Reviews of Ducati Corse, Valentino Rossi, and Michael Schumacher

Reviews of Ducati corse, Valentino Rossi, and Michael Schumacher


Ducati Performance Management is one of the leading motorcycle manufacturer from Italy. They are one of two other pioneer for motorcycles, they are the Harley-Davidson and BMW. Since 1970 Ducati always produce motorcycles with engine valve timing Desmodromic L-twin and the trellis frame. Ducati is a subsidiary of Fiat Group (a conglomerate owned by the Agnelli family), which is also in charge of Juventus, Ferrari, and Maserati.


Ducati has won many races such as the World Superbike championships, MotoGP, Supersport championships or the other. In fact they have won more races in the World Superbike championships over the other, rather more than 250 races and 12 world title for the World Superbike championships.

World Superbike Championships

o 1990 France Raymond Roche - Ducati 851
o 1991 USA Doug Polen - Ducati 888
o 1992 USA Doug Polen - Ducati 888
o UK 1994 Carl Fogarty - Ducati 916
o UK 1995 Carl Fogarty - Ducati 916
o 1996 Australian Troy Corser - Ducati 916
o UK 1998 Carl Fogarty - Ducati 996
o UK 1999 Carl Fogarty - Ducati 996
o 2001 Australian Troy Bayliss - Ducati 996
o 2003 UK Neil Hodgson - Ducati 999
o 2004 UK James Toseland - Ducati 999
o 2006 Australian Troy Bayliss - Ducati 999

Ducati have proved to the world that with the L-twinnya, they turned out to be faster than the machines four cylindrical line Japanese-made motorcycles. And with the same volume capacity, the machines usually have more cylinders will be more powerful. For example, Honda CBR 1000RR machines can be easily reached 200 horsepower, while the Ducati 999 F06 only max up to 194 horsepower, when both are 1000cc. But keep in mind, a motor with fewer cylinders will be lighter and aerodinamic and can run faster than a motorized bike strong.


Ducati currently produces several models of motorcycles, they are monsters, superbike, supersport, sport touring, sport classic, and Multistrada.

Ducati Corse
Ducati Corse S.r.l. is part of the motorcycle manufacturer Ducati which is a division that handles the entire automotive activities of the Italian motorcycle manufacturer. Ducati Corse is currently led by Claudio Domenicali to the division of tasks for the GP to the Vittoriano Guareschi and tasks for the World Superbike to Ernesto Marinelli. Ducati Corse itself based in the city of Bologna, Italy, with the number of employees over 100 people (10% of them come from the parent company ie Ducati). Ducati Corse is currently competing in MotoGP and World Superbike and other national level championships.


In terms of organizational structure, the team is divided into four divisions, namely the Development and Engineering Division, Sports Division, Commercial Division, and Division of Marketing and Public Relations.

Development and Engineering Division

In Development Division, Ducati Corse again halve their subdivision is the division that specializes in motorcycles to race in MotoGP and World Superbike. Both of these subdivisions are known for high-innovation approach and able to work with two different innovations, such as in the subdivision MotoGP, two different teams assigned to make two different types of motorcycle engines, namely big-bang type and type screamer.

Sports Division

Part of this special division to handle all the necessary logistical needs during a sports competition, both MotoGP and WSBK.

Commercial Division

Ducati Corse Commercial Division and is responsible for serving the privateer teams / satellite in MotoGP and WSBK with motorcycles and parts, as well as consulting and engineering services in the two most prestigious motor racing event is. Ducati itself since the 2004 season is also open themselves to serving the needs of satellite teams in MotoGP.

Marketing and Public Relations Division

In this division, Ducati trying to create a positive image in the eyes of society, including how to attract prospective new sponsors who are interested to join together in both the Ducati MotoGP and WSBK event. Especially for MotoGP own subdivisions, they are very closely linked to the Scuderia Ferrari (FIAT Group), that's why we can see that there are sponsors in the Ducati MotoGP bike with sponsors that are in the Ferrari F1 car. This division also handles the team's official souvenir sales and all things associated with fans.

History in MotoGP
Ducati has actually followed the event MotoGP race since the 1960's. Unfortunately, when the rules changed in MotoGP technique the early 1970s became a two-stroke 500cc engine regulations, then resigned from the Ducati MotoGP event. They then then wait for regulatory developments in the MotoGP event that allows for them to participate again in the future.

When the rules changed to use a technique MotoGP mandatory 4 stroke engine in 2002, Ducati and then declare themselves interested to follow the MotoGP event. Then introduced the Ducati Desmosedici Ducati motorcycles in the Italian GP at Mugello in 2002, according to the plan they will use in the 2003 season. Desmosedici itself means: Desmodromic distribution with 16 valves in Italian. In 2003 the official Ducati MotoGP and they entered the arena fully supported by sponsors Marlboro who had just defected from the Yamaha team. Sponsorship own cigarette and then later banned in the entire arena sport, but insisted last Marlboro Ducati (and also Scuderia Ferrari) even have to come up with a barcode display plain.

2003-2006: The era of development

Ducati debut with two drivers namely Loris Capirossi and Troy Bayliss in the MotoGP event began in 2003 Japanese GP at Suzuka Circuit, Japan, and in the race Ducati directly reach the podium. In the GP Catalunya circuit in Barcelona, ​​Capirossi and even managed to win after the leader race of the Repsol Honda team that is Valentino Rossi falls. After that consecutive podium can be achieved Ducati until the end of the season. Capirossi in general are in the final standings and P4 Bayliss was in P6. Ducati itself capable of being in the constructors' standings P2 under the above Honda and Yamaha.

2004 season was amplified duet with Capirossi and Bayliss, Ducati re trying to modify the bike, hoping to become a real challenger to world champion. But the Ducati is only able to achieve a podium position in the 2004 season alone, even at the Desmosedici bike went on to become the fastest motorcycle in the IRTA test session at the Catalunya circuit with a speed of 347km / h in the hands of Loris Capirossi.

2005 racing season at Ducati's Troy Bayliss position was replaced by veteran rider Carlos Checa. Ducati also switched to Bridgestone supplies tires. Improvements for the betterment of the Ducati did eventually return successfully led Loris Capirossi won the victory podium at Motegi, Japan and Sepang, Kuala Lumpur. Checa itself still far less than Capirex and only able to reach the third podium position at least.

