Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Derrick Rose (NBA Most Valuable Player 2011)

Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Derrick Rose (NBA Most Valuable Player 2011)

Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls basketball team is the United States who are members of the National Basketball Association.  The team is based in Chicago, Illinois.  The name of the Chicago Bulls is given by the club owner, Dick Klein, based on the name of an existing livestock industry in the city . The club was in the 1990's never won a NBA title with the players led by the star, namely Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.
In his first season, joined the NBA in the year 1966/67, the Bulls won 33 victories throughout the season and through the playoffs (determination). In that season, the Bulls played in the stadium Chicago Amphitheater. A year later, the team occupies The new headquarters called the Chicago Stadium.  In 1994, the Bulls have a new stadium called the United Center.  with a capacity of 21.711 seats stadium was built by the club owner, Jerry Reinsdorf and William Wirtz, owner of the Chicago Blackhawks hockey club. When Jordan joined the Bulls, he won six NBA titles and bring the best player on his club's best season in 1995/96 with the win-loss record (72-10). After Jordan retired, the Bulls had the worst season in 2000/2001 with only winning 15 games and lost as much as 67 times.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jeffrey Jordan is a professional basketball player from America. He is a world-renowned player in the sport. At least six times won NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls (1991-1993, 1996-1998). It has a height 198 cm and won the best player.

He began his career in the NBA in 1984 and joined the Chicago Bulls with the club until 1998. During his career, he has collected six championships and five-time MVP was appointed as a regular. Owner names retired Air Jordans famous from the world of basketball in 2003 after two years of joining the Washington Wizards. After that, he became a businessman. Besides listed as the owner of the Bobcats, Jordan was busy with business property. and playing in a movie called Looney Tunnes.

Personal Life

In 1985, she met and married Juanita Vanoy on September 2, 1989 at the Little White Chapel (Las Vegas). From their marriage were born three children, namely Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine. They divorced after 17 years of her marriage. In fact, they both claimed to have lived separately since February 2006. The peak occurred in 2002. At that time, he admitted that he paid Karla Knafel of U.S. $ 250 thousand to maintain the confidentiality of the relationship. Knafel said Jordan called her marriage as a "business relationship".

Hearing this, the direct Juanita filed for divorce and asked for half of total wealth are called to reach U.S. $ 400 million (approximately USD 3.6 trillion). Juanita also demand luxury home ownership and custody of three children. Jordan then worked hard to save the Ark of the household. A month later, Juanita cancel the charges.

Since February 2006, Juanita lives in Highland Park (Illinois), while Jordan at the center of Chicago. Finally, they decided to split up and share the assets as well as child custody. Divorce trial took place in Lake County, the United States.
Success Secrets of Michael Jordan (MJ)

Early Return MJ in the NBA
MJ back to win every game that season. Up to bring the Chicago Bulls reached the NBA finals against the Orlando Magic. But the Orlando Magic are a young team, seemed to indicate that the time has changed. It was the final match to four in 1995, between the Chicago Bulls and Orlando Magic.

Here I describe the story of a very tense final was:
There followed a tense moment, the score was 91-90 for excellence Magic. And when the residence time of 18.1 seconds. Michael Jordan took the ball guarded by Anderson. MJ Anderson and spun past, but the ball was stolen by an opponent, and Hardaway drove to the Bulls, the ball was given to Grant and go to the basket. Difference of one point for the Magic. Time is running 6.2 seconds left to live.

MJ asked for time to break the time-out. Back to the game, carrying the ball Michael Jordan, MJ Royal guarded, because pressed the ball given to Scotti Pippen. But what happened? Pippen failed sank the ball into the basket. MJ errors can hardly be imagined. MJ had had a chance to be a hero again. MJ is supposed to be a determinant, but he must give up to co-star. MJ felt he had let his team.

MJ and all the players the Bulls walked with his head bowed toward the locker room of players. MJ and the Chicago Bulls to mourn the defeat. As if unable to recover from the trauma of defeat in those games.

Confidence Crisis
Since his return to the stage of the NBA MJ, Michael Jordan often fail as a decisive victory for his team. And failure in the final is the biggest failure that makes all the struggle and triumph during a season to be wasted.

