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The Best Racer Casey Stoner - Czech MotoGP Champions - Casey Stoner (born in Kurri Kurri, New South Wales, Australia, October 16, 1985, age 25 years old) is a MotoGP rider from Australia. Currently, he joined Repsol Honda team with Daniel Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso. He began his motor racing debut as a wild card rider at Donington Park Circuit, the British Grand Prix 125cc class in 2001. After several years of a career in the 125cc and 250cc, Stoner and then go to the MotoGP class in 2006 with the LCR Honda team. Peak of his career occurred in 2007 when he joined with Ducati Marlboro after he was able to become world champions for the first time. His achievement was, in the 2008 season, Stoner was awarded the title of Young Australian of the Year by the Australian government.


Casey Stoner was the second child of the couple Colin Stoner (an itinerant painter who often become amateur motor racing driver) and Bronwyn. Casey had a sister named Kelly Stoner, who is also a hobby and often fall in the local amateur motor racing event. Ever since I was little, Stoner had known motorcycle albeit in limited touch or stylish like a racer. He had his first motorcycle at age 4 years try after taught by his brother. 

In 1993, Stoner family later moved from Southport to the Kurri Kurri in New South Wales in its efforts to support the efforts and spirit of small Stoner in following the race. Casey Stoner also had to attend school until the age of 12 years before then come out and prefer to home schooling in 1997. In 1999, after seeing a big opportunity for Stoner to a career as a racer, the family decided to move to England.  Where they got hit by confusion because they do not have the money to pay for apartment rent and taxes and forced to live in a caravan.
Casey Stoner currently lives in Monte Carlo, Monaco, where his family still often commute Australia-English-Monaco. Stoner himself had mentioned that in just one year he could return to the homeland in Australia, namely during the Australian MotoGP race.

Family and Friends

Casey Stoner was first met with Adriana Tuchyna from Adelaide in the Australian MotoGP race of 2003. It was Stoner gave his signature in the stomach Adriana, after the Australian women was "a bit" forced Stoner to want to sign her stomach. The relationship between Stoner and Adriana began in 2005 when Adriana was 16 years old. Later in 2007, the couple agreed to marry. Subject of this marriage, Stoner had said that:
"I would prefer tradition as ancient society, because as you know now famous Australian young life that is free will habits. I still want to maintain the past traditions of Australia, and that's why there is no other way for me besides Adriana woo the fine rather than do things that are less praiseworthy. "

Outside the race, Casey Stoner, including people-friendly and has many friends. One close friend is Kimi Raikkonen Stoner. They first met in the event an annual family ski Ferrari and Ducati in early 2007. Kimi said that Stoner had a great ability and can become world champion when the time is right. In their second meeting in 2008, when Kimi and Stoner bearing the official world championships, both drivers are absolutely never thought, wishful thinking when they join a new team that is still alien culture turned out sweet fruit culture, namely the world title.
Two other friends Stoner is Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher. Alonso and Stoner met on a similar annual ski event in early 2010, and then Stoner success troublesome Alonso in a car race on ice. After the race, Alonso was judged that Stoner although fairly common with four-wheel racing world, but he was able to adapt quickly and can compete with the seniors who have more experience with four-wheel racing. Meanwhile, the beginning of the meeting and friendship with Schumi Stoner started in mid-2008 when Schumacher test the Ducati Desmosedici Stoner's. At that time, Schumacher is also not shy to ask his Ducati motorcycle characteristics to Stoner, Stoner with friendly and helped Schumacher during testing takes place.

Criticism and Controversy

Stoner is known as a racer who easily disappointed if he lost or exposed to criticism from others. In 2007, he had been exposed to harsh criticism from the community to dominate in MotoGP after a successful first half of the season. Stoner's MotoGP fans saw success at that time based on the appearance of a good motor and tires than Stoner's own talent. Later in the two races of the British GP in 2007 and 2008, Stoner was despised by the fans by noisily shouted as he emerged from the garage.

In 2008 also, Stoner was getting harsh criticism from a health organization in Australia around the Ducati team who prefer working with cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris (Marlboro). The health organization said Stoner, who is an athlete and non-smokers chose the wrong move by joining a team that promotes tobacco products in a sports competition.
Early Career

Junior Race

Stoner tested the first race at age four in a class of land races U9 (under age 9) Mike Hatcher at the race track is located on the Gold Coast, Australia. From the age of nine to 14 years, Stoner won 41 local races and 70 races between Australian states.

Stoner also had time to follow the race of super-busy for more than a week, when he followed five different racing classes in a race to race 35 races. Stoner himself participated in 32 of 35 races in five different classes, and he was later able to win five classes.

Due to the minimum age to race in Australia is 16 years, Stoner moved to England, where there a minimum age to get a racing license is 14 years. From 2000 to 2002, Stoner and then participate in the national championship race in the British 125cc motorcycle and Spain. Stoner then managed to win the title Aprilia British Motor Racing Championship in 2000. His appearance is impressive and engaging driver team manager Lucio Cecchinello, which then provides the opportunity Stoner British GP race down in 2001 as a wild card, before finally in 2002, Stoner fell full on the MotoGP 250cc class with LCR Racing.