Season 2006 Ducati Sete Gibernau contracted to replace Carlos Checa. After performing impressively in winter testing, through the hands of Loris Capirossi Ducati finally able to win the 2006 season opening race in Jerez, Spain. He then had led the standings before the end when the Grand Prix Barcelona Capirossi and Gibernau crashed at start. Both drivers then suffered injuries and were rushed to the hospital. Capirex are still experiencing pain and then performed poorly in Assen, the Netherlands and Gibernau to temporarily replaced the injured Alexander Hoffman. condition which is still injury Gibernau until the last race at last makes Ducati's Troy Bayliss who to call when it competed at the event to race in World Superbike last series in Valencia. Surprisingly Bayliss appear extraordinary by grabbing the pole and then being able to translate it into a sweet victory for Ducati at the end of the 2006 season with Loris Capirossi who successfully finish P2, as well as the first Ducati 1-2 finish in MotoGP.

2007-2010: Era Casey Stoner

2007 season MotoGP engine capacity reduced from 990cc to 800cc. Ducati and moving quickly, which since the beginning of August 2006 they had built 20 800cc engine types with many variations (refer to the senior engineer Ducati, Filippo Preziosi). Ducati later recruit young Australian rider Casey Stoner and former F1 technical director Alan Jenkins to handle their bike, while Loris Capirossi still remain in the team. Stoner on the Ducati debut ended with a tremendous victory sweeter in the series premiere in Losail, Qatar. [20] Stoner and then add a record victory in Turkey, China, Catalunya, Great Britain, USA, Czech and San Marino who then delivered it to win MotoGP world for the first time, both for himself and his Ducati team.  Stoner and then added two other victories in Australia and Malaysia. The only serious opponent for Stoner was Repsol Honda rider Daniel Pedrosa, who unfortunately it appears more erratic throughout the season. Meanwhile, Loris Capirossi won the one-time only victory that is only in Japan (the series where Stoner confirm themselves as the world champion 2007), before he finally decided to move to Suzuki's team began the 2008 season. Ducati GP7 itself apart was recorded as the fastest bike in the MotoGP event in 2007 with a maximum speed of 337km / h is also known as the motor with the best aerodynamics, to make the Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi was amazed with the performance of these motors.

Stoner's 2008 season is still the favorite to retain his world title with Ducati. Ducati's Marco Melandri also later recruited to replace Loris Capirossi who move to Suzuki. Throughout the 2008 season Stoner won in Qatar, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Valencia. But the failure experienced by Stoner in the Czech and San Marino dashed his hopes to be able to defend his world title and he lost to Valentino Rossi. While it seems difficult Melandri to ride a bike the Desmosedici GP8 and Ducati team finally decided to break the contract Melandri faster than the actual duration of two seasons at the end of 2008. Position Melandri himself was later replaced by former world champion Nicky Hayden.

Casey Stoner's 2009 season with Ducati and still survive accompanied by Nicky Hayden  and Marco Melandri Kawasaki move to satellite team. Stoner suffered health problems in mid-season (he supposedly anemic and throat problems), and his position was replaced by Finn, Mika Kallio. Stoner and then back to race in Portugal and won the series title in Australia series and Malaysia before he decided to return absent in the last series 2009 in Valencia. Hayden own best finishing position in the series only P3 Indianapolis.

Stoner and Hayden 2010 season still survive in the Ducati Marlboro team. Stoner could only show the skill in the second half of season 2010 with the series won three races in Aragon , Japan, and Australia. While Nicky Hayden once noted that a podium position in the series Aragon Andrea Dovizioso after falling 100 meters before the finish. Stoner himself certainly move to the Repsol Honda team began the 2011 season and was replaced by Valentino Rossi
Valentino Rossi Era

Referring to the biography of Valentino Rossi Ff titled What I Had Never Tried It, Rossi stated that Ducati has actually been eyeing him since mid-2003 season where Rossi was not satisfied with the work of existing standards in the Repsol Honda team. But Rossi was later turned down the offer because he believes that the Ducati team's work style does not fit with family-flavored style of Rossi's work is a perfectionist. Then in mid-2009 the issue has resurfaced as the starting displaced by the dominance of Rossi's Yamaha's Jorge Lorenzo. On August 15, 2010, after the Czech GP, Rossi finally ascertained will race for Ducati Marlboro began the 2011 season and he will come back with Nicky Hayden bertandem who had accompanied him at Repsol Honda in the 2003 season.

History in the arena WSBK

Ducati has been participated in the World Superbike event from 1988 until 2010. Ducati uses a 1000cc V-twin engine which then deliver the Italian manufacturer is dominating the WSBK in the mid-1990s, preceded the first world title of Raymond Roche in 1990 and then came the golden age when Ducati won four world titles from the Carl Fogarty achieved in seasons 1994-1995 and 1998-1999. Australian rider Troy Corser and then managed to become world champion with Ducati in WSBK 1996 season and Troy Bayliss who became world champion in 2001.

In the 2003 season, Ducati began to shift their focus to the MotoGP event that has just imposed a four-stroke engines. However, Ducati itself is still dominating the WSBK in 2003 season by winning 20 of 24 WSBK race (an event held two sessions WSBK races ). Neil Hodgson won the title in 2003 and was followed by James Toseland in the 2004 season by beating Honda rider Chris Vermeulen.

2006 season, Troy Bayliss WSBK return to the arena after a three-year career in the MotoGP event. Again duet Bayliss and Ducati WSBK return dominating, winning 12 races. Furthermore, in the 2007 season, with new Ducati motorcycles 1098, Bayliss failed to defend his title and could only finish in the standings P4. Modify the 2008 season Ducati 1098R Motorcycle 1098 to have dihomologasi by the FIM with the new standard two-cylinder 1200cc engine. Bayliss then won the third world champion title in the 2008 season, and then retire at the end of the season after 10 seasons with Ducati to race (except in 2005 when he was racing in MotoGP with Sito Pons Honda team).

2009 season at the position Bayliss Ducati factory team was replaced by Japanese rider Noriyuki Haga who bertandem with Michel Fabrizio. Haga demonstrates his best when dominating season with Ducati before narrowly lost 6 points in the standings from Ben Spies (Yamaha). Michel Fabrizio himself P3 finish in the championship. For the 2010 season duet Haga and Fabrizio still survives in the factory Ducati team, but the big announcement was made by Ducati on August 27, 2010 that they would not compete again in the WSBK event on the 2011 season, once for 23 season, they were able to dominate WSBK winning the title with a total of 29 times (from the drivers and constructors). However, Ducati itself is not entirely out of WSBK, because they still will supply motors and engines for the privateer teams.

