Sepp Blatter - Fifa President

Sepp Blatter - Fifa President 
Joseph "Sepp" Blatter (born in Visp, Valais, Switzerland, March 10, 1936, age 75 years) is the eighth FIFA President. He was sworn in on June 8, 1998, replacing João Havelange (Brazil).
Graduates of the University of Lausanne in the field of Administration and Economics (Faculty of Law), Blatter had worked at the Tourism Authority of Valais, the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation, and Longines SA. He began working at FIFA in 1975, as Technical Director (1975-81), Secretary-General (1981-98), and then President (since 1998). He was re-elected as president in 2002 (defeating Issa Hayatou) and again in 2007.
Between the policies that made the president of FIFA is the introduction of the silver goal system to replace the golden goal (since Euro 2004; system is then terminated along with the golden goal that all matches are now played a full extra round); omission of an automated, qualifying for the FIFA World Cup champion last after Cup 2002 FIFA World; various changes related to moral standards, for example giving yellow cards for players who take her clothes off after celebrating a goal of printing.

Blatter able to speak German, French, English, Spanish, and Italian.


Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) or International Federation of Football is the governing body of international soccer. FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

FIFA was founded in Paris on May 21, 1904 and celebrated its 100 in 2004. In April 2004, FIFA announced that they expect to reap a profit of $ 144 million from $ 1.64 billion in revenue between 2003 and 2006.
Map the distribution of FIFA member confederation.
FIFA also promotes soccer, arrange the transfer of players between teams, giving the title of FIFA World Player and FIFA World Ranking list published each month.

Soccer rules set by IFAB (International Football Association Board), consisting of four representatives from FIFA and one representative each from the Football Association, Scottish Football Association, Football Association of Wales, and Northern Ireland Football Association.


The agency works in conjunction with the regional associations that monitor the development of football in various parts of the world. The six FIFA confederation that form (and the areas under their control) are:

* AFC - (Asia)
* CAF - (Africa)
* CONMEBOL - (South America)
* CONCACAF - (North, Central and Caribbean)
* OFC - (Oceania)
* UEFA - (Europe)

National disciplinary associations

FIFA often take an active role in running and developing sports game around the world. One of the sanctions is to suspend teams and related members of the international competition when the government intervened in the running of FIFA member association or organization if the football association can not function properly.

A 2007 FIFA decision that a player can be registered with a maximum of three clubs, and appeared in an official match for a maximum of two, in one year is measured from July 1 to June 30 has sparked controversy, especially in countries that cross season that date obstructions, such as in the case of two former Irish international. As a direct result of this controversy, FIFA modified this decision the following year to accommodate transfers between the league with the phase out of season.

Implement FIFA football championships such as:

* Tournament men between countries
o World Cup
o The Confederations Cup
o Branch of football sports on the Olympic men
o U-20 World Cup
o U-17 World Cup
* Tournament women's inter-state
o Women's World Cup
o Branch of sports in the Olympic women's soccer
o Women's World Cup U-20
o Women's World Cup U-17
* Tournament men between clubs
o Club World Cup
* Inter-club tournament woman
o Women's Club World Cup
* Male futsal tournament among nations
o Futsal World Cup
Futsal Confederation Cup o Al-Fateh
o Intercontinental Futsal Cup
* Male beach soccer tournament between countries
o Beach Soccer World Cup
o Tour Pro Beach Soccer
o Coastal Cup Football

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