Bowling and Best Bowling Player Shalin Zulkifli

Bowling, Best Bowling Player Shalin Zulkifli 

Shalin Zulkifli

Shalin Zulkifli (born 28 Mac 1978 in London, England) was a professional bowler 10 pins as a nation of Malaysia and former Number 1 Asia. He has competed and won various national and between nations kejohanan, and several times in kerjaya he held the position of  1 bowling 10 pin professional players in Malaysia and Asia.
Shalin was born in North Islington, and spent his childhood days in Kuala Lumpur. He first bowling when she was 9 years old and accompanying troops nationality bowling in the late 1980s.  In 1991 he held the Young sportswoman Hope Selangor, and in 1994 became the youngest player and the people of the first Malaysian to win the Kent Malaysian Women Kejohanan All -Stars.
Shalin holds a diploma in Sports Science who specializes in Sports and Exercise Psychology. Today, he owns and control a 10 pin bowling rink at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.


Is actually an old bowling including sports, that is known about 7000 years ago by proving the experts who found in old tombs of Ancient Egypt. Throw threw game is also found in the Roman era, Phunicia and Carthage, but the evidence is not yet available. But certainly will in 1950 BC, when Julius Caesar came to power, the people in the Alpine region, Italy infatuated play what is called "bocce". Many names to mention that game later, Bowls Skittles, Nine Kegling Pin, Pin and Quilles Dutch. Based on the record, the first German to play bowling is associated with religious ceremonies. makdsudnya Kegle is likened to Satan. People are welcome to use a rock or some kind of balls that were on Kegle, if all the collapsed mean clean life.
14th century, famous Bowling game in England. Despite the challenges, and even King Edward III passed laws to stop the game, but could not prevent. Year 1455 which was originally only performed in the field headed for the stadium under the roof. In Ireland, Scotland and in 1600 - came to prominence in America's brought by the people - the Dutch, even in 1895 formed the American Bowling organizations (American Bowling Congress) and sports enthusiasts are now about 10 million people. Advances in technology brought a big change from the United States spread to continental Europe and in 1960 - entered the continent of Asia as Japan, Philippina, Thailand, Singapore and in 1970 in Jakarta.
Bowling, the original name of popular sport that started in Indonesia in 1970 is. In 1983 introduced the term in the Indonesian language by the name of Bowling, which is an abbreviation of the ball rolling by Minister of Tourism, Post and Telecommunications Achmad Tahir when he became chairman of the committee inter-club championship fight Bowling trophy of President Suharto.
When economic growth in Indonesia has become steady, at Hotel Crowne Plaza in 1970, exactly in August opened a sports center with 16 lanes Bowling (lines), machine-made Brunswick. In a very short time, these types of games attract many enthusiasts from all walks of employers, employees, armed forces, students, student, film star and mother-housewife. Starting from the passions relax their terms veins, relax and spend leisure time, but eventually it occurred to menadu intelligence among each other. appear competition, also arises the desire to join in a group. Appear names Bowling sports associations such as: The Metropolitan Commercial, Blessing, Th. Cutter, Free Lance, Alexander, Amore Club, The Step, Aki Beard, Tjendana and Biangos. Birth of the various clubs to inspire the establishment of an umbrella organization, which could oversee the development of the club and think about the progress of this sport with a forward thinking, if bowling spread across Indonesia, if pebowling Indonesia would join the competition abroad, would require a container.
So on the initiative of M. A. Suganda of the Metropolitan Bowling association with M. Q. Amirudin, invited all clubs to discuss the formation of the container. Precisely dated October 6, 1970, the club were present agreed to establish an umbrella organization named the Union Bowling abbreviated PBI Indonesia. JBC - Jakarta Bowling Center.

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