World Boxing Championship - Mike Tyson

World Boxing Championship - Mike Tyson

Boxing is a sport and a martial art that featured two men with a weight similar participants compete with each other using their fists in a series of matches interval one or three minutes, called "rounds". Both in the Olympics or professional sports, the two combatants (called boxers) avoid their opponent's punches while trying to land their own blows to his opponent.

The value given for a clean and steady blow toward the front waist up legitimate opponent, with a blow to the head and chest gets more value. Boxer with a higher value after the planned number of rounds will be declared the winner. Victory may also be achieved if the opponent knocked down and can not get up until the tenth count of the referee (a Knockout, or KO) or if your opponent is declared unable to continue the match (a Technical Knockout, or TKO). For the purposes of the game record, count as KO TKO.

Boxing word is a translation of the English word "boxing" or "Pugilism". The word comes from the Latin word Pugilism, pugilatus or loans from the greek word Pugno, Pignis, Pugnare, which signifies all things box-shaped or "Box" in English. Boxing Man, that fist, shaped like a box. The Greek word means pugno hands clenched into fists, ready to pugnos, fighting, boxing. In mythology, the father and Boxing is Poliux, twin brother of Castor, son of the legendary of Jupiter and Leda.


The first recorded boxing match in history is, among others, against Abel. Mahabharata Book also noted boxing matches, which preceded the recording of the stories in the fight between the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. The first known Greek boxer named Theagenes of Thaos who won the Olympic Games 450 AD. He did the game as much as 1406 times using said boxing glove made of iron. Most of the opponents were killed while fighting against it. Although boxing famous for centuries as a form of entertainment, but an Englishman named James Ping is James Broughton, British champion, who is also the first to use the boxing glove. Regulation and boxing gloves are an introduction on August 10, 1973.

Mike Tyson

Michael Gerard Tyson aka Malik Abdul Aziz (born June 30, 1966, New York City, USA) is a professional boxer and former heavyweight champion. A very promising career hampered by a variety of criminal cases. Mike Tyson internationally nickname is "Iron Mike", referring to the posture is strong as iron. Several other mass media prefer to call it as "The baddest man on Earth", which refers to a bad temperament, both inside and outside the boxing ring. Meanwhile, the Indonesian press prefer to call Tyson as "The Neck Concrete" refers to the circle of Tyson's neck in its heyday a extra-large of normal size, and looked so solid.

Born in the Bronx, New York City, Tyson was one of the most feared boxer because of brutality. He was out of jail and children expelled from school. He then pulled out of reform school by renowned boxing trainer, Cus D'Amato, because he saw potential and existing talent in Michael Gerard Tyson.

Career and life journey

In an instant a big star

Mike Tyson's career began amateur boxing, before plunging into professional boxing, after losing a number of amateur boxing qualifiers to the Olympics from Henry Tillman.

Tyson made his debut in the professional ring on March 6, 1985 in Albany, New York. He won in the first round. He then boxed 15 more times in 1985, won all matches by knockout, and almost all of them in the first round. He competed 12 times in 1986, skyrocketed in the rankings of boxers and attract media attention. On November 22, 1986 Tyson was given his first title shot, fighting Trevor Berbick for the WBC heavyweight version. Two rounds later, at age 20, Tyson became the youngest world heavyweight champion of the world.

In 1987, Tyson defended his title against James 'Bonecrusher' Smith on March 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He won on points and added Smith's WBA title to his collection. 'Tyson mania' in the mass media. He defeated Pinklon Thomas in May with a knockout in the sixth round. On August 1 he took the IBF title from Tony Tucker, winning on points to become the "world heavyweight boxing champion true" (Note: "true champions" refers to the three titles in three world boxing commission: WBA, WBC and IBF). His only other fight in 1987 against 1984 Olympic champion Tyrell Biggs in October, the seventh round TKO.
Tyson had three in 1988, against veteran boxer and former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes on January 22 with a fourth round TKO victory; against Tony Tubbs in Tokyo in March, a second round knockout, and against Michael Spinks, who predicted a heavy opponent Tyson, on June 27, it fell KO in just 90 seconds in the first round.


In addition to his achievements in boxing, Tyson's personal problems are also exposed by the press. His marriage to Robin Givens to the divorce, in a household are less harmonious and peppered numerous cases of domestic violence. Later remarried with Dr. Tyson. Monica Turner who gave him several children, but even this family apart.

