Fernando Alonso - Best Racer Formula 1 (F1) in the World

Fernando Alonso - Best Racer Formula 1 (F1) in the World
Fernando Alonso Díaz . Nando was familiarly called, was born in Oviedo, Asturias, Spain, July 29, 1981, age 30 years) is a Formula One driver from Spain. He had become the youngest world champion in the history of F1 title in 2005 at the age of 24 years and 59 days, so the 33-year-old record owned by Emerson Fittipaldi who was 25 years and 273 days when it won the world title in 1972 season. Lewis Hamilton's record was broken on the 2008 racing season and then solved again by Sebastian Vettel in the 2010 season. Alonso also had become the youngest driver ever to win the grand prix and took pole position, respectively in the Hungarian Grand Prix series in 2003  and GP Malaysia 2003 , before it was broken by Sebastian Vettel in Italian GP 2008. He also is the first F1 world champion from Spain.

Alonso began racing karts at the age of 3 years. He then won the karting championship in Spain in 1994-1997, and had become the world karting champion in 1996. He later made his debut in F1 racing in the 2001 season with the team Minardi, and then moved to Renault as test driver next year. Alonso started the 2003 season and then "grade" being the main drivers the French team. Having had time to "stop" at the McLaren team in the 2007 season, Alonso returned to Renault for two seasons in 2008-2009, and since the 2010 season Alonso and then strengthen the Italian team, Scuderia Ferrari.  The income that he can be in a Ferrari in the 2010 season is estimated at 30 million Euros a year and make it "most expensive F1 driver" for that season along with the departure of Kimi Räikkönen F1 event at the end of the 2009 season. In the 2011 season Fernando Alonso then appeared as the richest athlete 11 according to Forbes magazine. While in the same list that was released to Sports Illustrated, Alonso finished in third place as a sportsman's most expensive in the world with a net income of $ 45 million dollars.



Fernando Alonso Diaz was born on July 29, 1981 in Oviedo, Spain.  His father, Jose Luis Alonso, worked as a mechanical workshop, which also occasionally worked in a mine. While her mother, Ana Maria, worked as a cashier at a supermarket. Alonso was the second child of two brothers. Since childhood, Fernando Alonso has to know the ins and outs of the racing world. He obtained his first kart at the age of three years. Alonso's father was actually going to give the go-kart for his brother is Lorena, but because Alonso is a woman's brother, he gently declined. He then gave the go-kart his father's gift to Fernando.

Fernando large and small study in simplicity. Even so, he still did not forget it until today. He is far from the glitzy world of celebrities pouring, or nightlife. In 1998, at age 17, he decided to move to England. There he lived in the area near the University of Oxford, together with some friends who are also from Spain. Together with his friends, Alonso often spend time chatting and playing with computers. The reason Alonso moved to England is because he wants a quiet atmosphere and the environmental conditions far from the frenzied media.

In the matter of food, Alonso liked the food that does not contain salt. Alonso main hobby is cycling, playing tennis, and football. His favorite soccer club is Real Madrid and Real Oviedo. From racing bikes, Alonso has two favorite racers that U.S. cyclist Lance Armstrong and the Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador. While in the case of music, Alonso liked the band Red Hot Chili Peppers, with their hits, By the Way. In terms of communicating, Fernando Alonso is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, and French. In 2005 Alonso also had a guest voice in the film titled Disney Studios and Pixar Cars the Spanish version. The same thing then he said again in the year 2011 by appearing as the voice in the sequel to the film of the same name.  Alonso is also a fan of James Bond film series.

In 2005, after he assured himself as F1 world champion, Fernando Alonso and then decided to move to Switzerland., where he lived next door to Kimi Räikkönen and Felipe Massa. Among the F1 paddock, Alonso is a master of poker card game. Pokernya playmate in the F1 paddock was Robert Kubica and Giancarlo Fisichella.  Alonso is married to Raquel del Rosario , which is the lead singer of the band from Spain, El Sueno de Morfeo. Their marriage was performed on 17 November 2006 in Spain.  Later in the winter of 2010-11 Alonso decided to go home and stay in their home country (Spain) with a reason to be closer to family and friends. For this reason Alonso was also willing to pay the income taxes of £ 50 million.

