Review and Story of Cristiano Ronaldo - Best Player in the World

Review and Story of Cristiano Ronaldo - Best Player in the World - Cristiano Ronaldo or often known by the call CR7 is a soccer player who has a hard temperament and character and emotion that often explosive green field. Since the age of eight years, the amount of talent in world football has begun to appear.
At that time, extraordinary talent child's full name Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro wafted by the owner Andorinha junior clubs in Portugal where where his father worked as an equipment provider. Because of that, not long after, he was immediately drawn into the club. And two years later, thanks to his perseverance to practice, make a few clubs interested in him, including CD Nacional who later succeeded diantarkannya won a national championship in Portugal. Thanks to this achievement, two years later he was immediately recruited Sporting Lisbon, which is a famous club in Portugal. This is one Review and Story of Cristiano Ronaldo - Best Player in the World.
In addition, the goal - his goal to become world-class soccer players become more open. Especially since it strengthens the national team of Portugal U-17, several clubs became interested in her world. One of these is Manchester United who managed to get it with the transfer valued at 12.24 million pounds or nearly about 200 billion. That amount represents a fantastic figure for a kid who was aged 18 years. And not only that, the biggest club in England that also give back sacred number, ie, the number seven to him, that number has been used several club legends like George Best, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona and David Beckham.
At the beginning - the beginning of his career at United, the man born February 5, 1985 in Madeira Portugal is experiencing a variety of public scorn and mockery of Britain, due to cases with the former Manchester United team-mate Wayne Rooney is on the world cup 2006. At that Cristiano Ronaldo was accused of provoking the referee that made Rooney a red card and should be rewarded out of the field. However, thanks to hard work, strong will to continue to improve individual skills, constant practice, and hardness of heart to ignore discordant voices around him, Cristiano Ronaldo able to handle all the pressure. In fact, rivals during world cup events, Wayne Rooney, said that Ronaldo appropriately dubbed the world's best players and CR7 prove it by winning the award for best world football player of 2008.
At the time interviewed by reporters about what he felt at that moment, he replied that at that time I was just thinking about how to practice and continue to improve my skills to become the best player. I do not know what will happen at the time, so I just make sure that I will continue to maintain my form and improve capabilities. Giving evidence to the world that I am a soccer player good quality. And finally he was able to prove the word - he said it.
But behind the various achievements and very high incomes, it seems he also still did not forget the human side. One of them might not be forgotten that the Indonesian public is coming to Indonesia some time ago to contribute to a child named Martunis tsunami victims in Aceh. He is one of the first to mobilize his fellow soccer players to help the victims of the tsunami disaster in Aceh, just because he saw a boy who became victims of Aceh, wearing national costumes football team Portugal. Thus, although the known hard-hearted and temperamental, a Ronaldo also have compassion and spirit helper in his heart. And began competition 2009/2010 which will soon begin, Cristiano Ronaldo will play for Real Madrid, let's just wait a football star action this extraordinary.

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