Chris John - Best Featherweight Boxer (WBA)

Chris John - Best Featherweight Boxer 
Chris John

Yohannes Christian John, better known as Chris John (born in Banjarnegara, 14 September 1979, age 32 years) is a boxer Indonesia. He is listed as the third Indonesian boxer who won the world title, after Ellyas Pical and Nico Thomas.


Chris John is the second son of four children of the couple Johan Tjahjadi (aka Tjia Foek Shem) and Mary Warsini. Chris's father John, Johan Tjahjadi a former amateur boxer, coach Chris John and his brother Adrian since their early age, around age 5 years. Having competed in several amateur championships in Banjarnegara, Chris John was recruited by famous boxing trainer, Sutan Rambing, in Semarang.
Early Career

Chris John and then plunge into the world of professional boxing in 1998 in his debut against the Word Kanda. It was Chris John won the match 6 numbers in the round. His name then sped like a meteor when he succeeded boxing idol at that time, Muhammad Alfaridzi, in a thrilling match over 12 rounds. Chris John was hit twice knockdown in round one, but he managed to reverse the situation by hitting Alfaridzi knockout round of the 12th, at the same time national champion featherweight. According to Chris John, conditions are very bad at the time, and he was bleeding at the nose because his nose broken bones.

After several times to compete in the national title race, Chris managed to beat compatriot John Salah Sundava in 2001 for PABA featherweight title.

World Championship

He holds the WBA featherweight champion

Golden opportunity for Indonesia Chris John and the nation came when Chris John had the opportunity to challenge Oscar Leon of Colombia on 26 September 2003 in Bali. Chris John won a number of thin (split decision) in a 12-round match, and otherwise entitled to the WBA world title while (interim title).

Soon, the WBA "grant" definitive title (no longer interim title) to Chris John, when the defending champion Derrick Gainer of the United States lost points from Juan Manuel Marquez (Mexico, IBF champion). At that time, according to regulatory agency WBA boxing, Marquez expressed as a champion super (super champion) because it managed to unite the two WBA WBA and IBF titles, and Chris John as a regular champion.
Winning against Osamu Sato in Tokyo, Japan

Nevertheless, the definitive WBA title only underestimated by the Indonesian press, and Chris John is considered as a champion on paper alone. But all the stigma was removed when the mighty Chris John beat his opponent Osamu Sato (Japan) in Ariake Colliseum, Tokyo, Japan, on June 4, 2004. Chris John won the absolute number of opponents who are supported by the host fans. With the victory, but gained recognition in Indonesia, Chris John also became very popular in Japan. On descending from the plane, the pilots and crew of a Garuda Indonesia military-style salute to Chris John and the team.

Series against Jose Rojas cheo the first

On December 3, 2004, Chris John successfully defended his title against southpaw boxer Jose cheo Rojas (Venezuela) in Tenggarong, Kukar through bloody battles due to clash of heads in round four. The fight was stopped by the referee and declared a tie or a technical draw.

Unfortunately, after this match, Chris John was forced to cancel the contract with the coach Sutan Rambing because of disagreement over the division problem results. Furthermore, Chris John was trained by Craig Christian from Harry's Gym, Perth Australia. Months of dispute Chris John and Sutan Rambing ongoing and increasingly heated and had time to go to court, but ultimately this issue can be resolved amicably.

Win against Derrick Gainer

22 April 2005, Chris John is obliged to serve the former WBA featherweight champion Derrick Gainer of the United States, which is very ambitious to seize back the lost title. In the middle of the boxing public pessimism in the ground water because this is the debut of Chris John once handled the team's new coach, Chris John manages to look incredible, and succeeded in defeating the former champion via a 12-round victory absolute numbers, although Chris John had fallen (knockdown) in Gainer round 1 due to rapid punches.

Win against Tommy Browne in Australia

August 7, 2005, Chris John 10 round TKO win against Tommy Browne in Penrith, Australia. Who led the match referee suggested Browne stronghold to surrender, because he saw the game was not balanced. Browne's camp received the referee's suggestions, and Chris John declared victorious TKO round 10.
Won against Juan Manuel Marquez

After an easy victory in Australia, this time Chris John should play against the former king of the WBA and IBF featherweight who was greatly feared because of the sharpness of the blow, which Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico.

Through tough negotiations, which ultimately Marquez is one of the best boxers of Mexico (and the world) at the time, willing to wait on Chris John in Indonesia. Promoter Muhammad Arsyad bringing the right match Chris John vs JM Marquez to Tenggarong, East Kalimantan.

In a match that is very interesting and full of fighting techniques and high-level skills, Chris John finally able to subdue the boxer from Mexico is known for his hard blow by the victory of absolute numbers. One two punch of Chris John managed to land faster than ambush predatory Marquez. Ahead of the match against Marquez, Chris John proclaimed his new nickname as "The Dragon" aka "The Dragon" replacing the old nickname "The Indonesian Thin Man", because as a young man of Chinese descent, Chris John has always believed that the beast dragon brings good fortune in life.

Victory over Marquez rated as the biggest victory of the Dragon. Not only because of the power punches that Marquez is very famous, but also achievements Marquez who was touted as the No. boxer. 1 in the featherweight. In fact, after losing to Chris John, Marquez grade and became a champion at junior lightweight.
Win against Renan Acosta

On 9 September 2006, Chris John is dealing with a relatively mild opponent, Renan Acosta of Panama, in GOR Soemantri Brodjonegoro, Brass, Jakarta. Chris John won almost every round, but he failed to hit KO the opponent, so he was declared victorious with the judge's assessment of absolute numbers almost the entire round was won by Chris John.