Valentino Rossi Profile

Valentino Rossi (born in Urbino, Italy, February 16, 1979, age 32 years) is a Grandprix bike racers in the world championship after Michael Doohan era, with the title of world champion in four different classes which he achieved in seven years is wrong career. Ia a most successful racers of all time, with nine World Champion title. According to the magazine published by American sports, Sports Ilustrated, Rossi is one of the largest in the world-paid sportsmen, he expects to earn $ 34 million in 2007. The son of a former 250 cc Grand Prix racer Graziano Rossi, and Stefania Palma holds many records and accomplishments achieved beyond many seniors. This eccentric racer posted a total of nine world titles, once in the 125cc class, once in the 250cc class, and seven times in the top class, 500cc and MotoGP.

After his father, Graziano Rossi, Rossi started racing in Grand Prix in 1996 for Aprilia in the 125 cc category and won the first World Championship next year. From there, he moved to the 250cc category with Aprilia, and won the 250cc World Championship in 1999. He won the 500cc World Championship with Honda in 2001, the MotoGP World Championship (also with Honda) in 2002 and 2003, and continue the winning streak by winning the world championship in 2004 and 2005, after leaving Honda to join Yamaha, prior to reclaim the title at 2008 and maintain it in 2009.

Rossi is first in the standings wins the race in the history of 500 cc / MotoGP, with 77 victories, and second in the all-time win overall standings with 103 wins the race (behind Giacomo Agostini with 122). Rossi, along with Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR), Michael Schumacher (F1) and Sebastien Loeb (WRC), also widely known as one of the legends of motorsports in the early 21st Century.

Born To Race

Rossi was born to be a racer, he grew up in the environment is very supportive of her career. His father, Graziano Rossi was a great racer days of '70s. Automatic environment he grew a thick atmosphere of racing. As children age preoccupied with his toys, Rossi played with a real racing motorcycle in the middle of the paddock famous drivers or Loris Reggiani Luca Cadalora.


When I first joined the team along with former 500cc GP Doohan, which is headed by an Australian reliable mechanic named Jerremy Burgess, paddock atmosphere greatly influenced temperament temperamental Doohan. All the mechanics and staff team looked serious and likely stressful. This atmosphere for Rossi's ridiculous, he thought he could not imagine racing without being fun, then when he started winning, he was determined to celebrate a big way, he says he just wanted to do something new, show emotion to win races.

Since then, the victory party become his trademark. Not just with friends, as well as thousands of supporters who packed the circuit. By its actions, Rossi was like a magnet that attracts people to watch the GP. The lovers still remember the GP will give a lift action fans who costumed chickens around the circuit, action fans who give a lift to dress the doctor, he was also riding a giant figure as a symbol of world champions, as well as its action wheelie and burnout that have been countless each victory. He also often gave his kneepad or hat to the fans to throw while on the podium. "Valentino is a great fighter. But he also knew that if we are at the center of the entertainment business. So he also likes to entertain, "says Burgess.

The nickname is Rossi
In the course of his racing rossi, often changing the nickname and do things that attract attention and entertain. He reasoned that it was done starting with the intention of having fun and doing something funny.

Rossi Rossifumi nickname coined by his friend when Rossi race in the 125cc class this nickname was created because Rossi impressed with the typical Japanese racer with long hair, Norick Abe who was then 17 years old and fiercely fought with Michael Doohan and Kevin Scwantz 500cc class, because The original name of the Japanese rider Norifumi Abe was then dubbed Rossifumi.Tahun Rossi 2004 Rossi and Abe were both defending Yamaha are on different teams but one graphic, which is the dominant color in the team biru.Rossi Gauloises Fortuna Yamaha Team, while Abe is ruled by the Fortuna Gauloises Tech 3 Yamaha Team.

Valentinik nickname was derived from the Daffy Duck cartoon character who becomes a superhero in Italy named Paperinik. The nickname was wearing at the time of race in the 250cc class.

The Doctor After rising to the 500cc class at the 2000 season Rossi was dubbed himself The Doctor because of race in the 500cc class took the seriousness and she felt herself not a kid anymore, but that he also liked the idea as a illmuwan crazy and doing crazy experiments, he considered worth taking that title after earning achievements as a world champion. "In the 500cc race we do not need a superhero. We need just a quiet, calm, and thinkers such as doctors, "he said. In addition, the name of Valentino in Italy mostly used by doctors. He also began to reduce the victory celebration was not worth it thinks it did. "Just by waving like other drivers, and night-out party with my friends."
Move to Yamaha

At the end of 2003 season 2004 season ahead of Valentino Rossi made a surprising decision. He decided to move from the team that defended the time the factory team Honda, Repsol Honda HRC has to deliver himself won the world championship in 2002 and 2003 as well as carrying Doohan won the world champion 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 also became world champion Alex Criville 1999. Rossi decided to leave the super team and choose to join the Yamaha team, who last won the world championship in 1992 by racer Wayne Rainey. Rossi did not move to Yamaha team alone, he also brings Jerremy Burgess, head of the mechanics who used to deal with Doohan and Criville. They conducted a series of tests to fix the motor technology Rossi's Yamaha YZR M1 to be able to rival the strongest bike in MotoGP at the time, Honda's RC211V.

About this move, many are not expected and pessimistic he will be able to defend his champion. One pessimistic statement came from Max Biaggi, a bitter enemy says, "I do not think he moved to Yamaha, but nevertheless it will be difficult to beat Honda. Rossi himself even less optimistic that he could retain his world champion. "We need some time to appear competitive, to win the first season with Yamaha is obviously very difficult". But he dispelled all these pessimistic views. Even in the first series of the 2004 season in the GP Welkom, South Africa, he beat Max Biaggi riding a Honda motorcycle, albeit with a very tight fight, with Yamaha, the last on the podium in 1992. Even in 2004 and 2005 Rossi became world champion with Yamaha and became the first Yamaha rider at most champions in one season (Rossi champion nine times in 2005 season).


