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One Of Top Football Team, Club in the World - Juventus FC History - Every legend has a story where in a sunny day, exactly 1 November 1897, a group of lads from the area Liceo D'Azeglio is sitting on a bench in Corso Re Umberto players decided to form a team sport with a focus on the game of football. They are just a group of children who are mutual friends and spent time for sightseeing along and have fun and do positive things. Then, they plan to play soccer in a big park called Piazza d'Armi, where the place is used for running and riding. Also, because the place is big enough, not difficult for them to find places to play soccer there.
That's about a picture story told by one of the club founder, Enrico Canfari: "We were considered necessary to form a team and we decided it snow season in 1897." That's the story about the early formation of Juventus, though his story a little less clear, perhaps because Canfari brothers headquarters in Corso Re Umberto 42, the initial meeting place was very dark.;. The average age of their annual 15, the oldest aged 17 and another under 15 years. After that, things may not be a problem now but it is also the heaviest for the youth of that time are: finding a new headquarters! Canfari brothers decide to find it yourself and they finally find one place; a building with a courtyard surrounded by a wall, has four columns, a canopy and the attic and tap water.

Canfari, First Chief

Next, tell stories about how the elected Canfari club name, as soon as they find new headquarters. Finally, it was meeting to determine the name of the club in which there was intense debate among them. On the one hand, hater latin name, on the other hand penyuka classic name, and the rest neutral. Then, settled three names to choose from; "Società Via Port", "Società sportive Massimo D'Azeglio", and "Sport Club Juventus." Last name later chosen without much reluctance and finally resmilah their club name to "Sport Club Juventus."

Eugenio Canfari, sister of Enrico Canfari tells us that the origin of the club on. Then, move the club headquarters on Via Piazzi 4, the district Crocetta, a building with three rooms.


Pink Uniform

Juventus finally officially formed. Again, Enrico Canfari tells his memories while playing his first tournament. Torino FC, a club townsman invite them to do friendly matches. Initially, they did not calculate a famous club invites them to compete, but competition eventually implemented. As a result unpredictable, Juve team lost a landslide! However, individual game - because they focus on individual training with the ball - they praised opponents. Immediately after the first match, also found the order of eleven regular players, they start from a routine run at a time until they form a tournament to prove their capacity in Turin. However, their current problem is not with the club uniform. In addition, difficult to choose materials that will be used, the cotton, flannel, or wool. Until finally, they choose to wear costumes from thin and fine cotton pink they wear to the year 1902, the memorable costumes over time.

In 1899, the club renamed to Juventus Football Club. Starting in 1900, they took part of the professional league. Their first official competition was a moment lost to FC Torino on March 11. In 1901, they successfully reached the semifinal and in the years 1903 and 1904, they lost to Genoa in the final.

Italian Champion

Year 1905 is a magical moment for the team-colored blue-black from the club to adopt a uniform color England Club, Nottingham, which is popular until now. Durante was in the position of goalkeeper; Armano and Mazzia at wing-back position; Walty, Goccione, and Diment as a center back; Barberis, Varetti, Forlano, Squire, and Donna is in line attack. After winning the Piedmont group, they  won from Milan twice and holding the draw of Genoa, who only played a draw with Milan to become champions Italy and was on teams from the region of Liguria. At that time the term has not been scudetto, but giving them the Italian Football Federation champion plates.

Alfred Dick is currently the club's leadership as well as donors. Overall the team become stronger, most of the influence of foreign players who worked at his textile factory. This team almost won the second title in 1906, but they are not willing to come forward in the final against Milan as a form of protest because of the competition they do in Milan is not in neutral as they desire. In addition, the number of foreign players on the team to make the atmosphere less harmonious and Dick began questioning the leadership until he decided to migrate to the Torino and bring some of the players became his close friend.


Years of hard
Chairman Dick left the position followed by the foreign players who forced the club to revise the target. At that time, the club is very bad and they are coming against a team that is new grace Pro Vercelli and Casale. Both clubs are a scary opponent and compete to grab the top spot. 1913/1914 season was last season before World War I. Worse next season when that season competition on May 23, 1915 postponed because Italy took part in the war.

