Review Arsenal Football Club (History)

Review Arsenal Football Club (History) - Arsenal Football Club (also known as Arsenal or The Gunners) is a British professional club based in north London, London. The club currently plays in the Premier League.

1886-1980 era

Arsenal was founded in Woolwich, southeast London in 1886 with the name of Dial Square, then quickly renamed Royal Arsenal. In 1891 their name changed to Woolwich Arsenal. In 1913, the club moved to the northern region, precisely in the area and build Highbury Highbury Stadium, which became their new headquarters. When I moved the location of this, their club name, the Woolwich Arsenal removed so only the name remains. Moreover, because the location is close to the headquarters of the stadium Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur, would not be surprised if the match Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur called "North London derby" and is one of the hottest in the London derby.
Arsenal triumph in the first persepak England soccer coach Herbert Chapman preceded by a train on the range in 1925-35 and managed to win some of the UK domestic competitions (FA Cup, Premiership title, and the Charity Shield) as well as dominate it and make Arsenal as the most dominant force in England at that time. In the 1940s-1960s range, Arsenal can only add a little collection of domestic titles. In the early 1970s, Arsenal had the best performance in Europe the first time that happened in the 1969-70 season, in the event the Fairs Cup (forerunner of the UEFA Cup). Arsenal won the first and last well in the arena of the Fairs Cup (Fairs Cup replaced the UEFA Cup since the 1971-72 season) after defeating the club RSC Anderlecht 4-3 on aggregate (with a system of home and away) At that time, the club is coached by Bertie Mee. Throughout the 1980s, Arsenal managed to add a collection of Arsenal with several domestic titles, but not with the degree of European competition.
era 1990-present
In 1991, Arsenal won with Tottenham in the Community Shield after a 0-0 draw result of the position (at the time, if the position of the two teams considered the series champion). Fasting title Arsenal will finally disappear from European competition after the 1993-94 season, in the hands of coach George Graham, Arsenal again arena champions in Europe, precisely in the Champions Cup Winners Cup after beating the club Parma FC 1-0. In the next season, Arsenal made it to the finals at the same event, but this time they were defeated by Real Zaragoza with a score of 2-1.
The arrival of coach Arsène Wenger to Arsenal in 1996 managed to make Arsenal return victorious and managed to undermine the dominance of Manchester United in the Premiership at the time. Arsenal were brought successfully into the runner-up in the UEFA Cup in 2000 after a fight against Galatasaray on penalties 4-1 after a draw position. In the 2003-04 season until the beginning of the 2004-05 season, Arsenal scored a record 49 games unbeaten and broke the record belongs to Nottingham Forest FC (42 times) which is the longest unbeaten run in English football history. In the 2005-06 season, Arsenal regained his achievements on the European scene by becoming the Champions League finalists after losing to FC Barcelona 2-1 at the Stade de France, Paris.
Arsenal coach Wenger's future has a good policy in coaching young players who had not qualified as well as quality players but the lesser known players who could become Talent-show extraordinary talent at once targeted by top European clubs. In addition, Arsenal have a policy of giving contracts to players who have aged 30 years and above, ie not more than one season.

Since its establishment, the Arsenal stadium moved a few times. Starting from wearing a named field in Woolwich Manor Ground, then moved to North London, Highbury Stadium as well as building and used first used in 1913. The stadium was used until the 2005/06 season Arsenal (or approximately 93 years old). The last game that was held at Highbury Stadium is the Premier League, the Arsenal vs Wigan Athletic which was won by Arsenal, with the score 4-2 with three goals from Thierry Henry. The stadium was replaced, due to its capacity stadium is too small compared to other clubs, like Chelsea FC.
Since July 2006 until now, the club occupies its new headquarters, the Emirates Stadium with a capacity of 60,500 seats and is located at Ashburton Grove and dedication as well as the Emirates Stadium is the first game that was held by the holding of a friendly match between Arsenal players for the Dutch legend Dennis farewell Bergkamp, ​​a former Arsenal striker.
Arsenal Soccer School Indonesia
SSI Arsenal precisely in the southern city of Jakarta. Taking ISCI Chester facility, in November 2007, SSI Arsenal has housed about 250 students from ages U - 8 years up to the U - 18 years.

For the eight practice sessions, which once spent two hours training, cost between Rp. 2.5 million to Rp. 3.5 million. That means for students to exercise at least once reached around Rp. 220,000.

Arsenal SSI itself came through the idea of ​​Faith Arif to build a football school early age that utilize the network as one of Arsenal's leading clubs. For that, the SSI Arsenal in cooperation under the Community Development Department Arsenal, and not the Commercial Department.
As an initial step to penetrate the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal stadium pride, SSI Arsenal will be involved in soccer invitational that took place in London, England, July 2008. in participating in the invitational, the SSI Arsenal would involve players of all ages. In the invitational Reach Your Goal in Singapore, the team of U - 12 years was ranked third out of six teams, and, among others, hit the U - 12 years of Japan 3-2.

Arsenal Indonesian Supporters
Arsenal Supporters Indonesian or AIS was born from an Arsenal a mailing list in Indonesia, Mailing itself stood since early December 2003.
The initial purpose of this mailing list is to provide container for the Arsenal supporters to share, ask questions, exchange information about Arsenal. As the turnaround time, members of the mailing list was the longer growing quite rapidly. Within three months alone have collected more than 50 members. These developments continue to be followed by the frequency of watching together was held at the cafes for their cooperation and TV7 Tabloid Bola.

It is encouraging to the committee mailing list started thinking about the establishment of a fan club. In addition, fan club information on the development continues to be disseminated through a mailing list or sms to members outside Jakarta, such as Surabaya, Bandung, Palembang, and other cities.
On 24 April 2004 finally agreed on the establishment of a fan club with the name INDONESIAN ARSENAL Supporters and other matters, especially regarding the administration will be done while walking.

Then the establishment of AIS was introduced by sending a notice to the public through tabloid Bola, Tabloids and Magazines SOCCER GO. The response was very, very encouraging. Very many readers who send sms or call to join the AIS.
 In a further development Indonesian Arsenal Supporter later officially registered as one group of fans of Arsenal Football Club, London.

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