Rossi tries to keep his private life from the public eye as much as possible, although he makes no secret of his fondness for Italian football club Inter Milan. Rossi often watch live matches with Inter Milan players sit with their reserves. Rossi is known close friends with the Inter Milan player Marco Materazzi and Balotelli, even shortly after winning the German Grandprix 2006 Rossi celebrates by wearing soccer shirts Italy's Materazzi numbered 23. After Rossi won his ninth world title in October 2009, Inter Milan congratulated Rossi on their official website. Rossi is also a lefty.


Rossi's famous pet dog named Guido, English bulldog who has since 2000 had. After Guido Rossi frequently travel around the world can not live in London and lived with his mother in Tavullia Rossi. Rossi could only see the dog while visiting her mother. Guido whose image has become a mascot on the bike seat and helmet Rossi, died after the Australian GP in 2008, and to reward, Rossi designed a special sticker with a pair of wings pictorial Guido heavenly angels are floating on clouds. Guido has a few other appearances on Rossi's bike. When the lagging 32 points in the championship in 2006, Guido Inuit dress suit. Guido also dressed in custody during pre-season tests.

Guido's death has attracted so much attention as mentioned in the Italian sports newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport's most prestigious. The dog even starred Quarantasei, a graphic novel produced by Milo Manara containing the fictional adventures of Valentino Rossi and eventually achieve greatness in motor racing.

Since the death of Guido, Rossi now has two new dogs (one male and one female), a new dog is named Cesare and Cecilia. During the GP Misano in 2009, right after Rossi made a mistake in Indianapolis, both dogs were wearing donkey ears on Valentino's helmet.

Record 500 cc / MotoGP: Rossi is

* First ever series champion in history with 78 victories.
* First podium ever in history with 129 podiums.
* First ever podium in a season with 16 podiums in 2003, 2005 and 2008.
* First fastest lap ever in a season with 12 fastest laps in 2003.
* First the most points in a season with 373 points in 2008.
* First podium in a row with 23 podiums in sequence, from the GP Portugal 2002 to the South African GP 2004.
* Second consecutive world championship wins with 5 consecutive world championships in 2001-2005 along with Michael Doohan with five world titles in succession in 1994-1998, behind Giacomo Agostini with 7 consecutive times in the championship world 1966-1972.
* Second in history with seven world championships, behind Giacomo Agostini with 8 world titles.
* Second largest in the history of pole positions with 48 pole, behind Michael Doohan with 58.
* Second in the standings throughout the history of the race's fastest lap time with 63 fastest laps, behind Giacomo Agostini with 69.
* The two race wins in a season with 11 victories in 2001, 2002 and 2005 along with Giacomo Agostini, behind Michael Doohan with 12 victories in 1997.
* The three most pole positions in a season with 9 times the pole position in 2003 along with Casey Stoner and Kevin Schwantz, behind Michael Doohan with 12 pole positions in 1997, Wayne Gardner and Freddie Spencer with 10 each pole at 1987 and 1985.

Michael Schumacher
Michael S. Schumacher, Legion d'honneur (pronunciation in German: [mɪçaʔe ː l ʃu ː maxɐ] (listen), familiarly called "Schumi", "Schuey", or "Schu" , was born in Hurth , Nordrhein-Westfalen, West Germany, January 3, 1969, age 42 years) is a German Formula 1 racer. By this time he fell Mercedes Grand Prix racing with the team after it was retired temporarily from 2006 to 2009. Previously he had time to strengthen the team Jordan, Benetton and Ferrari. His younger brother, Ralf, who is currently racing in the DTM event with Mercedes-Benz team, also was dropped as a Formula 1 driver from 1997 to 2007 season. Schumacher's first race in Formula 1 in 1991, since then he has won 91 races and seven-time Formula 1 world champion (1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004). He also holding various personal record in the arena of world champion in F1 like most, most victories, most holders of pole position, winning points at most (with the system before 2010) , and the most victories in a season (13 times in 2004 season). Schumacher is one of the many living legends of Formula 1 are very popular today.

Schumacher, along with Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR), Valentino Rossi (MotoGP) and Sebastien Loeb (WRC), also widely known as one of the legends of motorsports in the early 21st Century. He also shared that his brother Ralf are the only pair of successful brothers recorded a 1-2 victory at the Canadian Grand Prix race in 2001 and the Canadian Grand Prix 2003. Outside of his own race track, Schumacher is one of the ambassador of UNESCO and also ambassadors for road safety of drivers. He also often donate money income to some charity and humanitarian activities for the needy around the world.

But behind a quite remarkable career, Schumacher also had some controversy, such as title race against world champion Damon Hill in 1994 and against the Australian Grand Prix Jacques Villeneuve at European Grand Prix 1997 which led to Schumacher's disqualification from the championship of the world affected. Until now, Schumacher holds the record as the only driver affected by a disqualification from the world championship standings.

Schumacher's own early career racing go-kart starts before he moved into single seater arena and then managed to win the Formula Three and Formula König. He was later contracted by Mercedes-Benz sports car to go down in the arena before then contracted by Jordan Grand Prix to race in the Belgian Grand Prix 1991. From there he then pulled into Benetton by Flavio Briatore. Having managed to become world champion in 1994-1995, then took off to Ferrari's Schumacher in 1996 and then managed to dominate F1 for five consecutive seasons from 2000-2004. He then retired from F1 at the end of the 2006 season and became a consultant for the Ferrari. In mid-2009 Schumacher came close to returning to F1 with Ferrari after Felipe Massa suffered severe accidents in the Hungarian Grand Prix, but due to a neck injury suffered during an accident motor racing, Schumacher finally thought better to drop back in F1. Schumacher then end of 2009 was widely reported to be back racing in F1 for the 2010 season with Mercedes team. The rumors finally came true in late December 2009 when Schumacher announced that he will join Mercedes Grand Prix for three seasons (2010-2012).

Personal life

Michael Schumacher, who was born on January 3, 1969 in Hurth, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, is the first of the couple's son Rolf Schumacher and Elizabeth. His father, Rolf was a marshall disebuah kart track in Kerpen. From this interest grew Schumacher on the racing world, and from here later, a snot-nosed kids grow up to be one of the world's most respected figures as reflected in his entry in the order of "Top 100" by Forbes magazine twice, the 15th edition of "Celebrity influential in the 20th Century "(published: 2001) and the order of 17" The Power of Celebrity 100 "(published: 2005).

