El Classico - Barcelona VS Real Madrid - Top 10 Fantastic Moment

El Classico - Barcelona VS Real Madrid - Top 10 Fantastic Moment
Here are some Clasico party that has significance in the rivalry of both teams:

1. Real Madrid 11-1 Barcelona
(Copa del Generalísimo semi-finals, 1942-43)

This is Madrid's biggest victory over Barcelona, ​​but also still full of controversial stories that burst from him. Barcelona have won the first leg with a score of 3-0 at their home at the time, Les Corts, and emerging public sentiment in Madrid if the host is too strong a sense of pride they show on Catalan soil with a welcome heat on the visitors. At that time the tension was so hot that it matches the two teams often serve as a symbol of the civil war in Spain.

And the Spanish authorities at that time, General Franco reportedly very upset with the performance of the capital club and ordered the defense minister at that time to issue a 'warning' on the Barca players ahead of the second leg in Madrid. And although this was later denied by two best player of Barca are playing at the time, Domenec Balmanya and Josep Escola, but Barca is not the same team in the second leg. Madrid opened the scoring in the fifth minute and continued to craze before the visitors scored consolation goal on 89 minutes. Madrid cruised into the finals with a 11-4 aggregate, but on top of the party they are uprooted from Athletic Bilbao 1-0 through extra time.

2. Real Madrid 5-0 Barcelona
(La Liga, 1953-54)

At the beginning of 1953-1954 season, Real Madrid has been through two decades without additional trophies from their two league titles, but the arrival of Alfredo di Stefano's controversial previous month, everything changed.

On 25 October, in his first game against Barcelona - a team that has won four league titles in six previous seasons, Di Stefano became a star in the 5-0 win. He opened the scoring from close range in the fifth minute, before the creation of two quick goals Roque Olsen, and fulfilled to 4-0 by Luis Molowny goal before the break. Di Stefano added another goal five minutes ahead of dispersal, and Madrid was later gave birth to one of the best of their generation.

ABC daily to label these games as a 'severe blow to the prestige of Barcelona' and the Catalan giants seek revenge on their cages, Les Corts Stadium. They successfully do this by hitting 5-1di Madrid where a goal back for the visitors scored again Di Stefano, who at that season finished as top scorer with 29 league goals. But the more special, Madrid finally finish atop the standings to end their long wait will be successful.

3. Real Madrid 2-2 Barcelona: Barcelona 2-1 Real Madrid
(The first round of the European Cup, 1960-61)

When the European Cup in season 1955-1956 started to turn on, Madrid continues to be an unassailable king during half decade. On the road to success is their fifth in 1960, they destroy Barca 6-2 on aggregate in the semifinals. But in the first round of the 1960-1961 season, Barca finish his revenge by throwing the dominance of the rival with a 4-3 aggregate.

Barcelona when it chose to move the cage to the Camp Nou with a cost of nearly 1.75 million pounds, a move which trapped them a debt of 1 million pounds, and look forward to the players to ensure that gambling paid off. Barca defeat Real Madrid 6-2 at the turn of the tails of Helenio Herrera coach to former coach of Juventus and PSV Eindhoven, Ljubisa Brocic in June 1960.

At the first meeting of counter Madrid, Barca have been left behind when the game was barely two-minute goal by Enrique Mateos, but Luis Suarez equalized in the 27th minute. Francisco Gento restore excellence Madrid, but after two minutes ahead, a British referee to award the controversial penalty which is accomplished by Suarez to end the game with the score 2-2.

Barca became a favorite on the second leg match which witnessed 125,000 fans, and they are ahead of Madrid, which in essence appears to be superior. English referee Reg Leafe guests cancel three goals for offside, and also threatened to expel Madrid midfielder, Luis del Sol if they do not protest subsided. Barca winning shot by Ramon Alberto Villaverde who swerved into the goal 10 minutes before the break, before Evaristo duplicated in 81 minutes. The attacks bear fruit only one goal Madrid Canario four minutes before the fight was over, and the president of Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu was pinned as a satire on the referees 'Barca's best player'. Barca benefit financially from their success, and advanced to the finals before conquered Benfica.
4. Real Madrid 0-5 Barcelona
(La Liga, 1973-74)

For some time, the match between Real Madrid vs. Barca into a tight encounter. From 1966 forward, only one meeting in all competitions is determined by more than one goal - win Madrid 2-0 in the final of the Copa Del Rey 1969-1970. But everything changed in February 1974 when a Dutch man named Johan Cruyff who  debut with Barcelona, ​​but already ransacked the home of Madrid.

Dutchman gave 3 assists and also a wonderful solo goal which took Barca to maintain excellence at the top nine points, while Madrid have dropped to ninth position. Barcelona eventually won them the title that year, or the first since 1960.

Madrid finally did reply to that humiliating defeat with the score 4-0 in the Copa Del Rey final in June, but Barca have to play full time limitations because of rules that prevent foreign players took part in the tournament. However, Cruyff himself had to strengthen the Dutch national team at the 1974 World Cup, while the doubles coach Rinus Michels Dutch coach, also have a flight back and forth from West Germany to Catalan to balance their responsibilities.

5. Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid
(La Liga, 1993-94)

January 1994, Barcelona recorded their biggest win over Real Madrid at the Camp Nou since the 1944-1945 season. Romario recorded a hat-trick, plus a Ronald Koeman free kick and scored in the final minutes of Ivan Iglesias Johan Cruyff troops to victory.

Real Madrid's worst start their own diving for 40 years, and put pressure on the coach Benito Floro, who previously had received assurances of confidence from Madrid. Floro dismissal was difficult because at that time Madrid has a debt of 25 million pounds. But after a 2-1 defeat of Lerida in March, plus Madrid managed to collect enough funds, then they did not hesitate ejecting Floro - firing their sixth coach in the new decade, and was replaced by Vicente Del Bosque as caretaker coach.
6. Real Madrid 5-0 Barcelona
(La Liga, 1994-95)

Real Madrid finally able to repay his rivals at the Bernabeu. Although Los Blancos did not add to their collection of 25 titles since 1990, the appointment of Jorge Valdano as coach raises optimism. They went to the half-life status as a champion of the season when they crushed the rival who is also the defending champion with a score of 5-0.

Ivan Zamorano inspired Madrid when Chile's striker scored a hat-trick in the first half, before Barca striker Hristo Stoichkov helped host the red card he received due to stepping on Quique Flores at the end of the first half. Luis Enrique Madrid to increase the advantage on 68 minutes, before giving assists to Zamorano Jose Amavisca goal two minutes later.

For Michael Laudrup, the victory was quite significant: it appears to Barcelona in their 5-0 win, before being sold to Madrid a result at odds with the Johan Cruyff, and defending Madrid in triumph by the same score. While Romario, who did not show great commitment that season and made upset Cruyff, released to the Flamengo be some days after the defeat. Madrid finally won their 26th title that season, and at the end of the season with a medal Laudrup resigned his fifth consecutive La Liga.

7. Barcelona 0-2 Real Madrid: Real Madrid 1-1 Barcelona
(Semifinal Champions League, 2001-02)

This action is the Spanish press labeled as 'Duel of the Century' and is expected to attract about 500 million viewers globally. But the game seemed to have been of age after the first leg. Without the presence of two pillars, Xavi and Rivaldo, Barcelona was forced to surrender by Zinedine Zidane scored nine minutes into the second half and accomplished by Steve McManaman in the second half injury time.

Madrid is trying to reach their ninth title in Europe they already had one foot in the final at Hampden Park, before the big drama occurred at the Bernabeu when a car bomb exploded near a separatist group from the stadium four hours before kickoff of the second leg, tear down part of the roof in the trophy room. 16 people were injured and had appeared the talks if the fight would be stopped, before it finally decided to keep it running.

And long-distance kicks in the match Raul Madrid widen the advantage in the first round, and although Ivan Helguera made an own goal just after halftime, Barca could not retaliate and fell through 3-1 on aggregate.
8. Barcelona 0-0 Real Madrid
(La Liga, 2002-03)

Although not produce a goal, both teams meeting in November at the Camp Nou it will always be the most memorable game, because this is the game where Luis Figo pig's head thrown since decided to cross over from Barcelona to Madrid. Pig's head was not the only object that is thrown by an estimated 98,000 home fans because Figo seemed to 'provoked' with no rush to take a corner kick in front of the former loyal supporters. Game was even stopped in the 75th minute.

"This is a shameful thing for Spanish football. It's all over the limits rivalry," blasted the director of Madrid, Jorge Valdano at the time.

9. Real Madrid 2-6 Barcelona
(La Liga, 2008-09)

Party ahead of the Clasico in December 2008, Madrid coach, Bernd Schuster led his own head in dismissal when he called the victory at Camp Nou is impossible. He then was thrown out and replaced Juande Ramos his role on the bench Madrid, but the new coach could not keep Barcelona's win with a score of 2-0. Barca opened the gap to 12 points and affirm belief Schuster.

However, under Ramos, Madrid enjoyed a remarkable resurgence: they won 17 times and won a draw in 18 games the next, and cut the distance to four points just ahead of a meeting the second Clasico at the Bernabeu in May.

At Madrid's Gonzalo Higuain brought ahead in the 14th minute, a mission that seemed impossible was becoming close to reality, but Thierry Henry equalized four minutes later, and after that the game belonged to Barca completely. Carles Puyol took the visitors ahead 2-1 in minute 20, Lionel Messi added the third goal on 36 minutes, and although Sergio Ramos had to miss the host to be 3-2 after the break, Henry scored his second goal to bring Barca back away, before Messi and Gerard Pique completed power of Barcelona.
10. Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid
(La Liga, 2010-11)

Barcelona has provided many lessons since the appointment of a football coach Pep Guardiola in 2008, and the party's victory in the Clasico November 2010.

Jose Mourinho, who was with Inter on their way to get rid of Barca win the Champions League the previous year, doing a brilliant start from all the coaches in the history of Madrid, but he was helpless to prevent the rival foster children were massacred at Camp Nou. Xavi and Pedro had made the host a 2-0 lead in the first half before two goals from David Villa doubled after the break and scored the final minutes of Jeffren, confirmed the dominance of the Blaugrana.
Mourinho himself even when it recognizes the absolute superiority rivals by saying, "This is a bad result for us, in history. It's sad for us but it was not difficult for me to swallow, it's easy because it's fair I received. We played very, very bad and they were fantastic. "

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