125cc and 250cc

In 2003, still with the LCR Racing, Stoner and then fell in the 125cc class. Supported by Aprilia, Stoner has recorded four times a podium finish, three of which are perennial powerhouses second position in Germany, Brazil, and the Pacific as well as a victory that he managed to achieve in Valencia at the end of the season. With this result, Stoner then managed to sit at P8 standings with a value of 125 points.

2004 season, parting with Stoner LCR Racing and joined the Red Bull KTM team. In this season he won only one race is in Malaysia. But he could still be entertained by finishing second twice and three times finished third. Position standings Stoner in the 2004 season with 145 points is P5.

In 2005, Stoner returned to the 250cc class and re-partnering with Team LCR Aprilia Racing and the manufacturer. Riding a motorcycle with manufacturer specifications, Stoner appeared as the main challenger Daniel Pedrosa and Honda, and even Stoner also has several opportunities to become leaders. Stoner himself managed to win in Portugal, China, Malaysia, and Qatar. Apesnya, while racing in front of the public house itself, which is the Australian GP, ​​Stoner had an accident, and forced to forget his dream of becoming world champion in 250cc in 2005 despite once again able Stoner won the race in Turkey. Stoner then managed to finish as runners-up 250cc championship in 2005 with a value of 254 points.

MotoGP career

LCR Honda (2006)

The fall of 2005, Stoner said to have pocketed an official contract with Yamaha's Valentino Rossi to be a companion in the 2006 season. But then Yamaha cancel the fabric of cooperation, and could make Casey Stoner was disappointed. In January 2006, Stoner and then try again invite Lucio Checchinello to want to become supporters for the fall race in the MotoGP class in 2006. Checchinello then agrees, and he immediately contacted the HRC and filed a proposal renting units Honda RC211V for the 2006 season. Honda necessarily agree, and be cooperative and Checchinello Stoner continued in the 2006 season in the MotoGP class.

Stoner in the MotoGP class debut in the series starts in Jerez Spain, where he finished in P6. In the next race in Qatar, Stoner directly mengebrak by grabbing pole position, but during the race he was only able to finish P5. Stoner then went on a brilliant performance by almost won in Turkey before making a fatal mistake in the last lap which caused him to fail to win the race and had to settle for P2 behind Marco Melandri. In the mid-season, Stoner later appeared unstable and did a lot of mistakes led to the accident. Even so, he performed quite well in the 2006 season with a finish in the standings with 119 points P8.

Ducati Marlboro (2007-2010)

Honda made a fatal mistake at the end of 2006 with no binding long term contracts with Stoner managed to put to good use by the Ducati, who finally managed to sign Stoner for the 2007 season., [In the 2007 season alone Stoner, Loris Capirossi joined together at the Italian team . Stoner replace Sete Gibernau who was fired because his performance judged less convincing and tended to decrease.

With the new Ducati Desmosedici GP7 weapons are designed to meet the new regulations MotoGP 800cc, Stoner appear extraordinary in 2007. Stoner started the season with a spectacular victory in Qatar and then he continued in Turkey and China.  He then managed to win 10 races (including a hat trick in the U.S., the Czech and San Marino) and won six poles, which then drove him to world title MotoGP 2007 by a margin of 125 points over second place Daniel Pedrosa.  The position of the worst finish is achieved Stoner at Motegi Grand Prix, when he finished the P6 and confirm themselves as a world champion in 2007.

2008 season, Stoner struggled to defend his world champion title. He won the season-opening victory in Qatar. He later appeared normal in Spain and Portugal, and a new back on the podium at the Chinese Grand Prix. After performing poorly in France, he then climbed the podium in Italy  before then recorded a hat trick in England victory (with the lead from start to finish)  the Netherlands (the same as in England)  and Germany (assisted accident experienced Pedrosa). With this result Stoner managed to climb back into the P1 standings, but then fall back position after a fall at Laguna Seca while leading the race before eventually bounce back and finish second.  Furthermore, in Brno and Misano, Stoner failed to finish due to damage to the motor which ended in failure to retain world title. Stoner then had to settle for runners-up appear behind Valentino Rossi winning the points standings with a total of as much as 280 points.