In 1975, the younger brother was born, later named Ralf Schumacher. It was Schumacher also likes to play soccer. FC Köln coincidence headquarters not far from the residence and Ralf Schumacher, so the brothers get a lesson from football at the same time the German national team goalkeeper goalkeeper FC Koln at the time, Toni Schumacher. As a child, Schumacher played more as a goalkeeper on the soccer team of local area, and then eventually he turned into a striker. Currently, he is also still playing football. Together with some professional footballers such as Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Pavel Nedved and Alessandro Del Piero, Schumacher had held a charity match, with a team filled with athletes like Boris Becker, Roger Federer, and Valentino Rossi. Down as coach in a charity match was Schumacher at Ferrari boss Jean Todt as team coach athletes Schumacher (with direct guidance from the time it Juventus coach Marcello Lippi), and Pele as the coach for a team of professional footballer. In addition , Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello also had been present in the 2002-03 season's Champions League final between AC Milan vs. Juventus at Old Trafford stadium, Manchester, England. And they both support Juventus as a subsidiary of FIAT which also oversees the Ferrari team, unfortunately Juve lost via penalties.
Schumacher in a promotional event in Frankfurt in 2007.

At the age of 9 years, Michael started off at a local go-kart championship. Then at the age of 16 years, at a time when he was still sitting in school, Schumacher often helped his brother in a race kart. At that time, Schumacher became the go-kart mechanic ridden by his brother. Schumacher was then time to try college on the sidelines of his racing career, but his dream of becoming a scholar vanished after he decided to concentrate on the racecourse. And who would have thought that this is where Michael Schumacher would later name known widely by the world.

Schumacher is an animal lover. He has five dogs in her home. One of them is a foster dog, which he took from Brazil, when the course of the 1997 Brazilian GP. And now, the dogs that give him the name "Flo" is still loyal to stay with Schumacher in Switzerland. The name "Flo" is a play on the word German, "Flea", which means ticks, and indeed in Flo's body when he first collection, filled with lots of fleas. Besides dogs, Schumacher also has a tortoise. Turtle is the provision of Mika Hakkinen, who is a turtle lover. By Schumacher, turtles are then given the logo of his personal sponsors, Deutsche Vermogensberatung, so easy to find when he lost.

Corrina Schumacher married in mid 1995, and has two children, Gina Maria (born 1997) and Mick (born 1999). Previously, Corrina is a former girlfriend of Heinz-Harald Frentzen. The pair had settled in Monaco, but Schumacher would prefer to alienate his family from the world of celebrities, until he finally chose to settle in Switzerland next door to Felipe Massa and Jean Alesi.

For the music business, Schumacher is a fan of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Favorite song is "By the Way", he thought that some verses of the song's lyrics have a deep understanding of his heart. Outside the racing car, Schumacher is also a motorcycle enthusiast, he's even more fun riding a motorcycle when it comes from the hotel to the circuit. Close friend of the motor racing event is Michael Doohan, Valentino Rossi  and Casey Stoner.

Schumacher, early in his career has had several private sponsors. The first time he fell in sports car, he was in full support by the Mercedes-Benz. This could be a consideration for Ron Dennis when going to recruit him at the end of 1995, when the McLaren team working with the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz. However, because salaries are too expensive Schumacher, Ron finally decided not to recruit Schumacher.

Since 1996 Deutsche Vermogensberatung Schumacher's official sponsor. Initially displaying the sponsor name on the helmet with the name "DVAG". But they later decided to write the name sponsorshipnya in full, for fear of tersaru with previous sponsors Schumacher DEKRA. Starting from 1998 Deutsche Vermogensberatung sponsorshipnya move from place to cap helmet. Sponsorship is still survive until today. In addition to Deutsche Vermogensberatung, Omega watches manufacturers also became one of the sponsors Schumacher. In addition to Schumacher, Omega is also wearing two series star James Bond 007 franchise, which Pierce Brosnan and now Daniel Craig as their ambassador. Omega Schumacher became personal sponsor until the end of 2009. Other sponsors are also taking Schumacher as star Loreal ad is a manufacturer of cosmetics. For sponsorship on this one, Schumacher when his voice had spoken Keki in German dubbed into English, and this then makes the Loreal decided that for Schumacher will be no special exception, the voice is used in its ads will use the original sound Schumacher, and not be substituted into English.

For charity, Schumacher was appointed as ambassador of UNESCO since 1995. His job at UNESCO is to assist the development of public education in several countries lagging behind.

Early Career

Michael Schumacher started his racing career at age 7 years. Due to the German authorities only provide SIM race if a person is aged 14 years, Schumacher then move to Luxembourg in 1981, and he managed to get a driver's license for the first official race. Later in 1984, Schumacher finally managed to get a racing license from Germany after she won the German Junior Kart Championship. He then joined the Eurokart owned by Adolf Neubert in 1985. In 1986, Schumacher won two karting championships as well, namely the German National Championships, and European Karting Championships. Schumacher karting survive in the arena until the end of 1987.

Single-seater career pertana Schumacher after the kart is in Formula Koenig in 1988, but in Formula Koenig where he managed to become the overall champion in the first year. Schumacher also recently fell in Formula Ford 1600 and Formula Ford Germany in the same year.  results in Formula Ford 1600 is a runner-up behind the former Sauber driver and Toyota's Mika Salo. While in the German Formula Ford he was only able to occupy the position 6 of the league. Schumacher at the end of the year was also down in the arena of the Macau F3 Grand Prix, but he failed to finish in his first race in the event the F3 Macau Grand Prix.

In 1989, Schumacher and then fell in the German Formula 3 series, by joining the WTS Formula 3 team owned by Willi Weber. The end result is good enough where he managed to finish third in the standings, under Heinz-Harald Frentzen and Karl Wendlinger. The following year Schumacher's turn to rise to the overall champion in the arena of German F3. Then at the end of the year, Schumacher back down in the event the Macau F3 GP. Here he then met a driver who would later become rivals as well as his good friend, Mika Hakkinen. The seeds of rivalry Schumacher and Hakkinen have started to look at it, where when the race, Schumacher became the main actor for the incident Mika who was then hit the wall, where the incident the safety car came out escorting riders, and helped Schumacher win the title at the inaugural Macau F3 Grand Prix event.

Schumacher is also an expert in the arena sportcar. In 1990 while he was racing in F3 Germany, he joined the Mercedes junior team in the Sauber team to go down in the arena of sports car World Championship  where later he became a champion in Mexico. In the same year, he also debuted in Formula 3000 Japan, and he ranked second at Sugo, Japan. He only dropped one race at the event, as he later called by Eddie Jordan to go down in Formula 1 .

