros", "Continentals", "Skyscrapers", "Jets" and "Skyliners". This new team owners chose the name "Metropolitan Baseball Club of New York," or "Mets" because that name has a resemblance to the name of an existing club that is "New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, Inc..". In addition, this name is also used by one of New York baseball team from 1883 to 1887. The new name of New York baseball team received approval from baseball fans and the press in New York City.

In 2007, the New York Mets baseball season will begin on April 1, 2007 in St. Louis, facing the 2006 World Series champion St.. Louis Cardinals.

On June 12, 2005, announced plans to make the field a new stadium for the New York Mets in Flushing, Queens. This stadium will be named Citi Field, replacing Shea Stadium. Stadium location that now would be a parking lot for a new stadium.

Citi Field has a capacity of 45,000 spectators. Its construction began in 2006. The new stadium naming rights sold to Citigroup at a price of $ 20 million per year  and the name Citi Field officially announced in November 2006. The opening of the new stadium is scheduled for 2009 baseball season.
Facts at a glance

* Stand up = 1962
* Owner = Fred Wilpon
* General Manager Omar Minaya =
* Manager Jerry Manuel =
* Color = Black, blue and orange
* Logo =

* The letters N and Y are each concerned with a serif typeface.
* Posts Mets orange picture above the skyscrapers of New York City blue with a white bridge. This logo image contained in a baseball with orange stitching balls.

* Mascot = Mr. Met, people with a giant baseball-shaped head.
* Motto now =
o "The Team. The Time. The Mets."
* Motto previous =
o "You Gotta Believe!"
o "The Amazins"
* The theme song =

* "Meet the Mets" - was created in 1963 by Bill Katz and Ruth Roberts. The song was played at the stadium entrance and at the time of broadcasting.
* "Lazy Mary" - songs by Lou Monte, who played in every round of the seventh, after the song "Take Me Out to the ballgame."
* "Takin 'Care of Business" - Played at Shea stadium after the Mets won.
* "Let's Go Mets Go" - 1988
* "Who Let the Mets Out" - 2000 (sung by the Baha Men; Song Lyrics by David Brody)
* "And We Say ... Lets Go Mets" - 2006 (sung by Lucas Prata; Song Lyrics by David Brody)

* Branch of the local television stations = SportsNet New York, WPIX New York
* = Local radio station WFAN branch, Wado (spanish)
* Spring training facility = Thomas J. White Stadium, Port St. Lucie, Florida

New York Yankees

New York Yankees are baseball teams in the United States Major League Baseball, located in Bronx, New York City. Yankees play in the American League East Division 39 times and has become league champions. As the winner of the American League, the Yankees also have been playing in the World Series and until 2009 was the largest team champion (27 times). This team is one of the most famous in the world of baseball with this team's main rivals are the Boston Red Sox and is one of the most historic rivalries in American professional competition.


Founded in 1901 in Baltimore, Maryland by the name of the Baltimore Orioles and moved to New York City in 1903, renamed the New York Highlanders before being officially changed her last name (Highlanders) into "Yankees" in 1913. Since 1923 until 2008, the Yankees held a cage match at Yankee Stadium, one of the most famous stadiums in the world. Starting in 2009, they moved into a new stadium, whose name also is Yankee Stadium.
Famous baseball player who was born of this team among which, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Yogi Berra. Yankees have contributed 44 players to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame and until now, the Yankees have retired 16 numbers the player's back.

Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox are a professional baseball team from Boston, Massachusetts. They are a member of the American League in Major League Baseball. The club has won 7 World Series Titles, 12 All Pennants, and seven East Division. New York Yankees are the main rivals of this club.

The club was founded in 1901. They became the dominant team in the league recently founded at the time-beat Pittburgh Pirates in the first World Series in 1903. they won four titles again until in 1918, and after it had suffered a hollow title until the end of 2004, when the club won the World Series for the sixth time. Since 2003, the Red Sox have competed in four ALCS, winning two World Series, and rose to become one of the best clubs in the decade.
The club plays home games at Fenway Park since 1912. The name "Red Sox" was chosen by the owner of the team at that time, Mr. Taylor, a year or two years before Fenway Park was built on land belonging to his family. (Per Red Sox Century). The symbol of the club and then made based on that decision. Their main uniform is white.

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