Sebastian Vettel - World Champions Formula 1 (F1)

Sebastian Vettel - World Champions Formula 1 (F1)

Sebastian Vettel  born in Heppenheim, Germany, July 3, 1987, age 24 years) was a Formula One driver from Germany. Currently he is racing for Team Red Bull Racing, replacing David Coulthard and become a teammate of Mark Webber. He first fell in race event on the official F1 Turkish Grand Prix 2006 when he became a Friday test driver for BMW-Sauber team at the age of 19 years and 53 days. Vettel himself the nickname Baby Schumi is now, due to the style of racing that is similar to The Legend of 7 times F1 world champion, Michael Schumacher.

Vettel youngest F1 driver then became the sixth that fell in the Grand Prix arena, and became the youngest F1 driver to score points on the 2007 U.S. GP. On September 30, 2007 in Fuji, he became the youngest F1 driver who led the race. Later in the Italian GP 2008 he scored another history when he became the youngest F1 driver to win pole position  and scored a victory the next day. Vettel also became the youngest driver to win for two teams in two consecutive years. On 14 November 2010 finally appeared as Sebastian Vettel F1's youngest world champion in history after winning the race in Abu Dhabi. He became world champion at the age of 23 years and 134 days and breaking the previous record recorded Lewis Hamilton in the 2008 season at the age of 23 years and 300 days.



Sebastian Vettel, was born July 3, 1987, is the third child of four children. Vettel motorsport event to know when his father, Norbert, gave Golkar Bambini presents a 60cc when age Vettel had just three years as a Christmas gift. Vettel's father was an avid race, and he was often present as spectators in some big races in the German event like F1, MotoGP, local touring and racing. His mother, Heike, is a housewife who was worried at first when I heard Vettel down in the arena of race. Seeing his wife's anxious and nervous when I saw Vettel competed in the junior event Golkar, Norbert Vettel then introduced Heike and small with Michael Schumacher, whom he knew from an event in the German F3 races in 1990. Unexpectedly, Schumacher want to explain what it is to Heike motorsport. He also saw Vettel even have a good future in the arena of motorsport, so long as his father and mother wishes her son would support a smooth them.

Vettel current hobby is playing video computer games. Vettel admitted he could learn a lot about F1 tracks now through simulations and gaming computer / PlayStation, due to the current test track using the car is already limited by the FIA. He also likes to watch movies and listen to music. Vettel also likes to read books, and he often exchanged books with fellow F1 driver, namely Nico Rosberg. Vettel is also a big fan of football club Eintracht Frankfurt and loyal supporter of the German national team. Vettel is currently dating Hanna Prater that he had known since I was in junior school.

Until now, Sebastian Vettel recorded as the first driver since Gerhard Berger who do not wear or have a personal manager. Vettel is only aided by her parents in discussing the various clauses of contract works.

In early 2009, Vettel also tried something else to do with buying a farm and ranch land that later he named "Neumuli", which is located in the area Kemmental, Thurgau. Once in a while he became caretaker directly for sheep and cattle which he kept in the land , but Vettel was rejected when his hobby will eventually become the field of business when she retired racing event, as is done by Jody Scheckter.  Currently Vettel lives in Lake Zug, Walchwil, Switzerland. He remained there ever since officially became Scuderia Toro Rosso driver in mid-2007. Occasionally he also returned to his homeland in Heppenheim to meet up to do with parents and siblings.
There are three characters that inspired the Vettel to date, according to Vettel in an interview, three of them could be called "Trio Michael": Michael Schumacher (driver), Michael Jordan (basketball), and Michael Jackson (singer). As a child, Vettel was confused what he wants to be when you grow up:
"I really idolized as a child" Three Michael ", that is Michael Schumacher, Michael Jordan, and Michael Jackson. I even want to be like three of them. I tried to play basketball, love my posture is not sufficient. I tried to sing, unfortunately my sound bad, I finally decided to go down into the drivers like Schumacher "


Sebastian Vettel, with Robert Kubica, the two active current F1 driver who pocketed a diploma. In April 2006, four days before he won his first win in Formula 3, Vettel immediately rushed to the campus in the Abitur since that day he will conduct the written exam for graduation academic. Vettel managed to complete the test well.