Formula 1 career

1991: Jordan Grand Prix

In August 1991, Schumacher made his debut in F1. He joined Jordan at the Belgian Grand Prix team, replacing Bertrand Gachot was in English law by the police because of him who sprayed a taxi driver in London with CS gas. Eddie Jordan (EJ) managed to get Schumacher who was then joined with Mercedes-Benz, to be able to get off at F1, Eddie then pay compensation to the Mercy of $ 150,000. [In his debut, Schumacher occupies a grid seventh in qualifying, and during the race he successfully performed with a scintillating start, but then he failed to finish the race due to damage to clutch at the end of the first lap. [It is the only race with Schumi F1 Jordan team, before moving to Benetton team.

1991-1995: Benetton Formula

Years of learning

Two weeks after an impressive debut with the Jordan team, surprisingly Flavio Briatore (with the help of Bernie Ecclestone) to proselytize Schumacher Benetton team. Actually, EJ does not agree with Flavio was the road taken.  But his intention to sue Benetton vanished after Bernie Ecclestone offered a middle way, which is a free engine supply contract from Yamaha for the 1992 season the team EJ. Then controversially Flavio Roberto Moreno to shift the position of test driver seat, and replace it with Schumacher. Schumacher then got a lot of valuable lessons from former world champion Nelson Piquet. Benetton is the first race together at the Italian GP, ​​Schumacher won the race in his first points in F1, even he beat Nelson Piquet, both in qualifying and in race. Flavio then commented that one day these new drivers will take over the world F1 racing, "Let's wait time", said Flavio time.

In 1992, he was able to climb the podium 8 times, one of which was his first victory at the Belgian Grand Prix in heavy rain conditions, he then earned the nickname rain master by the paddock thanks to the riveting action in the race. At the end of the season, Schumacher is ranked third drivers' standings with 53 points.

In 1993, Schumacher again showed his talent as a potential major driver. However, in the year, Schumacher won just once in Portugal. And that's after going through a hard struggle against the duo of Williams (Alain Prost and Damon Hill). [36] The position of the final standings Schumacher was 4th with 52 points.

Being a World Champion

In 1994, Schumacher signs will dominate the season started to show after he won three races early, namely in Brazil, Pacific, and San Marino. In three races, the rival, Ayrton Senna suffered a variety of problems. And the worst is when at Imola, San Marino, when Ayrton Senna died in an accident.

After the death of Senna, Schumacher brilliant action increasingly unstoppable. In fact he won his first pole in Monaco, he also easily beat Mika Hakkinen who sits in second position during qualifying. Then he was sentenced to ban the two races, due to incidents of deception in the British GP to Damon Hill. But even then it is not enough to beat Schumacher. He then beat Damon Hill in the race for the world title at the end of the season with just one point difference, having previously suffered a controversial incident at the Australian Grand Prix, in Adelaide. With these results, Schumacher finally managed to become world champions for the first time, as well also became the first world title for the Benetton team.

In 1995, assisted by the same Renault engine as used by the Williams team, Schumacher dominated the season with his team mate Johnny Herbert. The best victory Schumacher won the Belgian Grand Prix, where he boldly drove his car to start from position 16 to the stairs victory by wearing dry tires in the middle of the track is wet. He had brushed with Damon Hill at the corner of Las Combes, but instead affected Hill stop and go penalty.

Schumacher unique moment in 1995 when his car was having problems at the Canadian GP. Aware that he will not win, he decided to give way to Jean Alesi to grab his first win in Formula 1. Schumacher then hitchhike Jean Alesi in celebration victory lap as a sign that he was happy for the first victory over Jean Alesi. Alesi at the Canadian Grand Prix victory in 1995 then became the sole Alesi wins during his career in F1.

After nine wins in 1995 season, Schumacher won the world championship crown for the second time such in year. And with the age of just turned 26 years, Schumacher is the youngest driver in history who could reap two world titles (before it was broken by Fernando Alonso in 2006).

1996-2009: Scuderia Ferrari

Reform and development team

Beginning in August 1995, rumors of a move to Ferrari's Schumacher crowded discussed by the public. Previously, he was also briefly linked with McLaren, especially because when he was young, he was much guided by the Mercedes-Benz, which now strengthens the McLaren team.

Finally after long negotiations, Schumacher agreed to move to Ferrari who was regarded as a team with the worst performance. He then was given freedom by the team to determine who his team mate. He then chose Eddie Irvine. In addition, he also had demanded that Ferrari would recruit the Benetton mechanics at first, such as Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne, but the new season was 1997, Brawn and Byrne can be pulled into the Ferrari. The quartet Schumi, Brawn, Byrne and Jean Todt became the quartet's strongest in the history of F1, as Jackie Stewart once said. 

In the inaugural season at Ferrari (1996), Schumacher could only win three times, the rest he was hampered by a Ferrari F310 by John Barnard less competitive. Even his disappointment culminated in the French Grand Prix when Ferrari is riding exploded as a lap warm-up, when he started from the pole. But he could still entertain the Italian public through a spectacular victory at the track wet at home to Barcelona and Ferrari, Monza. World title in 1996 was taken by his rival, Damon Hill's Williams.

In 1997, with the arrival of Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne, nearly became world champion Schumacher, he was very competitive in the season. Unfortunately some of the incidents involving himself with Ralf Schumacher (at the Nurburgring), and the most painful with Jacques Villeneuve (at the last GP at Jerez) dashed dream to become world champion Schumacher. In fact, due to the incident Jerez, Schumacher won all the points in season was erased by the FIA. In addition, Schumacher was punished for 60 hours of community service.

In 1998 he got a new rival (actually not new), which is McLaren who this time got up from his sleep with Mika Hakkinen. With the support of the work of Adrian Newey car and the Bridgestone tires, with McLaren's Mika Hakkinen dominated the season. Schumacher with Ferrari F300 (a Goodyear tire wear) was not able to fight, but some of the incidents re-coloring Schumacher's career. One is the case of a flat tire in the final race of 1998 season at Suzuka, Japan.