Magazine "Hurra Juventus" published

Some of the players and the official also jumped in the war between that State and many of them killed or disappeared. To continue to know their existence, It was made the magazine "Hurra Juventus" written by an editor, Corradino Corradini. Cover magazine show motto: "Victory will be yours the strongest and believe in its strength."

War ended on 11 November 1918 and the club lost some important pillar in the war but the desire to win is still alive. On October 12, 1912, the club returned to the field for competition for the league tournament. At that time, reinforced the Juventus goalkeeper, Giacone, which soon called into Italian Pick-legendary goalkeeper who is the first Juventus player in the history of the so-called Pick Your Italy. In addition to the goalkeeper, two full back, who pioneered the Bruna Novo and grace back duet, followed by another duet from the Rosetta-up Foni, Rava Caligaris. In addition to their team strength also depends on the determination shown Bona and Giriodi. All players are giving strength to the team to gain maximum results, like the victory over the Casale on March 7, 1920. In addition, they are also able to win the current maximum results beat Genoa in the final phase of the Northern Group, on May 16 marked the Hattrick from Bona even when they failed to win the league fell to Internazionale.

Combi Debut
Furthermore, people began talking about football as the new phenomenon of sport. Supporters of the club despite enthusiastic support does not match the competition results they desire. In 1921, the club tereliminasi in the first phase the group even in 1922 and 1933, the club is in a bad position in the group standings of the North. However, this has slowly begun to change. It is Marchi II, a former player and coach who retired due to health reasons, to find something great. It happened when he saw a junior tournament and was impressed with the appearance of a goalkeeper. His name: Giampiero Combi! Soon thereafter, he was recruited, and at age 18 in 1923, it worked in as a team core.

1923 - 1929-'20 YEAR AND SECOND degree

Edoardo Agnelli club president

On 24 July 1923 Edoardo Agnelli, son of the founder of FIAT, was elected as club president. At that time, the club has a private soccer field during the period of a year, located in Corso Marsiglia, complete with seats made of bricks. The team will become stronger than before, where a great team coming back, Viri Rosetta from Pro Vercelli. The team consists of a goalkeeper Combi, winger Munerati, Gabbi and Bigatto, and an agile center Pastore (who eventually turned professional on the stage). Meanwhile, the club addressed the first time in history that is Jeno Karoly a manager who came from Hungary.

Second Scudetto

Karoly manager could have as a mastermind of the club's success, but the key actors behind it all is in a Hungarian player, Hirzer. In addition, the title battle against Bologna, Juve should play anniversary party after the two parties before the final two teams tie. On 2 August at the Milan, Juve has been able to win the title after menglahkan Bologna 2-1. But the joy did not last long because a few days earlier, Karoly, the manager died in a surprise because a heart attack.

From Hirzer to Orsi

Next season, running nearly identical to the previous season. After some time picking the winning, but due to bad appearances in the semifinal group, Juve had to forfeit the first position to Torino. In addition, Arsenal have also lost the actors, Hirzer, due terganjal league rules. Entrance Cavenini III, previously well with Inter is not very helpful because she was already ill. Although their appearance can not be counted ugly, Juve still it might not be able to compete with Bologna and Inter Milan in the next two seasons.

At the end of the 20's, the Serie A change format to a group. This makes soccer become increasingly competitive and highly significant impact on Juve. They see this as an opportunity to return to competition winners. For that, they add some new ammunition, Caligaris, Cesarini, and Raimundo Orsi. Last name is Argentian born players but has Italian blood, and it is well known after playing nice with the showground Olympic Pick.

1930 - 1935 FIVE BERUNTUN title (1930 - 1935)

Ferrari enrollment, Vecchina and Varglien II

In the span the period between 1930-1935, witnessed the birth of Italian soccer clubs win a fifth consecutive scudetto title: Juventus. This team's legendary one antero Italy as "Italy's girlfriend". Under the leadership of Agnelli and his representative, Baron Giovanni Mazzonis in Pralafera, Juve transformed into popular clubs. Changes in competition format to be a group (Serie A) brought significant changes for Italian soccer, even for Juve. With a squad consisting of several great players like; Mumo Orsi, Cesarini, Varglien, Giovanni Ferrari, and the trio legendaries Vecchina Combi-Rosetta-Caligaris, Juve a solid team ready to compete might Ambrosiana Inter (old name of Inter Milan).