Comparison with Schumi

After Sebastian Vettel won his first race at Monza in 2008, the media began to create a new nickname for Vettel is as "Baby Schumi" or "New Schumacher", but Vettel modestly when asked about it.  According to Vettel legitimate if the mass media referred to him as the successor to Schumacher, because he had both come from Germany, aggressive in the race, had a closeness with the mechanical engineering, and sometimes often called arrogant. One striking difference between Schumacher and Vettel are, Schumacher was never named car racing, while Vettel named almost all of his racing car used in F1: Julie (2008), Kate, Kate's Dirty Sister (2009), Luscious Liz and Randy Mandy (2010) , and Kinky Kylie (2011).  The name given Luscious Liz Vettel to his car after he was troubled at the Monaco Grand Prix 2010 which causes it to lose to Mark Webber. The chassis is problematic is then given to Mark Webber and Webber funny thing is capable of winning with the chassis in the UK and Germany.

Other equations between Vettel and Schumacher are: Vettel and Schumacher was born and raised in a small town in Germany; their families are lower middle class family (father Schumacher worked as a mason, while Vettel's father worked as a carpenter); Schumacher and Vettel started  career in Kerpen, and when small they both had never dreamed of becoming a successful racer in the F1 event.

Pre-Formula 1

Vettel started his racing career in car racing in 1995 by winning several tournaments Golkar, one of which is the Junior Monaco Kart Cup in 2001. In 2003 she moved to the open-wheel racing event, the Formula BMW Germany, and won the event in 2004 which stood at 18 wins from 20 races. In 2005 he raced for ASL Mucke Motorsport in F3 Euroseries and P5 finish in the final standings with 64 points and won Rookie of the Year. He did not win any single race in the F3 Euroseries for the event was dominated by Lewis Hamilton.

Then he tested the Williams FW27 F1 car on September 27, 2005 as a reward for his victory in Formula BMW. Because of Williams' engine suppliers BMW parted with at the end of 2005, Vettel is pulled to a test driver at BMW-Sauber team for the 2006 season.

In 2006 Vettel finished as runner-up in the event the F3 Euroseries in behind Paul Resta. He then followed the event World Series by Renault at Misano and win after Pastor Maldonado was disqualified.  Yet in the next race at Spa, one of the great cut fingers due to exposure to flying debris caused by car accidents, a result he was sentenced to rest for a few races for wound healing.

Vettel then decided to move to another racing event, the Ultimate Masters of F3 at Zandvoort circuit next week. Surprisingly with the conditions of the injured hand he was able to record the fastest lap and shocking boss in F3, Frederic Vasseur. Vasseur said:
"Very amazing see the spirit and performance, because last week he was sentenced physicians should not join the race, but he was able to show good results at the show, and we believe that he can get off at the next series of the F3 Euroseries at the Nurburgring.

Formula 1

2007: BMW-Sauber

Vettel became BMW Sauber's reserve driver since 2006 to replace the Turkish Grand Prix Robert Kubica who was elevated to be the main driver to replace Jacques Villeneuve, who resigned abruptly from the Hungarian GP 2006. He then showed good performance during the Turkish Grand Prix free practice round by scoring the fastest time during the second free practice session on Friday.  Performance Vettel back looks good when the last Italian GP free practice in 2006 with the fastest lap recorded in the two free practice sessions on Friday . Week, Robert Kubica in third place podium finish.

Contracted Vettel became BMW's test driver in the 2007 season  and competed in the World Series by Renault, with the first victory at the Nurburgring. However, on July 14, 2007, he was summoned to race for BMW in the U.S. GP following Robert Kubica's accident the previous week in Canada.  At that time he was leading the World Series championship, and his chair had to be taken over by Michael Ammermuller.

Since its debut in U. S. GP 2007 with BMW-Sauber to replace the injured Robert Kubica , Vettel has a lot to draw the attention of lovers of F1. He finished in 8th place and one point on his debut race. Besides, he also broke the record as the youngest driver to race in F1 event and the youngest F1 driver to win the points  was the age of 19 years and 53 days.

