Know Golf very well through the History and Rules of the Game of Golf

Know golf very well through the history and rules of the game of golf - Golf is a game sense played outdoors as individuals or teams compete to enter the ball into the holes that exist in the field with the number of strokes a little.
To get to know golf very well through the history and rules of the game of golf then the caption for a golf ball that is hit by using a set of bat called a club (golf club). Golf is one of the games that do not have a standard game field, but played on the golf course which each has a unique design, and usually consist of 9 or 18 holes (holes). The main rule in golf is "playing a ball with a golf club from the teeing area (teeing ground) into the hole with one blow or several blows next in accordance with the Rules." From that description we can get to know golf very well through the history and rules of the game of golf.

Golf originated from Scotland / the Netherlands and has been played for about 500 years in the islands of Great Britain. The world's oldest golf course is known is The Old Links at Musselburgh. , Where golf has been played since 1672. People who play golf so-called golfers. Golf handicap system familiar.

Anatomy of the golf course
Sports golf is played on a specially designed area. Land is usually called a golf course or golf course (golf course). A golf course has a number of holes (hole) which generally consists of 9 holes or 18 holes.
First punch starts from the teeing ground. The first blow is called teeing shot. Grass on the teeing ground well cared for. After the first punch, the player hitting the ball longer than the last ball position after the first punch. The ball can land in the fairway or the rough. The grass in the fairway is cut short so the ball easier to hit. While in the rough, the grass is longer than in the fairway so the ball difficult to hit. Players continue hitting until the ball into the hole (hole or cup). Each hole has only one hole.
Each hole typically has obstacles or hazards. Obstacles consisted of two kinds, namely: water obstacles such as rivers or lakes, and bunkers (bunkers) in the form of sand basin.
Green refers to the nipple area. On the green, players are only allowed to use a golf club called a putter. In the green grass is cut very short so the ball can roll easily. The hole should be 108 mm diameter (4.25 inches), always in the grass and has a depth of at least 100 mm (3.94 inches). Cup usually always marked with a flag so that players can see it from afar.
A course has a limit that is marked with stakes. Beyond the sign, called the zone out of bounds or OB for short. When the ball landed in the zone of the OB players then the players will receive a penalty stroke and repeated blows from the previous place.
On most golf courses, there are some additional facilities which are not part of the course itself. Like the practice range with practice greens, bunkers, and driving area where long-distance train blow. In addition it also provided an arena to practice (practice course), which is usually easier and shorter than normal golf course.
Hole classified under par. Par is the expected number of strokes can be filled with golfers who play 'safe', at each hole.
For example, on hole par 4, a golfer who has the capacity expected to reach the green in two strokes (one time teeing shot, or the first punch, and one stroke closer to the hole 'approaching shot'), and made two nipples for the ball into the hole.
In golf a hole can be classified into a par 3, par 4 or par 5.
Par a hole is usually determined based on the distance from the teeing ground into the green. Teeing ground into the green distance on an air-hole par 3 is between 100 to 250 yards (91-244 meters). Air-hole, par 4 is 251-475 yards (225-434 meters), while the par 5 holes were more than 476 yards (435 meters) although there are also hole par 5 that as far as 600 yards (548 meters).
In most of the 18-hole golf course, total stroke is 72 times that consists of 4 air-hole par 3, 10 holes were par 4, and 4 holes were par 5.
Par a hole can be raised and could also be lowered. When a golf course used for international tournaments, hole par 5 that is considered too short for the size of the average golfer the ability of international caliber, then most hole short par 5 that it will be lowered into hole par par 4. In these circumstances, it is commonplace for later when we find a golf course, 70 par or 71 par course (par 72 instead of again).

Playing golf
One round usually consists of 18 holes. In golf there are two types of games: stroke play and match play. The first blow struck from the teeing ground unless the game called foursomes (two teams of two people competing.) Members of each team take turns hitting using a single ball.
Further blows struck from the position last ball landed. The first blow from the teeing ground called the tee shot. The blow to reach the green is called approach. Further blow to the green to roll the ball into the hole called a nipple. If the players managed to enter the ball into the hole is not from the greens, then blow it called

In the coveted golf is the number of blows as little as possible. Players must enter the ball into the hole with a small number of strokes. The fewer the better.
Players usually walk on the field to hit the ball further, either alone or in a group of two, three, or four people. Players are also usually accompanied by a caddy (caddy). Caddy duty to bring the equipment players and helps players finish a hole by giving advice.
Type of stroke
• Tee shot
was the first blow from the teeing ground. Tee shot is usually done by using the driver (eg 1-wood) for a long hole or iron on shorter holes.
• Fairway shot
Golf club iron or wedge type commonly used to make this blow.
• Bunker Shot
The blow is done when the ball landed on top of the bunker. The blow was usually using sand wedge.
• Punch or knockdown
is a low blow done to avoid a tree branch or a strong wind on top.
• Putting
is a blow which carried on the green and use the putter, and for most golfers is the hardest blow.
• Approach shot
is a blow done to bring the ball to the green. The blow is usually done at a medium distance or close. This type of approach shot consists of 3 types:
• Pitch
is the approach shot that flies the ball onto the green or near green. Pitch shot usually done by using iron 6 to lob wedge.
• Flop
is the approach shot higher again and stopped shortly after hitting the ground. The blow is done when the players have to face obstacles to reach the green. Flop is often done by using a golf club sand wedge or lob wedge.
• Chip
is a low approach shot when the ball flew low and then rolling leads to the green.
Golf club
There are three types of golf clubs (clubs), namely: wood, iron, and putter. Wedge is the iron used to hit at short distances. Wood is used for hitting a great distance. While the iron on medium distance. Putter is almost always used to do a blow on the green.

Golf balls
Minimum diameter of a golf ball is 42.67 mm and have a mass of more than 45.93 grams. There are 3 types of golf balls.

Shaft (shaft) is used between the grip and club head.

Amateur golfer
Amateur golfer is a golfer who plays golf for personal enjoyment, and based on love of the sport of golf. Amateur golfers do not accept / not allowed to accept prize money in golf. In the event of breach, then the 'amateur status' golfers will be lost, and can not be called an amateur golfer again. Amateur status is a requirement to play in amateur tournaments. Loss of amateur status would lead to a golfer can not play in amateur tournaments.

Professional golfer is a golfer who makes playing golf as a job. Professional golfers are allowed to receive gifts of money in a professional tournament. To become a professional golfer, a golfer needs to follow a kind of qualification. After graduating this qualification bearing the title of a golfer to a professional golfer and is entitled to sign the card holds a professional golfer.

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