In next season , Juve sped alone lead the standings. One of the biggest surprises was when they lost 0-5 from Rome on 15 March 1931. However, the team soon forget the defeat and successfully emerged champions able to win the title after previously defeating Inter in Turin.

Monti: the ruler's defense

Next season, the team under the care manager Carcano only need a slight change for an existing team remains solid. On the other hand, newer players Juve successfully bring the wing back positioning: Luisito Monti. With hard working character and grace, Monti appears to be one of the outstanding defender in Serie A this season. On the other hand, Juve face tight match from the other team makes them the team to be defeated. Slowly but surely, they began to find the best and successful form of the game in the first position standings. Meanwhile, in an important game against Inter in the January 17, 1932, Oris et al. successfully beat his opponent 6-2 landslide followed by a slaughter Roma 7-1 on March 6, 1932. and, on May 1, 3-2 win over Bologna to grab the lead Juve scudetto second consecutive season and became top skorer Orsi League with his goal 20.

The next season, Juve defender recruiting Sernagiotto Bertolini and winger. However, most seizes the attention of players emerged from their junior team: Felice Plácido "Farfallino" Borel. The striker is always important goals for his team this season and Juve have successfully finished the first position with 54 points. Borel himself plays fantastic with a record 29 goals in 28 appearances that can not be equated to the present.

New Stadium and advanced degrees

1933/1934 season, Arsenal once again successfully grab the fourth scudettonya in beruntun with a print Borel contribute 31 goals and four points above Inter. Degree program in this season also feels more meaningful because the main competitor, Inter are the strongest team this time, including for Juve who can not beat them in a direct duel. Meanwhile, in February 1934, Juve have new stadiums: New Comunale Stadium.

Finally, in the 1934/1935 season, Juve grab the fifth degree beruntun scudettonya Italian equivalent of a Jules Cup champion his vision. The last 5 degrees this year unfortunately not be able to enjoy the hanging shoes Combi.

1935 - 1949 before and after World War II

1937/1938 season, Juve with a trio of their defense; Amoretti-Foni, Rava struggled to grab the title from Inter, but they eventually must be satisfied to be runner-up. In their success this season winning their first Italian Cup after defeating Torino in the final.

Parola Debut

Further, after the next season playing poorly and only finish in eighth position, Juve be able to improve the position of third in the next season. One of the key this season is the debut from one of their young players are positioning defender: Carlo Parola. Once in position 6 1940/1941 season, they grab their second Cup in Italy next season. In this period, Italy join World War II and makes the way the League become obstructed.

League at War

Italian Football continues when the war went. In 1944, Juve participate in a local tournament, which eventually failed resolve. On October 14, the League of scrolling back and marked with Juventus v Torino derby. Torino for the currently received pronunciation "Grande Torino" 2-1 defeat of Juventus. But at the end of the season thus successfully champions Torino. During the summer break, an important event occurred in the Juve on 22 July 1945, Giannin Agnelli took over the position of president of the club, continuing the family tradition of Agnelli. Giampiero Boniperti Agnelli brought in a range of staffed. Added new ammunition, the original spear Denmark Muccinelli and John Hansen.

1949 - 1957 First Degree BONIPERTI

These titles have been carved champion

Summer of 1949, tragedy struck Torino. The members of the team they lost in the mishap aircraft, known as "Superga tragedy". This makes Juventus took power league. With the advent of a new squad, such as Giovanni Viola goalkeeper, defender Bertucelli, Piccini, and striker Vivolo, they try to grab the league. After got series of victories on February 5, 1950 they suffered a landslide defeat of AC Milan 7-1 in front of the public itself. However, Juve have successfully emerged and managed to win the league title they are 4 to 8 weeks before the season was over with the score 100 goals / season, and the inclusion of 43; striker became top skorer Hansen with 28 goals.