His debut at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on July 16, 2007 was also marked by a fine of 1,000 U.S. dollars for violating the speed in the pitlane, at the same time he was crowned as the fastest rookie racer who get fined. But in a poll MOTY Racing F1, Vettel lost by the "super children" McLaren, Lewis Hamilton. Some people from BMW and Toro Rosso team believes that Hamilton's victory simply because the greatness of the McLaren car, there is likely if the case Vettel get a car as good as that obtained by Hamilton in the McLaren, then his performance may well be very similar to that achieved by Hamilton.

2007-2008: Scuderia Toro Rosso

Appearances labile

Dated July 31, 2007, before the French Grand Prix, the Scuderia Toro Rosso Scott Speed ​​surprisingly sacked and replaced by Vettel.  Next start the Hungarian Grand Prix, Vettel to race for Toro Rosso. Announced by the team anyway, that Vettel would stay with STR for 2008 season , with world champion teammate ChampCar World Series four times in a row, Sebastien Bourdais.  Appearances Vettel in four races beginning with ordinary STR impressed when compared with the time teammate, Vitantonio Liuzzi, because he is still adjusting to the car handling str2. Until the end of the 2007 season, Vettel reportedly paid 165,000 dollars the United States.

History then printed in 2007 Japanese GP at Fuji circuit. He became the youngest F1 driver who led the race. However, although throughout the race he was in P3, it fails to engage on the podium due to an accident with Mark Webber, and according to Webber and Vettel all of that caused by Lewis Hamilton maneuver that suddenly when you are behind the safety car. Vettel seen crying in the garage after the accident. But in the evening after the race, the reporter caught he was busy dancing in the disco.

The mistake in Japan are paid in the Chinese Grand Prix when he finished fourth. After the race, Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz said that Vettel has a great talent that will shake the world someday. Vettel might even be able to exceed what has been achieved by the legend, Michael Schumacher. At the end of the season, Ron Dennis had offered big money to Mateschitz to sell Vettel to McLaren to replace Fernando Alonso returning to Renault. However, these negotiations failed to materialize, and stay on the team Vettel Scuderia Toro Rosso.

Attack 2008

In 2008, accompanied by French rookie Sebastien Bourdais, Vettel returned to the show kicked off. Although it had twice failed to finish in the first four races, got up with a fantastic Vettel in Monaco, and then Canada, when he had fought hard against Heikki Kovalainen. Ahead of British Grand Prix, announced to the public that Vettel will race for Red Bull Racing team started the 2009 season. However, when the race at Silverstone, Vettel even butting riders who will he replace in the RBR for 2009, David Coulthard. Later in Europe, Vettel managed to finish the race in P6, while its position when qualifying was also in P6.

The climax is when at Monza, when he was able to grab pole position , and then being able to translate it into a victory the next day. With this result, Vettel became the youngest driver in history who could win the race F1, breaking the previous record which is printed the name of Fernando Alonso at the Hungarian GP 2003. Age when winning the Italian Grand Prix Vettel is 21 years and 74 days. After the race, the German public began to equate appearance with Schumi Vettel, who later gave birth to the nickname "Baby Schumi" for Vettel.

In Brazil, he almost became a hero for the citizens of Sao Paulo and the current Ferrari team managed to overtake Lewis Hamilton in P5, until then Timo Glock in Q4 slows down and causing Vettel and Hamilton able to pass, as well as securing the world title for Hamilton.

2009-present: Red Bull Racing

Runner-up world

Appearances Vettel at RBR team is quite good in the 2009 season. In Australia he was almost finished in P3, if it is not wrong in overtaking Robert Kubica who was in P2, which then resulted in an accident for both. After the race, Vettel and then went to Mario Theissen, apologized for the incident. In the next race in Malaysia, Vettel scored as twisted failed during heavy rains.  Another History recorded in the GP of China, once able to achieve pole position, Vettel Mark Webber then led 1-2 in the position to offer the first victory for Red Bull Racing team.