Besides the things above, Fernando Alonso also started investing in the business world. The first business he was doing was an amateur go-kart team named Alonso-Kart. There than as a racing team, Alonso-Kart also sells various types of kart chassis and spare parts. Alonso Alonso goal-Kart is established solely to help the young drivers who want a true racing hobby.

Sponsorship and charity

Alonso, since he became F1 world champion (and he is an F1 world champion only to the present from Spain), later became one of the ambassadors of the University of Oxford, to promote the university's new field of study that is "Motorsport for Business" for social science , and "Aerodinamicist Technic" for inexact science program. Every year he financed 12 best students from around the world, who also is a true F1 fans to attend Oxford.

Alonso also has several private sponsors, one of which is the Mutua Madrilena, a Spanish banking company. He was also appointed as one of UNICEF ambassador since the end of 2007.  And this at once makes it more popular among children. Each time Alonso met with children from poor countries lagging behind, he would a member of the children of a replica F1 car he ever drove.

Alonsomanía (or often referred to as Alonsista when an individual) is the designation for the collection for the fans of Fernando Alonso. This title started to appear since 2003, when Alonso managed to dedicate a good result for the development of a four-wheel racing in Spain , and then became a base of a large gathering while Alonso managed to become world champion in 2005 and 2006. On 25 September 2005, a big party was held in Alonso's hometown of Oviedo, Spain to celebrate the success of the F1 world champion Alonso became the first Spaniard. One characteristic inherent in the Alonsista is blue and yellow flag of Asturias.

Early career

While still a child, Alonso participated in karting competition in many events throughout Spain, with support from his father, who does have experience in the field of mechanics. But then Alonso family experiencing financial problems to finance his racing career, but with the victory of a successful outcome Alonso won, some sponsors and then came forward and helped Alonso racing career. Alonso then won the Spanish Karting Championship four times in a row in the junior category, between 1993 to 1996 and became world champion in karting Karting Junior World Cup in 1996. He also managed to win the title of the Inter-A Spain and Italy in 1997 and again won the Spanish Inter-A in 1998 at the moment where he also managed to win the European Karting Championship.

Former Minardi team driver Adrián Campos gave Alonso a later test on the real race car in October 1998. After serving a three-day test in Albacete circuit, Alonso finally managed to equal the record of Marc Gene who is also one of the drivers built Campos.  Campos blurted then directly contracted with Alonso to race with the team. In one of the races are also held in Albacete, Alonso won the race for the first time. Alonso then managed to win the championship Euro Open Movistar by Nissan at the end of 1999.  He won the championship by one point over his rival Manuel Giao. Alonso then also managed to get a test session with the Minardi F1 team, with the result 1.5 seconds faster over other racers in a Minardi test. Alonso F1 test with Minardi at Fiorano who also held a private test circuit Ferrari team. Action with Minardi and Ferrari teams attract some of the crew, one of them is Ross Brawn and Jean Todt.

Alonso moved to the 2000 Formula 3000 International, which was then the last event before the young racers get into F1. Alonso joined Team Astromega, and became the youngest driver to race in the F3000 event at that time. Alonso can not record the points until the seventh race in the 2000 season, but in the last two series he has recorded the podium, and the climax was when he won in Spa-Francorchamps. Position F3000 Alonso in the standings that season is behind Bruno Junqueira in the P4, Nicolas Minassian and Mark Webber.

Formula One career

2001: Minardi

Travel Fernando Alonso in Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix began in 2001, dated March 4. At that time, the Minardi team recently purchased by businessman Paul Stoddart almost could not perform in the first race because it has not finished building the car and do not have a supply of engines. They even had time to ask special permission to the FIA ​​to be allowed not to race the first season of 2001, but the FIA ​​refused permission on the grounds all the Minardi team as much as possible should follow F1 races since the start of the season because it was bound in a contract called the Concorde Agreement. Stoddart middle road was taken by establishing a car spare-parts and bring her to Australia to build an impromptu car. The finished car is a car Alonso, and was built in Australia is to Tarso Marques.  To the machine itself eventually survived after Stoddart's Minardi using the old engine (Cosworth V10) who last used in 1999.
In qualifying, Alonso managed to decisively beat his team mate Tarso Marques by a margin of 2.6 seconds. Alonso the next day when the race ends with a nice debut as he finished 12th in Melbourne. His name was far less time than Juan Pablo Montoya and Kimi Räikkönen. Even so, throughout the year, even though they remained in the back row, Alonso still can make the whole paddock was amazed smile fascinated with actions in line tail. Even the action start time Alonso was touted as one of the most spectacular action of the start of the season. The results of Alonso's best finish during the 2001 season is in German P10 and P11 in Japan.