Martino go, Juve do a tour to Brazil

The next year the situation a bit worse with their wings hengkangnya, Martino to Argentina. Then, the course of their domestic league is not smooth and much easier to remove points in the competition. June, they toured a trial to Brazil and reached the final before losing from Palmeiras in the Maracana.

Degrees in 1952, with Hungarian players Sarosi

Arsenal manager to replace them with a Hungarian man, Sarosi. In this year, Juve won the scudetto to work with a collection of 9 60 points, 98 goals and 34 entries. The two grew stronger squad next season but they should allow the league to Inter nick because it has many injured players and teams that are not conducive conditions.

Puppo and young players

Gianni Agnelli left the club on 18 September 1954. Juve this year begins with a dark period could only finish in seventh position. The next season, under the direction Puppo managers that rely on young squad Juve began to try to rise. After a series of defeats for the fledgling team, good news in November 1956 with the entrance of Umberto Agnelli exhale as Commissioner of the club. A strong squad with the arrival of some great players such as Omar Sivori and John Charles.


Sivori and Charles (1957 - 1961)

The second coming of Juve players on making the solid under the direction of the manager Ljubisa Brocic. 1957-58 season Arsenal won the champions to 10 with contributions Sivori and Charles. Charles is crowned the top skorer with 28 goals. The next season, walking instead. Juve played inkonsisten and could only finish in fourth position, even successfully won the Italian Cup.
 Cesarini Return

Renato Cesarini ever deal with the club in the 1959-1960 season, return to the club. And the results unpredictable, Juve scudetto winning back to the 11th with 55 points. Sivori back raihan great with 27 goals.

1960-1961 season full of surprises. Juve return versus weight, under the care Inter coach Helenio Herrera legendaries. The first half of the season is bad news for Juve. But in the second half they made the shock of the first successful mempertipis distance standings points with leaders Inter. In the decisive match, Juve beat Inter in the struggle for scudetto. Juve won for the 12th time.

1961 - 1969 THE YEAR "MOVIMIENTO" (Movement / MOVEMENT)

Boniperti separation and the birth of 4-4-2 formation

This season is so last season Boniperti. Juve tried to get at the European championships, but stopped by Real Madrid. Umberto Agnelli leave the club and was replaced by an engineer named Vittore Catella. August 1962, Amaral of Brazil became the manager and Arsenal play 4-4-2 formation newer. But in the league, they collapse in the second order under the Inter.

Alps Cup and separation Sivori

Summer 1963, Juve grab the Alps Cup, their first degree internsional, Switzerland. Amaral hengkang replaced by Eraldo Monzeglio and in 1964 replaced by the people of Paraguay, Heriberto Herrera. It menerpkan hard training and a new pattern that is moviento (movement without the ball). They succeeded in Italian Cup. Next season, Sivori moved to Napoli and Juve struggled in the top but ended the competition in fifth position.

1966 season, Juve grab them drop to 13th in the final moments of the beats Inter Milan. They also played in European competition, but again failed.

1969 - 1976 AN 70-YEAR

Early 70s

1969: Heriberto Herrera replaced coach Luis Carniglia and several new players, Marchetti, Morini, Furino, Roberto Vieri and Lamberto Leonardi, were recruited. The team struggled from the beginning to adapt to new tactics. After a while, a big change in the team, Boniperti up as Director of Implementation and the Italo Alodi as Director General while Ercole Rabitti replace Carniglia. Tim began to shift up to improve the position and strive to successfully earn 8 Cagliari beruntun victory. But it was too late because Cagliari with Gigi Riva flagship series now takes just a result against Arsenal to win their title and to do so successfully.
In subsequent seasons, the team dismantled. Haller and Salvadore be the only Juve player who defended and recruit some young players such as, Spinosi, and Landini Capello from Roma. Meanwhile, Franco and Roberto Bettega Causio returned from the loan in Palermo and Varese. Armando Picchi didaulat as team manager but soon after he resigned because of illness.

The first half of the season, Juve have not been stable in the second half of the game and they successfully returned to the best performance, especially when you reach the final Fairs Cup (UEFA Cup embryo) but lost to Leeds United. At that time, Arsenal manager Vycpalek addressed. 1971/72 season, the fourth week, Juventus beat AC Milan 4-1 at San Siro marked Bettega and Causio slick game. But a few seconds later, a goal machine Bettega should break because of illness and the first position to be threatened Juve's standings. Fortunately they work consistently and to grab their 14th scudetto.