Bahrain Grand Prix, Vettel start at P3 and then finish in P2 during the race. In Spain he was able to be in P2 during qualifying, but during the race when he went down to P4 due to wrong strategy. Vettel then won the British Grand Prix after claiming pole the previous day.  In Germany he became the team when guard Mark Webber his first victory in F1 event. Later in Belgium he managed to finish in the P3, after he failed to finish in Hungary thanks to Kimi Raikkonen headed.  But at Monza Vettel could only finish in P8, and even then because the accident helped Lewis Hamilton a lap before the finish. Continues to Singapore, Vettel managed to look good during qualifying and could overshadow Lewis Hamilton. Unfortunately because of the white lines run over the pitlane exit line, Vettel is suspended, and consequently he was only able to finish in P4. The mistake he paid during the Japanese GP, in spectacular fashion when he was able to win the race from pole position, at once drove him into one of the world title contender in the 2009 season. But his dream to be dashed after the 2009 world champion in Brazilian Grand Prix when he was trapped in qualifying P16 and P4 only able to finish during the race, while his main rival, Jenson Button, just finish in P5. In the final race of the F1 season 2009 in Abu Dhabi, Sebastian Vettel finally ensure the runner-up world by winning the race in the United Arab Emirates.

The youngest world champion

2010 season Vettel continued good season with the team Red Bull Racing. He won two times the pole position in Bahrain and Australia but failed to win the second race. In Malaysia Vettel finally able to grab his first victory in the 2010 season during qualifying, although he was only able to reach the second starting position. Chinese Grand Prix, Vettel took pole position again, but the strategy gambling intermediate tire wear ultimately diminish the hope Vettel won the race, and he had to settle for doi finish P6. Vettel then managed to finish the podium again after being in P3 in the Spanish Grand Prix after Lewis Hamilton suffered a flat tire one lap before the race was over .. In Monaco, after a successful overtaking Robert Kubica at the start, securing second place behind Vettel Mark Webber, who won the race. But the fatal mistake when he was shown in Turkey will try to overtake Webber worked with the lead that the two are actually causing dome and out of the arena. After only able to finish P4 in Canada, Vettel was back up by winning the race at Valencia is dominant, which is then followed by winning the third podium twice in Germany and Hungary. In Belgium, again Vettel made a fatal mistake when it tried to overtake Jenson Button, who led Button Vettel out of the arena but can still go even if ultimately only able to finish in P15. Then, after failing in the South, Vettel won the race in Japan and Brazil. Sebastian Vettel finally managed to become the 2010 F1 world champion after winning in Abu Dhabi where the arch-rivals Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber finished only in P7 and P8.  Sebastian Vettel himself later recorded history as the youngest F1 world champion in history at the age of 23 years and 134 days. He broke the record that Lewis Hamilton could be F1's youngest world champion in the 2008 season at the age of 23 years and 300 days.

Vettel continued appearance of the 2011 season by winning two races well season opener in Australia  and Malaysia.  But in China Vettel had to settle for P2 finish after the tires lost grip at the end of the race which caused him by Lewis Hamilton. Vettel then managed to reel off three consecutive wins in Turkey, Spain and Monaco before he succeeded in beat Jenson Button in Canada. Vettel was back to winning ways in Europe followed by a "crisis of victory" for three consecutive series and again won the race in Belgium. Through his victory in Belgium, Vettel made it through the season points record of 2010 (256 points) with 259 points. He returned to win in Italy who is also a prime engine Renault victory since 1995.


On August 21, 2009 it was announced that Sebastian Vettel will race with Red Bull Racing team until the end of the 2011 season. Then on March 14, 2011, Red Bull Racing again Sebastian Vettel announced a contract extension until the end of the season of 2014.  However, in the new contract It also contained articles stating Sebastian Vettel could leave the team before his contract ends in 2014 when Vettel was bored or felt Red Bull is no longer able to deliver what he wants. Until now the team is interested interesting Sebastian Vettel in the future is a giant Italian, Ferrari.