Since its defeat in the final TSB, MJ began to realize that his ability and prowess to lift his team into a champion, now just a distant memory. MJ is now thinking whether he could back his throne, the throne of the NBA title. The partners MJ also seized a lack of trust in the ability and the greatness of MJ. They still praise MJ, but they assume MJ was not as good as it used to be.
How did it feel when it's Michael Jordan?
"I feel very down mentally. I'm having a crisis of confidence. And I reflect on that moment. I doubt it, maybe I can not play like it used to. Because it was evident I could not do as they pleased. I sat in the locker room, I felt disappointed. I made a promise to myself that next year I'll be ready to win again. "

Prepare yourself for next season
Again showed dedication and identity, MJ practiced very hard to come back next season. Michael Jordan spent the summer, honing his talent with a bang. Now every day MJ felt compelled to get up .... go out and practice to be the same again. MJ is very motivated .... to prove to the world, "Do not forget I'm back!"

In the early 1996 season, the season started MJ it, not just a personal victory that he wants to achieve. But also a historical mission. Because there is nothing a player who has retired, and then played back and won the NBA title. That's the challenge for a MJ. After stopping playing for almost 2 years, now proclaimed a determination to win another NBA title. But this is not a figment of the person classmates Michael Jordan. Season MJ played with full strength and has always dominated in every game. The return of strength and ability MJ, become a pleasure and pride for the audience.

Thanks to his hard work, MJ earned a MVP (Most Valuable Player). MJ led the Chicago Bulls scored one of the NBA history with a total of 72 victories. With the title of NBA champions, the MJ and the Bulls total of 4 titles. And a surprising victory and the title has increased its popularity to higher ground.

MJ has made a new history, retired almost 2 years and came back with a force more powerful than ever and won MVP and the NBA title. I do not think anyone in the history of sports who could do that.

Important point for this topic:
Lack of confidence, have locked the potential and the person's ability to achieve something. As experienced by MJ, early return after retiring from the NBA. But because of the 'new hope' and a renewed commitment to achieve it, create self-belief becomes stronger. The power was enough to move yourself reaching for your dreams and become the best.

Scottie Pippen

Scottie Maurice Pippen  is a star professional basketball player who plays the United States earlier in the National Basketball Association (NBA), and remembered his leadership in the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan to bring his club win six championship rings and become one of the best players throughout the game in NBA history. Plays the body 203 cm.
Pippen is known as one of the best defensive player in his era, in which he was elected eight times as an NBA All-Defensive Team and three times as an All-NBA First Team. In addition to the game known as persistence, he was also elected seven times in the event the NBA All Star and he won the NBA All Star MVP in 1994. When the 1996-97 NBA season rolling, he was selected in the NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time Team. To remember his services, then the Chicago Bulls do not forget to retire jersey back numbered 33, the shirts that he used for strengthening the club from the city of Chicago, with Jerry Sloan, Bob Love, and Michael Jordan who first retired. During the 17-year career in the NBA, he has played 12 seasons with the Chicago Bulls, one season with the Houston Rockets, and four seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers where he played for 16 consecutive seasons in the playoffs. He is a player with the most played record holder in the playoffs other than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Robert Horry.

Pippen will be eligible to elect in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010.

Derrick Rose, NBA Most Valuable Player 2011

Chicago Bulls basketball player from the club Derrick Rose was selected as Most Valuable Player or player of the youngest in the history of American NBA basketball competition. Derrick Rose's election was announced officially on Tuesday after Rose led the Chicago Bulls to a record 62 wins and 20 defeats. This is the best performance for the Chicago Bulls NBA championship since the era of progress.

Chicago Bulls into the playoffs seeded first. Derrick Rose was only 22 years. Player of the Year selection in the trial, Derrick Rose beat the Orlando Magic player Dwight Howard, LeBron James Miami Heat player, LA Lakers player Kobe Bryant and star Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City. Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls became the second player is the best player besides Michael Jordan. Derrick Rose had previously been selected as Best Newcomer player during his first two seasons in the NBA.

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