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Sergio Leonel Aguero del Castillo Profile - Although the transfer from Independiente in 2006 broke the record club purchases, but Aguero is not directly shine. He was drowned out by the greatness of Torres. Naturally when Aguero is doubtful.

Answer Aguero? Actions and achievements in the field. He showed sharp tearing the opponent's goal. In the 2007/08 season, Aguero packing 26 goals in all competitions and nine assists.

In Spain La Liga competition, Aguero was ranked third top scorer Dani Guiza and below with 19 goals Luis Fabiano.
Success is making this 20-old striker aligned with Torres. However, he refused to be compared with that according to Torres Aguero was his mentor.
"Fernando is a very important player for me and the club. I learned a lot from him in the first year here. He always gave direction that makes me confident. Things I need to be playing well, "said Aguero.

Hanyal, no doubt Aguero directly regardless of the shadows Torres. Not only that. Record-breaking striker Diego Maradona to become the youngest player when making his debut in the League Argentina with Independiente in usian 15 years and 35 days in 2003 gives a new dimension in the Atletico game.

When Torres act more as a pure striker with a brilliant final completion when positioned in the penalty box, otherwise Aguero not just dealing with goals. He is typical of players in a creative, dynamic, flamboyant and even genius.

He not only broke into the opposing goal, but also creative in the process of creating goals. Aguero touted as a blend of Hugo Sanchez and Torres. Others call it Romario Argentina.
Posture her small because it only has 1.72 meters do not drown Aguero. Agility and speed of the weapon. And, the small body will not be able to limit the talent of a Aguero.

"Talent can not be measured in centimeters and kilograms. My height is not a weakness. It did not affect my game. The technique is far more important than size. And, football is indeed remarkable because the shortest player can beat the top players in the game, "said the striker who has a unique call Kun taken from the Japanese cartoon character.
As a child Aguero loved cartoon character whose real name is Kum Kum. Because of its ngefan, Aguero imitate a cartoon character's hairstyle.

"My grandfather who first called me by that name. I am increasingly pleased with the call because of the unique and differentiating with athletes of other sports. Rarely is an athlete who has a cartoon character's nickname, "he replied.

Aguero achievements in the national team was very classy. He led Argentina to win the U-20 World Cup in 2005 and 2007. He also won the Golden Boot as top scorer and the Golden Boat the best player in the World Cup U-20 2007.

Next, the 2008 Olympic gold medal with the team captured the Tango. He then made his debut in the senior national team in friendlies against Brazil at the Emirates Stadium, England, 3 September 2006.

Success in making Aguero Atletico and Argentina as one of the talented star on earth. He also became the target of top European clubs. Real Madrid wants to get him. Not to mention Chelsea, Juventus, Inter Milan, Villarreal, Bayern Munich are lining up to ask for her hand. Meanwhile, Manchester United are willing to pay € 55 million for the purchase of El Kun.

However, Aguero rejected the tempting offer. He stressed his commitment to Atletico. "I am not interested to move the club. I have repeatedly made it clear I am happy here. I just think for Atletico, "he said.
In fact the demand Maradona, who is also coach-in-law, so he accepted the offer was turned down Inter. No wonder when the husband Giannina Maradona became Atletico's favorite player.

Aguero Maradona was still loved despite refused. How not, he has given grandson named Benjamin Leonel Aguero Maradona. I was so proud of her grandson, the Argentina legend said, "He's like my 60 percent and 40 percent more like Aguero." What nonsense.

Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo (born in Quilmes, June 2, 1988, age 23 years) is an Argentine footballer with a prime position as a striker. Footballer who has a friendly greeting Kun world public is considered as the incarnation of Diego Maradona, with Lionel Messi. Name of getting stuck when carrying as Argentina U-20 Junior World Cup champion in 2007 in Canada. After bringing the team Argentina U-20 champion, opens the door to use the services of senior Argentine.

Sergio Aguero scored a record as the youngest footballer in the history of Argentine soccer league when lowered against San Lorenzo Independiente at the age of 15 years 35 days on July 7, 2003.
Sergio Aguero is now the law of the Argentina national team coach Diego Armando Maradona.

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