Billiards : Wu Chia Ching, Earl Strickland, Alex Pagulayan, Yang Ching Shun, and Tony Drago

Billiards : Wu Chia Ching, Earl Strickland, Alex Pagulayan, Yang Ching Shun, and Tony Drago

1. Wu Chia Ching

I like most players. Young, inexperienced and many titles. Being a world champion and 8Ball 9ball when she was just 16 years!

2. Earl Strickland

The Skill is high, 3 times World Champion 9ball proof. Strickland is one of the players I'm most looking forward to when there 9ball world championships. With great style, arguably really exciting to watch him play.

3. Alex Pagulayan

Alex is one of the best pool players in the world. 2 times in the final world championship 9ball to bring home a world title in 2004.

4. Yang Ching Shun

The player is cool with a very high technique. Yang Ching Shun is a teacher and mentor of my favorite players Wu Chia Ching (student rather than teacher) Although skill ga no doubt, but never world champion 9ball. The Asian champions've often really.

5. Tony Drago

Last is Tony Drago. Actually I like not because his skill, but I love the way he played. He is really really FAST! Play as if is not thinkers, ii's prodded the ball straight. So  his nickname of The Tornado, all the balls were washed without ba bi bu.


Billiards is a sport that fall into the category of sports concentration, so that much needed resilience and mental understanding of right and must be supported by excellent physical abilities to be able to achieve higher and more stable.
This sport is played on the table and with a special auxiliary equipment and its own regulations. The game is divided into several types, among other types of Carom, Billiard and Pool Home. Can be played individually or in teams.

For example, type Carom is played on a table that has no holes at all. This is different to the type of Classic Billiards and Pool played on a table that has a hole of 6 units. Although both have the 6 holes, the size or extent of the table between Classic Billiard and Pool were different, broader types of Classic Billiard table.

Until recently, in 2008, which is highly developed in Indonesia is the type of pool that it was still divided in the No. 15 ball, 8 ball and 9 ball. Back in Indonesia, with identical billiard sports are always being played by men only. But today many women who began fond of billiards sports. Is Mr Putera Astaman, former Chairman of the PB. POBSI, which succeeded in raising the image of Billiards Sports, in Indonesia from the Recreational Sports Just Sports Achievement.

Billiards, Pool type has evolved into one sport that is able to participate it the name of the Indonesian nation. For example, at the World Pool Championship (the world championship billiard ball type of pool for the number 9) of 2006 yesterday, players like Ricky Yang, M. Zulfikri made it into the ranks of 32 major world player. Roy Apancho made it into the ranks of the world's 64 players. Apsi Chaniago made it into the ranks of 128 players of the world.

In the games between nations XXIV SEA Games, 2007, occurred a surprise increase in an extraordinary achievement on all types of sports Billiards Pool, with the inability won the Gold Medal ball number 8, Women's Individual Silver Medal at the same time the ball number 9, Women's Individual by a Young Athletes Ages ie, Angeline Magdalena Ticoalu and ball number 9 Gold Medal, Men Individual by Ricky Yang.

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