Winning against Jose Rojas cheo the second
On March 3, 2007 the Dragon successfully completed her curiosity on the only opponent who managed to hold the series, namely Jose Rojas cheo. In an exciting match, Chris John managed to win the absolute number of Rojas in Indoor Tennis Stadium, Jakarta. Had been confusion regarding the late payment fees from promoters, but all problems can be solved with a good end.

Win against Zaiki Takemoto in Kobe, Japan

Dated August 19, 2007 Chris John defending his title back. Compete at the Kobe Fashion Mart, Rokko Island, Kobe, Japan Chris John did not find any difficulty to defeat the challenger, Takemoto Zaiki by TKO in the tenth round, having previously Takemoto knockdown hit twice, in rounds 6 and 8. Kubu Takemoto Takemoto already counting that will not be able to beat Chris John, Takemoto finally decided to give up in the interval of rest before round 10 starts. Zaiki Takemoto is ranked eighth challenger WBA featherweight, which is the fighter of Korean descent born in Kobe. No less than 300 supporters of Indonesia, which consists of students and employees in Japan, including Menpora Adhyaksa Dault present in the arena to give moral support to Chris John.

Successfully defended the title for the eighth time and this time abroad, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono invited Chris John to the State Palace with four badminton player who won the world championships in Malaysia in about the same time. On that occasion, President Yudhoyono gave the military salute to Chris John as high personal appreciation for his success to retain the title. The president also expressed pride in the achievements of Chris John.

Win against Roinet Caballero in Jakarta, Indonesia

January 26, 2008: The match shall be ranked against one Roinet Caballero of Panama. The game takes place in Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia. Zaenal Thayeb matches promoted by the management team in collaboration with Chris John, and broadcast live by RCTI is relayed directly by TV4 Panama. The match was won by Chris John with a TKO in the seventh round. With this victory, Chris John has defended his title 9 times, and 4 of them are mandatory fight.
Winning against Hiroyuki Enoki

After some time off defend his title against Jackson Asiku of Uganda in Australia and Indonesia as well as Michael Lozada of Mexico, Chris John retained his match finally the tenth time in Tokyo, Japan, against a boxer born in Akita, northern Japan, Hiroyuki Enoki, October 24, 2008.

Chris John for the 10 time world champion successfully defended his WBA featherweight version. Against Hiroyuki Enoki in Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan, Friday (24/10), Indonesia's pride boxer winning on points after a bloody fight over 12 rounds. Chris John performing with courage, wait on the fight the distance meetings and exchanged blows. As a result of this match, Chris John suffered injuries under the left eye and above the right eye, so it had to undergo minor surgery in the MMC Hospital, Jakarta, and get about 70 stitches. Enoki themselves have swollen left eye since round 4, and practically his left eye closed by the swelling. According to Chris John, Enoki is Japan's most powerful fighter he ever faced, and can be compared to Juan Manuel Marquez, the toughest opponent ever faced before Chris John.

The series against Ricardo Rocky Juarez

In a match on February 28, 2009 in Houston, Texas, United States to defend his title against the host boxer Ricardo Rocky Juarez Chris John won the series after the third jury alike deliver 114-114. In the midst of pressure support boxer host, Chris John was able to perform well, even though the series ended, according to the rules of professional boxing, Chris John to defend his title despite a draw.

Winning against Ricardo Rocky Juarez

Because he felt cheated on the results of the first game series in Houston, Texas, from Juarez, CJ stronghold ask rematch was held in Los Angeles, California. The promoter finally willing to move the fight back to California, scheduled for June 27, 2009. This game was then postponed, because the 7-h days ahead of the day, Chris John is attacked by hypoxemia.
On September 19, 2009, rematch Chris John vs. Rocky Juarez finally held at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Chris John succeeded in winning the victory of absolute numbers.
Win Against Fernando David Saucedo

After the match was delayed until late July due to a shoulder injury suffered during training Chris John. [2] On Sunday, December 5, 2010 held a match at the Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia. Before the match, Chris John says his ambition to conquer the opponent before the round of 10. After passing through 12 rounds, Chris John declared absolute victory, 119-109, 119-109, and 120-108.

Winning against Daud Cino Jordan

Chris John succeeded in answering doubts his fans that he has decreased stamina, with a talented young boxer beat Indonesia, Daud Cino origin Kayong Jordan, West Kalimantan in the match at Jakarta International Expo, 17 April 2011. Chris John succeeded in dominating and winning the absolute numbers of David. This game is a time to-14 Chris John retained his WBA featherweight champion who earned since 2003.


Chris John is married to Anna Maria Megawati, a former wushu athlete, in 2005, and has been blessed with two daughters named Mary and Maria Rosa Luna Ferisha Christiani.

In addition to boxing athletes, Chris John also briefly known as the national wushu athletes. Chris's success in the boxing world, bringing it to the professional side, including commercials for various products and boxing commentator on television.

Career outside of the ring

As an advertising star

* Extra Joss - (energy drink) - TV and non TV (the contract is completed)
* Kuku Bima Ener-G - (energy drink) - TV and non TV
* Ad Campaign against HIV - TV
* Fire Power - an additive for vehicles (Australian company) - non-TV


* In addition to the boxer, Chris John is an outstanding wushu athletes, among them the gold medal 52 kg class in the Jakarta SEA Games 1997, as well as the same class bronze medal at the SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur 2001.
* As a motivator for employees and agents of Prudential Insurance
* In collaboration with designer Samuel Wattimena constantly providing daily wear for Chris John.
* Work with motivation expert Andrie Wongso
* As a speaker at several seminars and talk shows on television and radio

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