September 15, Alonso had been nominated along with Felipe Massa and test driver Andre Lotterer Jaguar team to replace Kimi Räikkönen in the Sauber team will move to the McLaren team began the 2002 season. But at the end, he lost by Felipe Massa who ultimately was appointed as a Sauber driver for the 2002 season.  Shortly afterwards, a great talent and then wafted by Fernando Alonso of Renault F1 Flavio Briatore. He then immediately sign him as a test driver in 2002, and will be given the opportunity to race if the performance is satisfactory during a test driver.

2002-2006: Renault F1

Building a team

Fernando Alonso became the official Renault test driver (recently acquired Renault Formula Benetton team in 2001) in the 2002 season and spent about 1642 laps throughout the season. He believes the talent and good looks, Flavio will fulfill its promise in the 2003 season. Entering the mid-2002, Alonso and then began to feel uncomfortable, because the promised Flavio racing seats had not arrived. As an alternative, he then tested the Jaguar Racing team chair test. But the Jaguars were in doubt with the performance of Fernando who was normal. Until finally coming savior, Jenson Button who was with Renault and throughout 2002 appear extraordinary, surprisingly sacked by Flavio and then he signed a contract with BAR-Honda team for the 2003 season. Shortly after that, Flavio Briatore and then fulfill his promise to give Alonso the chance to race in the 2003 season with Renault.

In the 2003 season, Fernando Alonso finally climbed back into the grid as a racing driver Jarno Trulli in pairs together. Before the season goes, many people who scoff Alonso and Briatore. Briatore in particular, he is much despised by the paddock on the grounds that the election of Alonso as a driver for the 2003 season is doubtful, given in 2001 alone Alonso appeared normal. Flavio had another opinion however, he argues:
"If we see the appearance of Fernando Alonso, we will be reminded of the appearance of Michael Schumacher when he was young, and even then, he got a lot of derision from the fans, because a very young age. And I'm sure, Alonso, Schumacher would like someday. "

Flavio spiel began proven in Malaysia GP 2003. With a body condition with a fever, and nose with flu, Fernando Alonso took pole position by surprise. With these results, Alonso became the youngest F1 driver in history to be able to grab pole position, precisely  age of 21 years, seven months and 23 days. Breaking the previous record in the name of Rubens Barrichello, and then broken again by Sebastian Vettel in Italian GP 2008. The next day when the race took place, Alonso managed to finish in P3, and back again posted a record as the youngest winner of the podium in F1 history. On it sat Kimi Räikkönen and Rubens Barrichello.

Most historic moment was when Fernando down in the Spanish GP. By exploiting the presence of the safety car, Fernando shot and finished second behind Michael Schumacher. The climax was when Fernando won in Hungary. Again and again he broke the record, this time she appeared as the youngest driver ever to win the Formula 1 Grand Prix to replace the name of Troy Ruttman. Fernando Alonso recorded history in the age of 22 years in Hungary was 26 days (before it was again resolved by Sebastian Vettel in Italy in 2008 ). And most memorable, Alonso won by a margin of 16 seconds from Kimi Räikkönen-great racer with a car that is considered more powerful as well. P5 Alonso managed to finish in the final standings in the 2003 season, which stood at 55 points.