Many of the news about alleged that the contract was rigged by Don King and Bill Cayton, who eventually brought to the split between them.

During 1989, Tyson had only two: Frank Bruno fight in which he won in the fifth round and the fight against Carl Williams in July with a first round TKO.

In 1990 Tyson had lost direction, chaotic personal life, and he did not practice well. In a battle on February 11 with a famous boxer who is not James 'Buster' Douglas he lost by knockout in the 10th round, though in the 8th round of protests of his manager 'slow count'. As a result, Tyson lost all his belts to Douglas. The next two matches in 1990 raised his confidence when he won by knockout in the first round.
In 1991 Tyson fought Donovan "Razor" Ruddock twice, once in March and again in June. The second fight was remembered for saying "jail" Tyson told his opponent. He said to Ruddock, "Everyone knows you bencong, and you had a crush on me. I'll make you my girlfriend. I can not stand to beat the beautiful people like you". The first fight which Tyson won in the 7th round to contain the controversy but in the second fight, which Tyson conducted champion while waiting for a new battle against Evander Holyfield, Tyson won with numbers.

Rape, imprisonment, and thereafter

Tyson on trial in Indiana charged with rape of Miss Black America game participant in 1991 who named Desiree Washington on January 27, 1992. Tyson was convicted of rape on 10 February and jailed for 3 years. (According to Indiana law, a defendant convicted of a felony must begin serving his prison sentence immediately after the sentencing). As a result, Tyson did not fight again until 1995.

In the opening fight after he got out of prison, he was against Peter McNeeley in August and beat Buster Mathis Jr.. in three rounds in December 1995. In March 1996 Tyson won a championship belt when the WBC title from Frank Bruno in three rounds. In September 1996 Tyson won back the WBA title in 93 seconds from Bruce Seldon, after paying Lennox Lewis $ 4 million dollars to 'step aside'. Tyson criticized by many people as against the boxer-boxer who is not qualified. For example, it is said that the "opponents" McNeeleys generally lost in 3 / 4 fight them. Mathis is an inferior opponent, the boxer who punches hard and fame not only was that his father had been a boxer who fought Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. Seldon wasd humiliated since its defeat in the first round against Tyson because he was beaten by a very light blow. Many have accused him of just terrified that he give up so easily.
Converted to Islam

Officially, in 1995, post-prison in Indiana, Mike Tyson announced it had embraced Islam he had learned while in prison. Tyson is a Muslim name Malik Abdul Aziz.

The fight with Holyfield

On 9 November, 1996 he faced a formidable challenge of Evander Holyfield in a fight over 11 rounds. Holyfield wins by TKO and became world champion three times.

Tyson did not fight again until June 1997 when the rematch is highly anticipated fight Holyfield on June 28 for the WBA title. Tyson was disqualified in the third round, when he became angry because ramming hit by Holyfield and fight without protective rubber gums, he bit a chunk of Holyfield's ear. When the referee Mills Lane warned him, Tyson Holyfield's other ear. On July 9, Tyson was banned from boxing for a year and fined $ 3 million.

Career slump

In January 1999 Tyson's fight with Frans Botha, a South African boxer. Botha initially controlled the fight, but Tyson landed a crushing blow in round five that dropped Botha. On February 5 Tyson sentenced to one year in prison, fined $ 5,000 and ordered to serve two years probation and perform 200 hours of community service for his attack on August 31, 1998 against two men after a car accident. He underwent nine months of detention. When released, he fought Orlin Norris in October. In one scene a lie, Norris claimed his ankle sprain in the first round and refused to continue the fight.
In 2000 Tyson fought three times. The first was staged in England against Julius Francis, although some fans felt that Tyson should have an argument before the fight, whether Tyson should be allowed into the country, more interesting than the second round KO of Francis. He also fought Lou Savarese in June in Glasgow, winning in the first round. Then in October he won in the 3rd round against Andrew Golota, the famous dirty. The results of the match and then be considered void when Tyson failed the test the use of stimulant drugs is associated with the fight. In 2001 he fought only once beating Brian Nielsen in Copenhagen with a TKO in round 7.

Tyson tried to fight with Lennox Lewis in 2002 in Nevada, but Nevada boxing commission refused to give permission to play because he faces possible charges of sexual assault. Tyson to Lewis's statement is far more disgusting than ever before to say "I want to eat your heart and then your children too," he shouted. The noise at a press conference eventually eliminate the opportunity to fight in Nevada. The fight actually took place in June in Memphis, Tennessee. Tyson lost in round 8.

