Childhood Lionel Messi vs C. Ronaldo

Childhood Lionel Messi vs C. Ronaldo - Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi had looked a genius to play football when I was sitting elementary school. The big teams are happy to invest in players who are now seen as two of the world's best star Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.
Although both are equally the best players, the doctors treated them very differently.
This difference occurs because the results of physical tests when they were aged 11 years. This review of Childhood Lionel Messi vs C. Ronaldo.

Ronaldo physically examined by team doctors Sporting Lisbon, where he played in Lisbon, Portugal. As for Messi by team doctors because he was applying for River Plate in the team from Buenos Aires, Argentina, that.

"Inspection is done to see Ronaldo make estimates of bone density growth," said Marques de Freitas, an executive with Sporting Lisbon. "The doctors want to know how tall he will be."

Tests showed Ronaldo will grow tall, can reach 189cm. The fate contrary appears from the test results Messi. High Messi is not expected to exceed 140cm.

Ronaldo and his family, of course, can smile with this test. All they do is ensure the growth of their natural bodies are not disturbed. It is important for high football players for not playing too much when young. So Sporting sometimes not down to the field for this reason.

Forecast the doctors when he was 11 years old is not much different from the reality now, the height 1.85m. High physical is supported by physical exercise so that his posture is ideal as a football player.

Messi suffered the opposite fate. 140cm maximum height forecast is like destroying the dreams of the players and the whole family. Any Setrampil he played football, with 140cm height, Messi can not be a professional player.

Since childhood, her height is problematic. When you first enter elementary school, his teacher would not let me play football like the other friends was because he was too small. Only after Messi played a ball to prove intelligent, his teacher he was always down on the ground.
Originally Massey joined the team of children Newell's Old Boys, the club where Diego Maradona's career ended. But his father, Jorge, wanted him to play on a team known for Bueno Aires, River Plate.

Problems arise when River Plate Messi physical test. "Your child has a skill that was almost unbelievable," said team doctors told Jorge. "But there is a problem, he hormone deficiency height. Her body was almost stopped growing."

Jorge was told that there is a cure for this height problem. But the cost reaches U.S. $ 900 (about 8 million) a month. This amount is very large especially, in 1988, Argentina is experiencing economic crisis.

Messi's father, who worked as factory workers, unable to bear the cost of it. River Plate Newell's Old Boys, or even not able to bear the costs of the days of the crisis.

The family had to rack my brain and looking for rich European clubs who might be willing to sign the child with the compensation paid for medical expenses. Because the Massey family has relatives in the vicinity of Barcelona, ​​Spain, they went to the leading clubs in the city.
They ask their child to test FC Barcelona. "In two minutes, I saw the speed and skill and will decide to sign," said Charles Rexach, Barcelona's technical director at the time. Messi did not disappoint. In the first game in uniform Barcelona, ​​he scored five goals.

These skills make Barcelona's Messi are willing to pay for an expensive therapy. The result was far from Ronaldo's height is 185cm. Messi plays only 168cm. But this is far better than previously thought if not in therapy.

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