In contrast to the brilliant season in 2003, in 2004 Fernando Alonso slightly lean times. He really had to look good while at the Australian Grand Prix by becoming the only rider capable of finishing in under a minute behind the two Ferrari (Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello) , but in many races Alonso lost a lot of points. One is the time in Monaco, where he grazed the wall as a result of accidents. , and also in Indianapolis, where he grazed the wall again, and should go home empty-handed.  Lastly, Alonso suffered misfortune is when he must stop when the lead of Belgium, due to valve problems on his car oil. Then in the final three races, Fernando getting a new teammate, former F1 world champion 1997, Jacques Villeneuve, drawn by Renault for three races only (before he was hired by the Sauber-Petronas ), to replace Jarno Trulli who move to the Toyota team. At the end of the season, a lot of speculation that settle to Fernando Alonso. One of them, he will immediately move to the Scuderia Ferrari to replace Michael Schumacher in 2006. But Fernando deny these rumors.

Being a world champion

Alonso's fortunes began to change in the 2005 season. He started the season very well when winning in Malaysia. Many have said that the victory of Alonso's race was an accident because the teams McLaren and Ferrari are still struggling to find a good car settings. But the victory at San Marino change this. Fernando Alonso managed to withstand the onslaught of Michael Schumacher during the last 20 laps and at once came out as champions. His luck changed drastically, because he then entered as a world champion candidate. Throughout the 2005 season, Fernando Alonso won in Malaysia, Bahrain, San Marino, Europe, France, Germany, and China. Special to victory in Europe and Germany, Fernando seemed to be grateful to Kimi Räikkönen. Because in Europe (Nurburgring), Kimi was the pleasure of leading a tragic accident on the last lap, right where Fernando was behind (P2). The same case occurred in Germany, where Kimi strike also when he led the race.

Fernando Alonso's first lock his world title in Brazil on 25 September. Although McLaren-Mercedes by Juan Pablo Montoya and Kimi Räikkönen master race, Fernando Alonso appeared neatly and safely. In the age of 24 years and 58 days, he listed himself as the youngest F1 world champion in history, breaking the previous record on behalf of Emerson Fittipaldi (age 25 years and 272 days) in 1972, and before then solved by Lewis Hamilton in the 2008 season. Renault team even more happy because in China they also confirm themselves as world champion constructors.
In December 2005, Fernando Alonso, a surprise move announced himself to the McLaren-Mercedes team began the 2007 season , with the three-year contract duration. The goal he moved solely to seek new challenges. Even so, Fernando will still appear to focus on the 2006 season to defend his champion.

In the 2006 season, the opponent Fernando Alonso is "The Old King", Michael Schumacher. Chases points between Alonso and Schumacher in the 2006 season very interesting. Schumacher was behind 20 points from Alonso, but is surprisingly capable of equating the last two races. Unfortunately hopes to be world champion Schumacher eighth time vanished due to the explosion of the engine in a Ferrari 248F1 GP Japan, where Fernando Alonso became the champion. Entering the Brazilian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso was able to appear relaxed, because he only took one point only to remain a world champion. If Schumacher wins in Brazil, and Fernando Alonso came home with zero points, the story would side with Schumacher. Because in 2006 Schumacher was the most wins the race. And according to FIA regulations, the most victorious drivers was, if the point equal to the second rank, are entitled to become world champion. Alonso then finished second behind Felipe Massa in Brazil. But strangely, the news his victory as world champion in 2006 was not as big as he was champion in 2005. At that time, the press is more to capture the moment when Michael Schumacher had his last race in Formula 1.

After the race, Michael Schumacher, Kimi Räikkönen and Fernando Alonso started the exchange of team identity for 2007. Schumacher gave his car to Kimi Räikkönen, and Kimi in a small farewell party by the McLaren team, handed over the steering wheel of his McLaren car is symbolic to Fernando Alonso.

2007: McLaren-Mercedes

Fernando Alonso started testing the McLaren car in December 2006. It was the McLaren team has not determined who the companion Alonso for the 2007 season. To be sure, Alonso was satisfied and happy of joining he was steamed. Throughout the winter, Alonso claims that he has donated 0.5 seconds for the betterment of the team.