On February 22, 2003, Tyson beat fringe contender Clifford Etienne 49 seconds into round one, also in Memphis. The pre-fight was marred by rumors that Tyson was not fit enough to fight and that he took time out from training to party in Las Vegas and make a new facial tattoo.

Reaches the lowest point

In August 2003, after years of financial struggles, Tyson finally filed for bankruptcy. His bank account has been said to amount to only about $ 5,000. In the midst of all its economic problems, he was named Ring Magazine at number 16 among the best hitter of all time in boxing history in 2003.

On July 31, 2004 Tyson faced Englishman Danny Williams, who was seen in the game 'come-back' was held in Louisville, Kentucky. Tyson dominated the opening two rounds. Round three more series, with Williams, who got some clean blows and also a bit that is not legitimate, for which he was criminalized. In the 4th round Tyson was surprisingly defeated. He is trying to compete with one leg because his leg torn ligament. Williams put in more than 20 blows of unrequited though Tyson did not seem hurt by the blows it. Looks like he just stumbled and fell when he was beaten up, he did not try to back up. This is the fifth career defeat Tyson. Tyson tore the ligament in his knee during the first round. He underwent surgery four days after the match. His manager Shelly Finkel said that Tyson could not throw the right hand which means that after injury to the knee.
His career really exhausted after giving up on June 11, 2005 7th round TKO of Kevin McBride. Tyson decided to resign in round 7, after experiencing frustration because of difficulties in mastering Mc Bride who is considered the opponent lightly. Earlier, at the height of frustration, Tyson deliberately butting his opponent, and the resulting value is truncated to 2 digits by referee Joe Cortez. After this match, Tyson announced his retirement from boxing.

Briefly appeared several times in an exhibition match four rondean in 2006, even had also glimpsed by the promoter of Muhammad Arsyad to play an exhibition game on Chris John, but until now rarely heard Tyson gait.


The youngest world heavyweight champion at age 20. Tyson was a record at 50 wins, five defeats and two no decisions, with 44 knockouts.

In 1987, at a party, the famous philosopher AJ Ayer find Mike Tyson Naomi Campbell tease and asked Tyson to stop. Tyson said: "Do you know who the f * ck me? I'm the heavyweight champion of the world." Ayer responded "And I am the former Wykeham Professor of Logic!. We are both very excellent in our field; I propose that if we talk about this man who seems rational."

In 1989, Tyson was awarded the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Overseas Personality Award. Mike Tyson added his record against a car that was damaged in Scottsdale, Arizona after a night of drinking. Then he was detained while practicing for a match in March.

Tyson is the organizer of the match WWF at WrestleMania XIV on March 29, 1998 in which he pretends to be a member of D-Generation X and the end to beat Shawn Michaels and make the 3 count for Stone Cold Steve Austin to win the WWF Championship and Michaels.

Kameo and parody

* In The Simpsons, boxer (and convicted criminals) "Drederick Tatum" is clearly modeled on Mike Tyson.
* In 1987, Nintendo released Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!, And games the NES is based on the arcade game "Punch Out!", Though then there is the version that was launched in 1990 that replaced Mike Tyson with a fictional character, "Mr.. Dream" after Nintendo Mike Tyson a license to run out. This is considered to be one of the best games released for NES, and highly regarded to this day.
* In the Japanese version of Capcom's Street Fighter II series, the Balrog is called Mike Bison, as a parody of Mike Tyson, possibly called with the full name "Michael Gerard Bison." Capcom USA rename Shadaloo Grandmasters roughly to the American version to avoid a possible lawsuit from Mike Tyson. The character was originally named Balrog was renamed Vega. The character was originally named Vega rechristened M. Bison.
* Shown as a guest star in the movie Rocky Balboa or Rocky VI (2007).

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Tyson was the last great heavyweight boxing ever. The power of his fists attracts viewers so much and he made a lot of money because of that. He doesn't have any memorable fights because in his prime he was just overpowering and out speed all of his opponents. Too bad he was just a bad guy unlike other heavyweight greats like Muhammad Ali. If had disciplined himself he would have a long and fruitful career. Thanks for sharing this post. personal injury attorney medford oregon

KETTLEBELLS. I'm the heavyweight champion of the world." Ayer responded "And I am the former Wykeham Professor of Logic

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