Top Badminton Player, Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Taufik Hidayat - Wembley Champions London

Top Badminton Player, Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Taufik Hidayat - Wembley Champions London

This is list of the best players in the world today : 

Chong Wei Want to Realize His Dreams

Men's singles number one Lee Chong Wei hopes to soon realize two dreams as a child at Wembley Arena, UK. Chong Wei into the Wembley Arena to start practicing Saturday. "I stop and look around. This is the place that will realize two dreams of my childhood," said Chong Wei.

"My first dream is to perform the best in the world championships. Next is the look-out on the Olympics which will also take place here. I hope this is where all these things can happen," he said.

Chong Wei was 29 years old. He is ranked world number one player, but has never won a world championship or Olympic gold medal. While competitors contemporaries, such as Taufik Hidayat and Lin Dan, have perfected themselves with these two titles.

At the 2011 world championships, Chong Wei also received an additional burden for a son or daughter who became Malaysia's first world champion. This has never happened since the world championships were first held in 1977.

"Now I've been here and I will work hard. I'll give you all the best in me," he said again.

Badminton Player Lin Dan Beat Lithuania
Mainstay of China's badminton player Lin Dan easily cruised into the second round of the World Championships at Wembley Arena in London after beating a player Lithuania Kestutis Navickas, 21-11, 21-10. Lin beat his opponent who occupy the world's 40th in 34 minutes.The win to avoid disappointment after the fifth-seeded Chinese team of Chen Long subdued without the pre-eminent player Kevin Cordon of Guatemala.

Lin, who is seeded second in the Malaysian player Lee Chong Wei told reporters, "The conditions in the arena of good games and so does the lamp. I feel comfortable."

"I can concentrate and play well," he added.

Top seed Lee Chong Wei in the first day Monday (08/08) beat players from Thailand Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk.

Players from Malaysia had a chance to be bothered by the Thai players who could excel in the first set 11-8.

"I did not play well and make some mistakes. Sometimes it happens in the first round," he said.

Meanwhile, former world and Olympic champion Taufik Hidayat in the first day Monday (08/08) beat Peru Pachecho Rodrigo Carrillo.

Taufik was arrested in the first set 6-6 before eventually winning 21-10, 21-14.

Defending champion Chen Jin from China on the first day also passed the Estonian Raul Must 21-8, 21-10.
Wang Shixian, top-seeded Chinese in women's singles number, start with easy victory 21-11, 21-14 top players Bulgarian Linda Zechiri.

Taufik Hidayat's First Experience Wembley Stadium

Victory over Indonesia Taufik Hidayat will be the first seeded player to try out arena Wembley Stadium prepared for the 2012 Olympics.
Wembley Arena will be used to match the world badminton championships on Monday (8 / 8). This is the first time badminton Wembley arena used since moving to Birmingham in 1993.
Now the legendary Wembley Arena has been updated with 12 500 seats. Opened in 2006, Wembley Arena is situated adjacent to the legendary Wembley Stadium.

"It is an honor for British sport and we become part of this event," said Badminton England chief executive Adrian Christy. "We hope will be many fans of the badminton world are watching the world's best players, a year before the Olympics."

Taufik Hidayat is seeded four players will face Peru, Rodrigo Pacheco Carrillo in the first round on Monday morning. Carillo is a player ranked 61 world.

While top seed Lee Chong Wei will face 31 world ranked players from Thailand, Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk.

History of Badminton

The sport is played with shuttlecock and rackets, probably evolved in ancient Egypt around 2000 years ago but also a mention in India and the People's Republic of China.
Ancestors is a game of Chinese thought, which involves the use of cock Jianzi but without the racket. Instead, the object manipulated by the foot. Object / mission is to keep this game really not to touch the ground as long as possible without using hands.
In England since medieval times a children's game called Battledores and Shuttlecocks are very popular. The children at the time it normally would use a paddle / stick (Battledores) and scheming together to keep really still in the air and prevent it from touching the ground. It's popular enough to be a daily nuances in the streets of London in 1854 when Punch magazine published a cartoon for this.
The British took the game to Japan, the People's Republic of China, and Siam (now Thailand) as they colonized Asia. It then quickly became a children's game in their local area.
Competitive badminton sport invented by British Army officers in Pune, India in the 19th century when they added the net and play them in competition. Thus the city of Pune was formerly known as Poona, the game also known as Poona at that time.
The soldiers brought the game back to England in the 1850s. The sport got its present name in 1860 in a pamphlet by Isaac Spratt, a British toy distributor, entitled "Badminton Battledore - a new game" ("Battledore badminton - a new game"). It described the game as played at the House Badminton (Badminton House), the Duke of Beaufort's estate in Gloucestershire, England.
Loop of the first rules were written by the Bath Badminton Club in 1877. Badminton Association of England was formed in 1893 and his first international championship-tooth first marched in 1899 with the All England Championships.
Badminton became a popular sport in the world, especially in East and Southeast Asia region, which currently dominates the sport, and in Scandinavian countries.

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