When Lewis Hamilton's name was announced would be his partner in 2007, Alonso said that he would guide the Lewis who was at that time still regarded debutant. It is then also strengthened by the statement that Martin Whitmarsh said that Lewis will be allowed to overtake Fernando occasionally, even he also would be allowed to win some races, but he was not allowed to become world champion in 2007, meaning that Lewis Hamilton should be a supporter of Alonso in the season. However, it seems, relations between the adoptive father of Lewis Hamilton by Ron Dennis a little change that. With Lewis's remarkable appearance in his debut race in Australia and then Malaysia, then McLaren team announced that Hamilton and Alonso will be treated the same, and anyone has the right to be world champion. Alonso feels betrayed, although he won in Malaysia and Monaco, but he was not satisfied with the treatment team. Moreover, further adds to Lewis Hamilton hot ears after mentioning that Fernando Alonso is forcing the team to carry out team orders, which have been banned in F1, the Monaco Grand Prix.

Alonso's anger peaked when Lewis won the race in Canada and the U.S.. Little by little, he began looking for loopholes to get out of the McLaren team, but still with a title of world champion.  Where the peak occurs in Hungary when Alonso in the pits during qualifying ngendon to restrain the pace of Lewis, and as a result Alonso later sentenced by the FIA dropped five positions during the race.  Alonso then had to settle for watching Hamilton wins in Hungary.  Another way Fernando then traveled to get out of McLaren. Aware that his team is in the interrogation of the FIA ​​due to cases of theft of data belonging to Ferrari espionage, Alonso spoke bluntly to the FIA ​​that McLaren did possess and use the Ferrari data.  Without a doubt, the FIA ​​then remove all points constructors McLaren, but both riders are still allowed to compete for the title of the world. And his attitude is, Alonso began to hostility by the British press, even by some employees McLaren although they are still willing to serve and to set up Fernando cars.

Alonso could actually become world champion in 2007, unfortunately he suffered an accident at the Japanese GP, and Alonso also admitted that the accident was purely an error itself in the wet race. On the other hand, the civil war at McLaren team seemed to put to good use by Kimi Räikkönen and Ferrari. Slowly but surely, began to approach Kimi Alonso and Hamilton who were competing at the top, until finally the F1 started to enter the final race in Brazil.

Before Brazil, Fernando had revealed that he would be happy if she could be world champions again. However, if the conditions have not allowed anymore, he would be happy again if you see the world champion Kimi Räikkönen. And if Alonso was less fortunate in Brazil, then he will be willing to help Felipe Massa with Kimi to sit in the P1 and P2, as well as drive to be world champion Kimi 2007.

Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying results put in sitting position P3 Alonso in front of Lewis Hamilton, and behind the two Ferraris. During the race, Fernando was the option taken is to support Kimi. Realizing the power of the car will not be able to match the two Ferraris, and then tackle on Alonso Lewis Hamilton from the start until the beginning of lap 5 where the transmission of Hamilton's car stalled. In Spain, the public was pleased with the failure of Hamilton, and in Britain, public anger over the actions Alonso. Racing has been running for half, instead of Kimi in the lead. Alonso finally decided to play safe in P3. Even though it meant he failed to become world champion, but his heart was satisfied with her revenge on McLaren and Lewis Hamilton. Racing over, Kimi won the world champion, Alonso in P3, and Hamilton in P7. And then comes another trick of the McLaren , they lodged an appeal to the FIA ​​over the three cars that using illegal fuel. The cars are those that finish in P4, P5, and P6.  Again, Alonso defends the opponent, and instead of defending his own team. But fortunately, the FIA ​​reject McLaren's appeal and nonetheless decided that the world champion Kimi Räikkönen is legitimate.

November 2, through a small meeting with Ron Dennis, Fernando Alonso finally officially out from McLaren. Without a dime in compensation for the termination of his contract with McLaren.  And he's also got good news, that he would return to his old team, Renault began the 2008 season, replacing Heikki Kovalainen who, ironically, his place at McLaren.
2008-2009: Renault F1

Going home

Fernando Alonso was linked with several teams shortly after he officially left the McLaren. The teams are interested in him including Renault, Toyota, Red Bull Racing, and Honda. But after a long discussion with Flavio Briatore, Alonso finally decided to return to the Renault team. He then warmly welcomed by the whole team based in Enstone, England. Alonso also said that the atmosphere in the team Renault were warmer than the McLaren which he defended the 2007 season. Partner Alonso for the 2008 season is Nelson Angelo Piquet, who is the son of triple world champion of the 1980s, Nelson Piquet.  Alonso signed a contract with Renault for a period of two seasons with a total value of 25 million pounds,

