Chelsea Stop Manchester City Record (2-1) - Chelsea VS Manchester City

Chelsea Stop Manchester City Record (2-1)
Manchester City's unbeaten record finally broken by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge with a score of 2-1, Tuesday (13/12) morning.

City really kicked off the host, how no game has been running two minutes they've managed to excel.

Receiving feedback breakthrough Sergio Aguero, Mario Balotelli with composure escaped the offside trap and passed Petr Cech Branislav Ivanovic and then sends the ball into the goal that has been uninhabited and the position was changed 1-0 to City.
Superior quick, City increasingly dominate, control of the ball also increasingly held by Roberto Mancini's squad this golden opportunity had also re-created through the flick Aguero is still thin on the left side of Cech's goal.

Even so, Chelsea are a little overwhelmed withstand the onslaught of City still has a golden opportunity, one of them kick Didier Drogba, who is still able to be pushed over by Joe Hart.

Finally, Chelsea managed to equalize through cooperation slick two players, and one of the player is a player who is unfortunate departure by Roberto Mancini, Daniel Sturridge.
Young English players managed to tear apart the left side of the City's defense then give you a pretty sweet bait forward the penalty box that has been waiting for Raul Meireles, mercilessly, Meireles directing the ball into the goalkeeper Joe Hart, the score changed to 1-1 in the 35th minute .

Goals from Meireles is the only additional goal of this happening in the first half, both teams had to settle with a draw 1-1.

At the beginning of the second half, the tempo of the game not as fast as the first half, both teams again fumbled the play's plot.
In the 57th minute a loud enough obstacles made by Gael Clichy on Ramires who tried to enter the heart of City's defense, the referee immediately gave a second yellow card at the same time red card for Clichy.

Will, the primacy of this goal can be a benefit for Chelsea to win and make the City an unbeaten record broken.

And it seems to be a reality, after Frank Lampard's penalty kick to the goalkeeper Joe Hart lodged in the 82nd minute.

Referee awarded a penalty after Joleon Lescott by touching the ball. Position changed to 2-1 for the excellence of the Blues Chelsea.

Until the end of the second round, no longer a goal is successfully created, along with Chelsea's Frank Lampard managed to let the stain on Manchester City's unbeaten record.

Even so, these results do not change the position of City at the top, they still remain two points clear of Manchester United and Chelsea at 7 points from the third position.

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Great results for Chelsea but they failed to win against teams at the bottom are just lose the advantage of beating league leaders

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