In 1999, Schumacher started the season well. He won in San Marino and Monaco. But at the British GP at Silverstone, he suffered terrible accident on the first lap, and had to rest for several months due to a broken leg. According to the statement of F1 Racing magazine, the accident occurred due to sudden megerem Schumacher car when Ross Brawn told the red flag due to the incident on the grid. As the business of healing his leg injury, he was with Jean Alesi and then met with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican. Schumacher's teammate Eddie Irvine ie, later appeared as a challenger to the world title, which he almost stole the title from the hands of Mika Hakkinen, but failed in the final race. However, Ferrari managed to win the constructors for the first time since 1983.

Back to Top

In the 2000 season, accompanied by a new teammate, Rubens Barrichello is, and a pretty competitive car that is F1-2000, Michael Schumacher managed to win in three races that start in Australia, Brazil, and San Marino. By the mid-season, Schumacher was involved several accidents with Ricardo Zonta (in Austria) and Giancarlo Fisichella (in German), and kept him down to second rank in the standings. But by winning a hat trick in the last three races, he finally managed to climb back to the top of the standings, and later became world champion with Ferrari at the end of the season (for the first time for Ferrari after 21 years). [He also equaled Ayrton Senna by winning 41 races. Interesting moment in the season was at the Belgian GP. When the race settled down the remaining three laps, he was overtaken with a captivating by Mika Hakkinen. After the race, Schumacher's face looked tired and angry, especially Mika Hakkinen come and explain its action on Schumacher. However unique, just two hours after he shared the podium celebrations Hakkinen then caught smoked cigars and drank beer at the Ferrari motorhome.

Magnitude of the 2001 season became the era of Ferrari dominance, ranging from Australia to Japan. He won easily in Australia and Malaysia. Then, after failing in Brazil and San Marino, Schumacher won again in Spain, where he achieved victory after Mika Hakkinen, who led until the last lap suddenly experienced engine problems. Schumacher in P2 (and Juan Pablo Montoya in P3 with Jacques Villeneuve in P4) to get a windfall, and shortly after all the cars go into parc ferme, Schumacher looks apologized to Mika who looked lethargic for the incident. Michael later broke many records and won the world title for the fourth time in the Hungarian Grand Prix, when there are still four races left in the season. He became a record holder ever Grand Prix champion, beat the record of Alain Prost who won 52 times. Later in the Italian GP, ​​with a cloud still shrouded in mourning the tragedy of 11 September 2001, Schumacher as chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers Asociation then asked all drivers not to overtake at the first corner and second. Only three drivers who do not agree the proposal Schumacher, namely Jacques Villeneuve, Jenson Button and Enrique Bernoldi. Throughout the race, Schumacher had looked unfocused, and just finish in Q4 under his own teammate, Rubens Barrichello is in P2.

In 2002, F1 racing becomes even easier for Schumacher. With a good performance of the car driven by Schumacher's Ferrari F2002 and Rubinho, race after race in the 2002 season to be easy to guess. In Australia, with the old F2001 car, Schumacher managed to become champion. Having failed in Malaysia, then launching Ferrari F2002 in Brazil, and Schumacher was again the champion. In the race Schumacher wins without the flick of the checkered flag because of Pele who served as officers do not get the checkered flag raisers. Practical after the race entered the San Marino Grand Prix, Ferrari's only two who look very competitive. Even when the new F1 race through 11 (in France), Schumacher has confirmed itself as a world champion in 2002. In the rest of the season, Schumacher then helped his own teammate, Rubens Barrichello to sit second in the drivers' standings, and his efforts are successful .

In the 2003 season, Michael Schumacher made history: he managed to become the only rider to win the world title six times. Although these Ditahun he must fight to the last Grand Prix after a stubborn resistance from Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso, and Juan Pablo Montoya. Earlier at the start of the season, Schumacher with Ferrari started the 2003 season with the bad. Schumacher new even scored a victory in San Marino. In the race, Michael's mother, Elizabeth, died just shortly before the race. Michael won the race, and then dedicated his victory to the Goddess. In the final race in Suzuka, Japan, Schumacher only needed one point to become champion. In qualifying he start at Q14, while his main rival, Kimi Raikkonen starting at P2. Schumacher then managed to climb to the P8 and securing the title of champion, assisted by Barrichello to win the race and holding Raikkonen to remain silent in the second position. Later that night after the race, Schumacher perform embarrassing acts, the media highlighted apesnya. At a hotel he was later caught by the media is throwing a TV and small refrigerator from the hotel room due to drunkenness.

Ferrari's 2004 season performance increased again as the 2002 season, Schumacher became world champion again with ease. Ferrari even though unopposed since both Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello dominated the podium is always racing with ease. Ferrari in that year only to lose in Monaco (by Jarno Trulli - Renault), Spa (by Kimi Raikkonen - McLaren), and Interlagos (by Juan Pablo Montoya - Williams). With the world title in this 2004 season, Schumacher re-sharpen his record as the only F1 driver who could reap the seven times world title.

Fighting in the top

In 2005, Schumacher seemed sluggish, due to the performance of Bridgestone tires are a little worse than previous years. Although Ferrari has prepared themselves well, but it does not seem to be followed by a good tire from Bridgestone. In the three races beginning F2004M Ferrari car use, then in San Marino Ferrari F2005 lower new car. Surprisingly in the race Schumacher appeared skyrocketed, and he could have won if not restrained Jarno Trulli in the early races. Throughout the current season, Schumacher won only in the United States, and even then because the race was followed only six cars (all berban Bridgestone). While all of the opposing team using Michelin decided to withdraw from the race because of security reasons. At the end of the season, Schumacher was third in the final standings at the bottom of Fernando Alonso (Renault) and Kimi Raikkonen (McLaren).

Ferrari began to improve in the 2006 season. Schumacher also got a new teammate, Felipe Massa is. Regulation of the tire was changed, with the return following the format of the 2004 season and earlier, and this provides an opportunity to make Bridgestone tires which are nice. Schumacher was likely obtained his eighth when his Ferrari engine did not explode in Japan. Schumacher then announced that he would retire at the end of 2006 , and Kimi Raikkonen will replace his position in 2007. Schumacher's last race with Ferrari in Brazil filled with tears of millions of F1 fans around the world (either like or hate him). Conscious can not be reached for eighth title after failing in Japan, Schumacher showed his best action. Start from 10th position and thrown back due to a flat tire, Schumacher is able to brush all of his opponent until the fourth position.  race eventually won by his own teammate, Felipe Massa.