Confidently, both Renault and Alonso believes the French team's 2008 season could rise again. But in fact the trip Alonso during the 2008 season somewhat plain, where the early season, he had trouble with handling Renault R28 is far from usual. I was so frustrated, Alonso had even said that he would go from the team if the car he drove was just bad. Soon after it was made Alonso, the team gradually began to clean up. While out there, rumors began to arrive that several teams are interested in appealing Alonso back, one team BMW Sauber and Honda. But Alonso insists he only wants to join the Scuderia Ferrari. It was Luca Cordero di Montezemolo said that the door directly to Alonso joining Ferrari already closed because of Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa is under contract until 2010. On the other hand, continuous improvements made by Renault team began to bring good results in the second half of the season, beginning in Belgium while Alonso managed to stab into the top five before falling to the rear tire due to wrong strategy. In Italy Alonso then got up and finished in P4, and the peak occurred in Singapore when he became champion. Alonso then went on his victory in Fuji by beating Robert Kubica of BMW Sauber.  Alonso and then finish in the P5 championship with 51 points.

Last year at Renault

Entering the 2009 season, Alonso back to Renault car let down by poor handling, which he had been since the winter tests. Alonso was also disappointed with the KERS system in his car that appear to be less able to compete with KERS from rival teams. Alonso's first points in the 2009 season in print in Bahrain when he finished in 8th position. Furthermore, in some other races, Alonso Renault cars performed poorly due to a too easy for the opponent teams passed up. The most embarrassing race for the Renault team is in the Hungarian GP. It was Alonso won the pole, but when the racing team Renault acting silly for one to install the bolts fastening the tire and consequently one of the tires off Alonso on the track. Steward then punish Renault ban one race, but was eventually canceled after the team filed an appeal granted.

In Belgium Nelson Piquet, Jr.. Renault team was fired and replaced by Romain Grosjean. Piquet is still resentment over his old team then makes a public confession that he was stir sent by Renault team for crashing into the wall during Singapore GP 2008 Alonso's call so you can go up as champions. The FIA ​​then investigated the case in September, and then punish Renault race ban for two seasons (although the sentence was ultimately canceled) and prohibits Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds take part in F1.

After a long wait, finally able to Alonso on the podium in Singapore to finish in P3.  The podium was then became the sole Renault podium in the 2009 season well into the final podium with Alonso's team. In the final three races of the 2009 season (Japan, Brazil, and Abu Dhabi), Alonso failed to score a point, and in the closing race in Abu Dhabi, thanked Alonso Renault team for what they gave for Alonso to join, including when delivering Alonso became F1 world champion in 2005 and 2006.

2010-present: Scuderia Ferrari

New idol Italy

The original name of Fernando Alonso has signed a long way since the mid-coveted Ferrari 2004, during which Ross Brawn had asked Alonso Ferrari to enter as a long term plan when Schumacher retired. But Ferrari president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and CEO Jean Todt is even more pick Kimi Räikkönen as the target. Name Alonso Ferrari game then log back in mid-2008. , at which time the Italian team is not satisfied with the performance starting Kimi Räikkönen. Finally after almost a year and a half gossip, the official Ferrari team pulled Alonso as a driver Felipe Massa began to accompany the 2010 season.  Some people in the paddock states, actually has officially pulled Alonso Ferrari since July 2008 with option to race start the 2011 season, which was then pushed back into the 2010 season after seeing the poor performances of Kimi Raikkonen.
Alonso, with Ferrari's debut begins in Bahrain GP qualifying session where in he is only able to grab third place. During the race, Alonso was off to a good start when overtaking Felipe Massa in P2. Mid-race, the race leader Sebastian Vettel then experiencing technical problems with his car, Alonso was swayed and then go on to win in his first race with Ferrari. Alonso became the fourth driver after Juan Manuel Fangio in 1956, Nigel Mansell in 1989, and Kimi Raikkonen in 2007 which won the first race when joining the Ferrari team.  One thing that is a bit different from Fernando Alonso today is change his attitude, referring to the opinion of Luca di Montezemolo, Alonso is now more calm and cool when compared to when he joined McLaren in 2007.