2009 season, Stoner still survive in the Ducati and now he was accompanied by a new racer and former world champion, Nicky Hayden. Stoner also agreed to extend his contract for one year with Ducati in 2010.  Through a tight battle in Qatar against the Fiat Yamaha duo of Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, Stoner won the season-opening race in Qatar, before he suffered a strange illness that cause fatigue every time a race. As a result, he must be satisfied in P3 standings when the race entered the U.S. GP at Laguna Seca. The results of the examination the doctor then concluded Stoner suffering from acute anemia disease and stomach disorders. As the recovery effort itself, Stoner then announced that for the three races in round 11, 12, and 13 he will be out of the race , and Finn Mika Kallio was appointed as a temporary replacement. After full recovery from his illness, Stoner returned to race in Portugal and directly record a second podium. Then in Australia and Malaysia, Stoner made it back to victory lane. Misfortune then came back to Stoner in the closing race in Valencia. After reaching the pole in qualifying, Stoner appeared confident for the race before he fell because of unforced errors on lap warm-up. Stoner finished fourth in 2009 standings with 220 points.
In 2010 pre-season test session, Casey Stoner clocked the fastest time again in one session of six training sessions held, where the other five are dominated by Valentino Rossi. Later in the 2010 season opening race in Qatar, Stoner was once again recorded a pole position and had led the race before finally foundered in mid-race due to too eager.  Once again foundered due to similar errors in France , Stoner managed to get up and finish fourth at the Italian GP. Later in the Dutch GP in Assen, Stoner recorded his first podium in the 2010 season after finishing third. Two other times he got finished third in Catalunya and Germany before the rise to P2 in the U.S. after the accident helped Daniel Pedrosa. Stoner's first victory in the 2010 season recorded at Motorrad Aragon after the record pole position during qualifying. He continued a similar victory in Japan, and almost Stoner scored a hat trick in Malaysia before it ran aground due to falling while leading. Later in the race its own cage in Australia, Stoner returned victorious to win the race before falling back and knocked out in Portugal. Stoner then closed the 2010 season with second place in Valencia, and he established his position in the standings, which stood at 225 points.

Repsol Honda (2011-present)

Rumors of a return to Honda Stoner has been echoed since the beginning of the 2010 season, but both Stoner and Repsol Honda has denied these rumors. Honda could even say that they are more satisfied with the performance of the team that existed at the time the duo of Daniel Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso. In June 2010, the newspaper's move to Honda Stoner finally became a reality after the Honda approve multi-year contract with the Australian rider.  The position of Stoner at Ducati will be replaced by legendary racer Valentino Rossi, while the Honda will be accompanied Stoner Pedrosa and Dovizioso.

In the winter test session with Honda, Stoner was immediately kicked off by winning the second position the fastest. In his official debut with Repsol Honda in the series races Qatar, Stoner was immediately kicked off by grabbing his first win. Unfortunately on the next series in Spain she ran aground due to improper maneuver Valentino Rossi. After finishing third in Portugal, Stoner wins in France and Catalunya.

Outside MotoGP

Casey Stoner revealed that in the future, after he retired as a MotoGP rider, he was eager to get down in the arena of auto racing. One car racing event that he wanted to try is the Australian V8 Supercar Series, which is a championship race touring Australia . Stoner himself apparently often test the high-tech cars, such as when he tested the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione in 2008, after he became world champion in MotoGP. Alfa Romeo himself was listed as a sponsor of the Ducati team. Stoner himself is one of the lucky ones because he could get the car free of charge as a reward for his achievements became world champion in 2007.

Mid-2008, when he "guided" Michael Schumacher in testing the Ducati Desmosedici, Stoner also hinted that he wanted to try a Formula 1 car. However, Stoner said that he would never move from MotoGP to F1.

Stoner's father, Colin, said that he would be very happy if after retiring as a MotoGP rider, his son returned home to Australia and start a new career as an entrepreneur in the field of animal husbandry and agriculture. Stoner then justify these words of his father, and he had a strong desire to carry out such work. Stoner also aspires to open a race school in her home country, namely Australia, in order to invite young men and women go down to try out Australia for an international racing event.
Race in Czech 2011

Repsol Honda rider, Casey Stoner, the MotoGP series champion Czech Republic, Sunday, August 14, 2011. Unfortunately, his teammate, Dani Pedrosa suffered just unlucky in the race that was held at the Brno circuit this.
Pedrosa, who started from pole position to leave the race after skidding on the third lap. Had the lead on lap-lap the Spaniard's early steps should be stopped after a slip on the fourth bend.

Stoner immediately took charge of the race. Behind him followed Yamaha rider Jorge Lorenzo followed by Repsol Honda rider Andrea Dovizioso and Honda Gresini, Marco Simoncelli in fourth position.

Entering the fifth lap, Dovizioso who before was in third position ahead of Lorenzo now had managed to make a small mistake. But last season's world champion managed to regain second place on lap nine.

Lorenzo and Dovizioso continued to press managed to grab second place on lap 12. Lorenzo then dropped down to fourth position after Simoncelli got through it before long. While Stoner farther ahead.

In the remaining laps there, competition is fierce exactly happened between Dovizioso and Simoncelli. Simoncelli in fourth position continued to press Dovizioso.

But until the checkered flag was unfurled, Dovizioso remains in second place followed by Simoncelli in third place. Meanwhile, Lorenzo had to settle for fourth position followed by Ben Spies and Valentino Rossi.

Stoner on pole position and won his sixth title this season. Thanks to this victory, Stoner became more firmly on top of the drivers' standings with 218 points followed by collection of Lorenzo with a collection of 186 points.

Race Results
1. Stoner
2. Dovizioso
3. Simoncelli
4. Lorenzo
5. Spies
6. Rossi
7. Hayden
8. Edwards
9. Aoyama
10. Barbera
11. Elias
12. de Puniet
13. Capirossi

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