Sebastian Vettel renowned as one of the drivers are aggressive, but sometimes he is often times less computation and sloppy, especially when going to overtake his opponent. Several incidents involving Vettel during his career in F1, among others:

* 2007 Fuji Television Japanese Grand Prix (Fuji Speedway):
This is the first major incident Vettel that he got in his debut year. When it intends to overtake Vettel prospective teammate Mark Webber. Both Webber and Vettel was at P2 and P3, behind Lewis Hamilton, who was leading the race and the track in wet conditions with the safety car. On lap 45 Vettel suddenly butting the back of the car Red Bull's Mark Webber, causing Webber and Vettel were knocked out instantly lose the front suspension.  Vettel then returned to the pits in the hope of repairing the car, but unfortunately his car was too severe conditions . Vettel then caught on camera crying after the incident. Meanwhile, Webber, Vettel blamed as a "rookie who do not understand the art of racing".

* 2010 Turkish Grand Prix (Istanbul Park):
Red Bull duo managed to lead the race convincingly 1-2 in the race this time with Mark Webber and Vettel at P1 in P2. Lap 40 Vettel is faster than Webber intends to overtake his teammate is at the corner of the twelfth. Unfortunately Vettel miscalculated and he nudged the rear tire Webber. Vettel then lose the front suspension and immediately eliminated at the scene, while Webber managed to continue the race and was able to finish P3 behind the McLaren duo. Shortly after the exit, says Webber Vettel as the drivers are careless. After the race Webber Vettel as the drivers behind the attack that are less thorough.  The boss of Red Bull, Hermut Marko then bring them a week later to repair relations between the two as fellow teammates. He added that Vettel should have a little more patient because the team's goals in the GP of Turkey is actually secure the position 1-2 to finish without the need to fight each other between teammates.

* 2010 Belgian Grand Prix (Spa-Francorchamps):
The competition this time took place in wet conditions after a rain, the race which was led by Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton's teammate, Jenson Button was in P2 and stalking behind Sebastian Vettel. On lap 16, Vettel is looking for a gap to overtake Button suddenly twisted and he hit the Button car radiator, causing Vettel Button knocked out while still able to go race and finish in P15. After the race Martin Whitmarsh declared Vettel as a boy racer being too hasty to overtake. Meanwhile, the stronghold of Red Bull, Vettel said that Button deliberately stonewall stop him to overtake with the intention to widen the distance for Lewis Hamilton. Christian Horner Vettel then support the idea by giving testimony that every lap, Vettel lost time of 1.4 seconds because it was blocked Button.

Outside Formula 1

Race of Champions

Vettel participated in the Race of Champions 2007 represents the German team  and paired with his idol, Michael Schumacher. Team mate Vettel and Schumacher managed to win the Nation's Cup title; at the time the final he defeated the strongest partner ROC, Heikki Kovalainen and Marcus Gronholm. But in individual categories, Vettel lost by Heikki.

Continued in 2008, he re-teamed with Schumacher in ROC, and again this pair won the Nation's Cup after beating the same two Scandinavian (Gronholm and Kovalainen). In the Driver's Cup, Vettel managed to beat Australia which is also representative of WSBK 2008 world champion, Troy Bayliss, but lost to the French WRC world champion, Sebastien Loeb in the quarterfinals.

In 2009 Vettel re-teamed with Schumacher in ROC, and this time duet-Schumi Vettel managed to win the Nation's Cup title after defeating the British pair Jenson Button and Andy Priaulx. For 2010 he was paired with Schumacher, Vettel drove back the German won the Nation's Cup for the fourth time in succession. Unfortunately in the individual category, Vettel lost by a Portuguese driver Filipe Albuquerque, who emerged as overall champion of individual categories.

Other Sports

A few days before the 2008 Japanese Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel shared some of his fellow F1 driver like Mark Webber and Alexander Wurz, assisted by a team of nature lovers try to climb Mount Fuji Japan. And they finally reached the summit on Wednesday morning, they then fell back safely on Wednesday afternoon the day before the course of the Japanese Grand Prix free practice round.

In a football match before the Monaco Grand Prix 2008, with Fernando Alonso, Vettel, Rubens Barrichello, Felipe Massa, Nico Rosberg and Mark Webber into one team when they play football with the help of some other race car driver from a different arena of celebrities against a team of all stars. In a charity match, the team riders and the teams drew celebrities share figures 6-6.

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