The next race in Australia, Fernando able to finish fourth after struggling to fight with Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber. Then in Malaysia Alonso failed to finish due to engine exploded a lap before the race was over, the Ferrari team later testified that during the race, Alonso was also heavily damaged gearbox, and mentioned that Alonso's driving style is really amazing with the condition of the car which is less possible. Alonso started in China starting from third position, but was forced down to P15 due to jump start. With help from the safety car, Alonso was able to get up and finish fourth. Alonso back to reach the podium by finishing second at the Spanish Grand Prix with Lewis Hamilton helped deflated tires one lap remaining when the race again. While in Monaco, although related controversy was involved maneuvering at the end of the race Michael Schumacher, Alonso was able to finish sixth after the start of p24 due to his car was destroyed in the free practice session. Alonso also took the third podium in Canada, but unfortunately he failed to do well in Valencia and Silverstone. In Germany, Alonso won the race again and get involved controversy, this time the cause is team orders from Ferrari's Felipe Massa who requested that succumbing to help Alonso win. He also had misgivings as a result of the case, the Ferrari team threatened more severe penalties to the FIA ​​hearing on 8 September. Another podium later he won the Hungarian Grand Prix after Sebastian Vettel assessed a penalty due to slowing car. After failing to finish in Belgium, Alonso eventually returned to win at Italian GP 2010, at once became the first Ferrari driver since Michael Schumacher in 2006, which is able to win on home turf at Monza Autodromo. Earlier on September 8, the FIA ​​decided that the Ferrari team did not innocent-related cases in the German GP in 2010. After successfully win at Monza, Fernando Alonso then went on his victory in Singapore , and then after a successful win in the South, Alonso finally managed to climb back to the top of the championship.  However, by simply reaching the finish in Brazil P3 and P7 in Abu Alonso Dhabi eventually had to settle for finishing as runners-up.

Fighting in the top

Alonso started the 2011 season with a normal course, after he was only able to finish fourth in Australia. In Malaysia he was fighting with Lewis Hamilton competing for podium positions before finally foundered when broken front wing when nudged Hamilton car tires and eventually had to settle in P6 finish. After the race stewards are investigating this incident and then give a penalty 20 seconds for both drivers, but Alonso was still able to finish in record time despite P6 plus races.  In China, Alonso finished in P6 behind teammate Felipe Massa. Alonso nightmare finally ended up in Turkey when he managed to finish third behind the two Red Bull.  Alonso, then extended his contract with Ferrari until the end of 2016 when the race enters Spain series. Alonso and then managed to reach the podium in Monaco and Europe before finally victory in the UK and was followed by a second podium in Germany and third in Hungary.


Just like other great racers, Fernando Alonso is also not free from controversy that included itself in racing. Here are some examples of controversial cases involving the Lions throughout his career in F1 racing.

* Grande Premio do Brasil 2003 (Interlagos):
Starting accidents Mark Webber (Jaguar-Cosworth) who feels they are "too smart" to submerge his car on a rain puddle on the final corner on lap 53. Not long ago Alonso arrived at the venue at full speed, and he is not expected to see around that is filled with the remnants of debris from the destroyed Webber Jaguar. Alonso then hit the debris, and he then bounced into the tire wall great. Racing was stopped and then create a story "out rain terbitlah confused", because the Grand Prix champion Brazil can only be determined a week after the race. Remarkably though Alonso Renault cars were destroyed and sprained his foot, Alonso declared unlawful to occupy third position in Brazil.

* Grand Prix de Monaco 2005 (Monte Carlo):
At the end of the race Alonso blistered tire, and right in tandem duo behind the Williams team (Mark Webber and Nick Heidfeld). Alonso, who should give way instead to obstruct duet Williams, who almost would cause severe accidents for the three of them. Williams duo eventually managed to overtake Alonso, and after the race Sir Frank Williams stated that Alonso had been upset with the action.