They return next season legendaries goalkeeper Dino Zoff and Jose Altafini from Naples. In this season, Juve faces a schedule in the league and European competitions. After struggling fourth final minutes, Juve successfully beats AC Milan, who last contested a surprise defeat them and grab the 15th scudetto. However, in European competition, they lost to Ajax domotori Johan Crujff the Champions Cup Final in Belgrade.

Parola return

Season 1973/74: Juventus started the musm badly, Europe even recruited Claudio Gentile from Varese. At the end of the season, Juventus finish second in the Lazio. But in the next year, Juve return to the top. After the return of their former players as managers Carletto Parola added new players, Damiani and Scirea, Juve grab the scudetto on May 18 when menhancurkan Vicenza 5-0. in the 1975/76 season, the exact same situation: Juve lead and other team work hard to ensure, among Torino. After running near the end of the season, Juve loss of concentration and forced to forfeit the title to Torino.

1976 - 1982 degrees Trapattoni

Degree Record

1976-77. Torino as a match against defending champions Juventus have almost the entire team his dismantled. Trappattoni still a club manager with Boninsegna and Benetti as new players and Capello's Anastasi replace. Juventus started the season well but Torino successfully passing at both betemu in the derby. However, in the town of 12, successfully identified points with Juventus Torino. Both tight battle until the end of the season. In the town the 26th, both teams the same point and the next town Juventus ideal one point and successfully defend it until the end of the season. At the end of the season, the second goal Boninsegna Bettega and Juventus against Sampdoria to seize the scudetto with 50 points needs a point on the Torino. Several days earlier, Juventus have just won their first UEFA Cup by beating Bilbao.

1978, was the first
The next season, 1977-1978, Juventus participating again in the European championship, bring some new faces, Virdis, Fanna, and Verza. Juventus to play consistently and only Vicenza is stalking them. The first half of the season, Juve needs two points from Torino, 3 points from Vicenza, and four points from AC Milan. After that they played well and tie when derby, holding 2-2 after missing 2-0 Inter Milan on April 8. Finally, the results draw with Roma a week before the end of the season brought them their 18th scudetto.

Two-year transition period

1978 summer season, Juventus lost the opportunity to recruit Paolo Rossi, one of the best players of the original World Cup Argentina, from Vicenza. This season, unlike previous seasons where they started the season badly in both the league and European titles. Juventus successfully steal three points from AC Milan with a 1-0 win, but after they return to play is inconsistent and ultimately submit a title into the hands of champions AC Milan. In the next season, Juventus recruit Bodini, Tavola, Prandelli, and Marocchino from Atalanta. The first half of the season, Juve were on the board but the overhaul center with four wins beruntun Inter. However, Inter finally chased hard and once again escape the grip of the champion title. 1980-1981, Juve began to build strength in early December by holding a draw Roma 0-0. The town of the 20th, successfully stalking Roma Juve at the top and Napoli are also pursuing.

On May 10, Juve and Roma tie in a contest loaded with controversy, and after successfully Juve win over Napoli and Fiorentina as well grab the title in the moments terakhir.1981-82, one of the best season Juve. Starting with six victories beruntun, Juve began to leave much of his opponents. However, due to their poor set of results from saggy. In the end, Juve and Fiorentina are having the same points to reach the last town they should play a decisive event. In the competition, Juve successfully Catanzaro through penalty win over Liam Brady was arrested draw Fiorentina Cagliari. With this result, Juve back to grab the scudetto.

