Robin Van Persie - Arsenal

Robin Van Persie - Arsenal 
Robin Van Persie again feel proud to give victory to Arsenal at the weekend, once registered himself in the history of the club's home city of London.

The Gunners recorded their second win in the Premier League after yesterday subvert Bolton 3-0 in which the Dutch striker was bought up two goals.
Two additional goals were made ​​of the 17th Arsenal player who has scored 100 goals for the club, and the Arsenal captain was happy to finally be lifted back to trust his teammates after a worrying start diving.

"I'm very proud of. I'm the 17th in the history of Arsenal's passing score 100 goals. This is a big achievement," he said.

"These balls will get a good spot in my living room now. Fans back incredible. All this has been heavy for them and us, but now we can move forward. You could see everybody again smiled, and said 'this is what we want '. "
Arsene Wenger himself recognizes the important role of the captain who is gotten from Feyenoord seven years ago.

"It's hard to imagine our team without him. Let's hope, if he will remain with us in every game," Wenger praised.

"Printing 100 goals at the top level is very, very difficult. In 2011, Robin has scored 26 from 31 goal. It really is like magic."

"Robin is an open person. I think he is one of the players' growing with its responsibilities."

"You can think if he was not a natural captain at first, but he really did grow well in that role. I've been monitoring it and he did well."

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