Ambassador Ferrari

After retiring from a job as a Formula 1 driver at the end of 2006, Schumacher was still active in F1 as Ferrari consultant ambassadors and unofficially. Once in a while he came to the circuit to see how the Ferrari team after his retirement. As a form of appreciation, the mayor of Maranello and then perpetuate the name of Schumacher as the name of one street over there. He became the second Ferrari driver Gilles Villeneuve after the deceased whose name is immortalized as the name of the road in Maranello. [n addition, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, raised Schumacher as the honorary ambassador of Italy. Uniquely in Michael's home country, Germany, local governments still hesitate to give tribute to Schumacher, because he rarely felt to live in Germany. However, a museum in the hometown of Schumacher brothers, Kerpen, has been erected to commemorate the achievements of Michael and Ralf.

Mid-2009, beginning with the horrific accident that befell Felipe Massa at the Hungarian Grand Prix, the Ferrari had asked Schumacher to race again accompany Kimi Raikkonen. Schumacher seemed enthusiastic about this and he then tried to Ferrari F2007 at Mugello. News is the return of Schumacher to race then welcome excited by Bernie Ecclestone, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. But when Schumacher undergo medical tests, the doctor then announced that Schumacher has not been feasible to get back racing which had been due to conducted from the European GP, ​​because in the neck scar Schumacher found Superbike motorcycle racing accident that still has not healed properly. Finally the Ferrari team then decided to lower Luca Badoer and then Giancarlo Fisichella to finish the 2009 season.

2010-present: Mercedes Grand Prix

End of the 2009 season Schumi's name was mentioned again will return to F1 for the 2010 season, but this time not with Ferrari, but with the Mercedes Grand Prix team commanded by his best friend, Ross Brawn.  Eddie Jordan then had said that 75 % Schumacher will be back in 2010 , and then Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo said that Ferrari Schumacher mengikhlaskan although not returning to F1 with Ferrari. After a long period of speculation, finally obtained the certainty that Schumacher will return to F1 in 2010 with the Mercedes team , and he will bertandem with Nico Rosberg. Schumacher himself contracted by Mercedes Grand Prix team for three seasons from 2010 until late 2012.

In his first comeback race in Bahrain, Schumacher had to settle themselves defeated teammate Nico Rosberg are able to finish one position over Schumacher in P5. Furthermore, in some races, Schumacher appeared erratic and far less than Rosberg are able to achieve a double podium in Malaysia and China respectively. Besides twice Schumacher also throwing a tantrum during the race, the first is when he illegally overtook Fernando Alonso in Monaco that result in additional penalty when the race Schumacher by 20 seconds and most excited was when he tried to harm memepet and Rubens Barrichello in Hungary which led to the penalty down the top 10 grid in Belgium. Although appearing normal during the 2010 season and are often advised to resign from F1 by Damon Hill and Alain Prost, and was even rumored to be replaced by Adrian Sutil or Kimi Raikkonen for the 2011 season, Schumacher sure he will still race for 2011 and claimed he would be a serious title contender in the year. Schumacher had to settle for P9 finish in the standings with 72 points, and for the first time in the history of his career, Schumacher failed to record a single victory, podiums, fastest laps, pole positions and even in this 2010 season.

2011 season back into full season of struggle for Schumacher after he failed to finish in Australia due to the incident involved. He then managed to finish P9 in Malaysia and then went on to finish P8 in China where he had fought hard with Fernando Alonso in the middle of the race.

Motor Racing Debut

In April 2008, Schumacher had tried the Ducati Desmosedici MotoGP bike at Jerez, Spain, along with his good friend, Casey Stoner. Then in May, Schumacher fell in the arena of Superbike races at Oschersleben circuit. Previously, to avoid attracting the attention of the masses, he uses the pseudonym Marcel Niederhausen. But his intention was not to be carried out because there is a reason of the insurer. Finally, he remains down by using the name Michael Schumacher. Fans and the media later in droves to meet the circuit located in the eastern part of Germany. Apesnya, when the race Schumacher actually fell, and lucky he was not hurt one bit. Schumacher then explained to the press, that he just try it down in motor racing, and there is no serious indication that he will go down in The two-wheel arena.

Business property

Actual business activities is nothing new for Schumacher. In June 2003 he had launched a special edition of the credit card itself is supported by the Deutsche Vermogensberatung. By simply paying fixed fees of 100 thousand Euros, you could shop using a credit card Schumacher. This was later copied by a former rival, Jacques Villeneuve, who launched a credit card of its kind in the region of Canada in August 2004.

In addition to credit cards, in December 2007, Schumacher again making news. This time he was rumored to be building a skyscraper seven in seven different countries (one each) to commemorate his achievements as a seven-time F1 world champion. The building was full name "Michael Schumacher World Champion Towers". Besides used for offices, this building plan will also be used for luxury apartments and sports arenas. Currently building the first one was built in Abu Dhabi, and will be followed in six other countries such as Monaco, Singapore, Turkey, Germany, Italy, and China. The idea of ​​this building comes from PNYG, a property company owned by Joachim Swensson, who is also a good friend of Schumacher.


The first time Michael Schumacher appeared in the film world was when he performed a guest voice in the animated film Cars production of Walt Disney and Pixar Studios. Where voting session Schumacher, Alonso and Montoya was taken on the sidelines ahead of the United States GP 2006. In the film, the three riders were met by their compatriots from the event like Dale Earnhardt Junior NASCAR, Richard Petty, Matt Kenseth, Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson.

Schumacher appeared again later in the film, but this time not in a cartoon, but in live-action films are taken from well-known French comic, Asterix and Obelix. The film was made in 2008 with the title: Asterix and Obelix at the Olympic Games (fr: Astérix aux Jeux Olympiquess). Schumacher appeared in this film along with several French stars such as Zinedine Zidane, and his former boss at Ferrari, Jean Todt. Appears also in the Belgian film actor, Jean Claude Van Damme.

Superbike World Championship

SBK Superbike World Championship or major championship motorcycle racing bikes in the world. This championship began in 1988. SBK season consists of a series of rounds held on permanent racing facility, eraser round consists of two races.

Motorcycles used in this championship is a motorcycle manufacturer available in the market, which is modified. In contrast to MotoGP, which uses specially made motorcycles to motor racing.

Europe is a major market location and SBK championship. However, several rounds were also held in Qatar danAustralia. In 2008, this championship will be held in the United States for the first time since 2004. The championship round is also planned to be held in Indonesia, but was later canceled by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme.

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