1982 - 1986 ERA Platini

Disappointment in Athens

After six players to contribute Pick Italian who won the 1982 World Cup, plus the arrival of French mega-star Michele Platini, Juventus return the 1982-83 season. But Juventus, who is also juggling schedules European championship competitions with the slow start. It was shown to swallow the defeat of Sampdoria in the season opener and pertain not to convince the Minister said with Fiorentina and Torino. While in Europe, they successfully removed Hvidovre (Denmark) and Standard Liege (Belgium) in the exclusion. However, Juventus return to the track champion in the winter equivalent of their success penetrating the Champions League quarter finals. Furthermore, the victory against Roma by two goals from Platini and Brio make three points distance they disagree with Rome at the top. However, because the concentration Juve split between Serie A and Champions League success does not end up chasing Roma who become champions. Juventus should be able to shed his disappointment in the League when they meet Hamburg in the Champions League final but it did not happen. Position in both the domestic and European competition, Juventus finally succeeded in winning the Cup title while Italian performers and the Intercontinental Cup.

1984 - History degree combinations

Summer 1983, Juve lost two of their core pillars. Dino Zoff shoes hanging in the age of 41 while Bettega move to Canada to finish his career there. Other players like Fanna, Galderisi, Virdis Morocchino and also left the club. Juve recruit a new goalkeeper from Avellino: Stefano Tacconi and Beniamino Vinola from the same club. While Nico Penzo be pendampong Rossi on the front lines. Juve at the moment fully concentrate on the two competitions, the League and Cup Winner. As a result, through a consistent appearance throughout the season, Juve merengkuh league title one week before the competition was over. And this holds other degrees plus in the Winner Cup when they beat Porto 2-1 in Basel on May 16, 1984. Two degrees is very historic and is a performance for the club captain Scirea and friends.

King of the European competition

1984-85. Juve return represented a lot of new faces and Favero Briaschi. But they inkonsisten game. The defeat of Inter on 11 November to make them decide to concentrate on Europe. In January, Juve got European Super Cup title after frustrate Liverpool 2-0. In the Champions League, Arsenal have successfully drove up to the final. Back to the league, Juve win over Inter and Torino to Verona, the team's surprise season, winning the league. And finally on May 29, 1985, located in Bruxelles, the party staged Juve's Champions League final. After previously painted bloody tragedy between supporter, Juve finally able to win the European trophy by Michael Platini penalty in a night filled with tragedy.

1985-86. Arsenal started the season with a perfect through eight kemengan beruntun. These results make preparations for their Intercontinental Cup in Tokyo on 8 December, Japan became maximal at once seize the title there. In the league, Juve tight competition with Rome to the same point in the rest of them last 2 weeks. But surprises happen when the Roman swallow defeat of the team already terdegradasi, Lecce while Juve win over AC Milan. The last town does not change anything and Juve grab league title with a top skorer Platini club with 12 goals.

1986 - 1990 Juventus Zoff INSTRUCTIONS: QUEEN CUP

Last season Platini

1986-87. Trapattoni to leave Juventus and join Inter after training for 10 years. Position was replaced by Rino Marchesi. As a result, several changes occurred in the Juve squad; Vignola back from the loan, Solda defender recruited from Atalanta and the boy is 17 years old Renato Buso comes from a junior club team. While the club icon, Platini is exhausted after defending his country in the World Cup of Mexico signing the contract a year and will retire when his contract expires at the end of the season. In the league, Juve started with three wins and a draw result against AC Milan. Meanwhile in the Champions League, after passing blockage medioker club Valur, super-heavy opponents met Juve, Real Madrid, which is occupied by stars such as Butragueno, Sanchis, and Gordillo. Juve finally give up the penalties. Back to the league, Juve are still lose the European championship and swallow the defeat of Napoli that was then reinforced stars Diego Maradona. This product has become the determinant factor because when the two met again in San Paolo, Juve back up and grabs Napoli Scudetto title which is the first title for them. Season, Juventus finished second position.

From Rush to return Zoff.

1987-88. After losing Platini, Juventus also lost Lionel Manfredonia a contract not be renewed and Aldo Serena is back to his old club, Inter. Meanwhile, a lot of new players coming in as Alessio and Bruno from Como, Tricella and De Agostini from Verona, and Magrin from Atalanta, and most importantly: Wales striker Ian Rush from Liverpool.

However, this season is a blow for Juventus. After lose from the UEFA Cup in the autumn, Juventus choked in the league. Finally, with great difficulty they success to grab a ticket to Europe after winning penalties in the play-off against Torino.

1988. Dino Zoff left the Olympic Pick postage cost in Italy and Juventus join as a new manager.

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