* Magyar Magidij 2007 (Hungaroring):
Entered the final qualifying session in Q3, and this time the McLaren duo seemed to seize the position 1-2 to start the race. Alonso, who was comfortably seated in the P1 first and then entered the pit to change tires. Behind him the right to follow Lewis Hamilton, his teammate.  And this then makes Lewis lost an additional lap to lead qualifying.  As a punishment for Alonso, the FIA ​​then give a penalty dropped five positions during the race the next day for the Lions.

* Grande Premio do Brasil 2007 (Interlagos):
Final race of the 2007 season, and the day before the race that Alonso has said he will support as much as possible to be world champion Kimi Räikkönen and Lewis Hamilton hinder the struggle fully to become world champion of 2007. At the race, Alonso was proving her words by Lewis tripped shortly after the start until the beginning of lap five Hamilton where transmission car suddenly stalled. Aftermath of his dispute with Hamilton at McLaren, three weeks after the Brazilian Grand Prix, the McLaren team finally break the contract and replace it with Alonso, Heikki Kovalainen.

* 2008 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix (Marina Bay):
In the first night race in F1 history, the Renault team known ordered Nelson Piquet Jr. to crash into the wall to help Alonso, who started from the rear position in order to advance to the next. Piquet then complain to the FIA ​​this problem shortly after he was fired by the team in mid-2009, and had no possibility of Alonso's championship in Singapore in 2008 lifted. But the FIA ​​has finally decided to just Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds was at fault in this case, and Alonso did not know the team's plans at that time.

* Grosser Preis Santander von Deutschland 2010 (Hockenheimring):
In this race Fernando Alonso and Ferrari's Felipe Massa with the team involved a controversy as it is considered to team orders, which is something that is prohibited at the F1 GP since the case of Austria 2002. The incident stemmed from a message Rob Smedley on Massa during the race takes place (in English): "Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm you understood That message?"  And then Alonso overtaking Massa team orders that show the action. After the race, which Alonso won, a team led by Danny Sullivan stewards later fined the team $ 100,000 Ferrari and forward the case to the FIA ​​World Motorsport Council for trial on September 8. While the race itself remains unchanged with Massa and Alonso as the winner in second position.In the FIA ​​hearing on September 8, it was decided that the action in Germany is not one Ferrari, and Ferrari are then free from the threat of punishment.

Outside of Formula One

Appearances in other sports

In addition to the F1 race, Fernando Alonso also had two down in the Champions Race of Champions is in 2001 and 2002 represent the Spanish team. In his first appearance in 2001 with Jesus Puras and Ruben Xaus, Alonso lost in the preliminary round of individual category by the German rally driver Armin Schwarz, but in the category of Nations Cup he managed to drive the Spanish out as the overall champion. In the following year with still paired with Puras and Carlos Checa, Spain team reinforced Alonso ran aground in the preliminary round at the Nations Cup category.

Fernando Alonso, who has a hobby of playing soccer are also often appear on the F1 driver in the team's annual charity match in Monte Carlo between F1 driver team against a team of Celebrity All-Stars, led by Prince Albert.  In 2009 he helped the team win the F1 Drivers 5-2 of Celebrity All-Star team. In the same match in 2010, Alonso look stunning throughout the 90 minutes of the game and had scored one goal in the match which was won by F1 driver team with a score of 4-2 over team All- Stars. In 2011 Alonso was back participating in this charity match.

In addition to the annual charity match in Monaco, Alonso also in 2010 (along with his team mate Felipe Massa) participated in a charity match titled "partitas del Cuore" (Match of the Heart), which is in the title in Italy. In the game this time he joined in a joint team of professional soccer players Antonio Cassano.  In 2011 he again took part in this match with a direct presence Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo.

Fernando Alonso Sports complex

In early 2011 shortly before the passing of seasons racing in the F1, Fernando Alonso took the initiative to establish a sports and museum complex in the city of Oviedo. Sports complex is set on an area of ​​2500 square meters and is equipped with a go-kart tracks along 1.3 miles of some bend mimic the existing layout in real circuits such as Suzuka and Valencia. Alonso hopes he has the funds from income as an F1 driver, he was eager to develop the sports complex has become one of the best sports complexes in the world, especially for his go-kart tracks. 

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