National Football League (NFL), Super Bowl, and Cheerleader Stunt Technique

National Football League (NFL), Super Bowl, and Cheerleader Stunt Technique 

National Football League (NFL)
National Football League is the largest American football league in the world. The team in this league is divided into two conferences: the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference. This conference each part into four divisions namely North, West, South, and East. NFL was founded in 1920 under the name American Professional Football Association and renamed the National Football League in 1922.
Regular season lasts for seventeen weeks in which each team has one week of free time and play sixteen times. This schedule includes six times against fellow division teams, and several teams of inter-divisional and inter-conference. Regular season begins on Thursday night in the first week of September (Thursday after Labor Day) and runs every week until late December or early January.

At the end of the regular season, six teams from each conference play in the NFL playoff, an elimination tournament in which only uses one leg that is filled by twelve teams and the tournament will end with the final competition, the Super Bowl. Super Bowl held at stadiums usually be determined where the headquarters of NFL teams. Having held the Super Bowl, the next few days held the Pro Bowl, All-Star game kind selected from each zone.
Super Bowl

Super Bowl is the final game of American football, held at the end of season NFL game in the United States. Two best teams from each division (called conferences) compete for the Vince Lombardi trophy. This match and the celebrations surrounding the so-called Super Bowl Super Bowl Sunday.
Super Bowl was first competed January 15, 1967 as part of the merger agreement between the NFL and the rival league called the AFL (American Football League). At the end of the season, the champion of each league once had to face in the "game of the AFL-NFL World Championship". Once the AFL and NFL merged in 1970, the Super Bowl became the NFL title game struggles. At first, the game done once a year on the Sunday following the playoffs around the early to mid-January, but is shifted to the end of January, and now held in the first week in February.

Super Bowl is one of the shows most watched television in the United States. Advertisers spend millions of dollars to advertise during the game. Interests of advertisers to make the game starts getting late to get into the prime time for television viewers in the U.S. East Coast. Super Bowl XI in 1977 was the last Super Bowl that took place during the day and ended before sunset local time.
Viewers who do not like American football can still enjoy most of the commercials that are made specifically for the Super Bowl. Famous musicians and singers also perform before the game starts and during breaks (halftime). Super Bowl game day ranks second largest after Thanksgiving in the amount of food consumed by Americans in a day.

Super Bowl uses Roman numeral numbering system instead of a number of years. NFL season lasts from late July to January the following year with the Super Bowl as the top match. Year's figures are not used to name the Super Bowl because it can cause confusion.


Once established in the year 1920, the NFL (National Football League) has always managed to get rid of rival leagues to present a strong rival of the AFL (American Football League) in 1960. In 1966, the feud between the NFL and AFL, including mutual grab the players and fans led to the two sides began negotiations for a merger. The talks ended with the NFL and AFL merger announcement on June 8, 1966.

One requirement is the merger of the NFL and AFL matches between champions each league to determine the "world champion of American football". In the discussion that discuss the details of the match progresses, AFL founder and Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt called jokingly refer to this particular game as "Super Bowl". Hunt got the idea this name from the Super Ball played ball his children. Ball Super Ball owned by Lamar Hunt's children are now exhibited in museums Pro Football Hall of Fame is located Canton, Ohio. Name the Super Bowl turned out to match the name of a football game high between  master of America has always been called a "bowl games". The term derives from the name bowl game Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, California which is shaped like a bowl.
After the Green Bay Packers NFL team won a landslide victory in two consecutive Super Bowl, some team owners worried about the fate of the merger of the AFL and NFL. This lasted until the team worries the AFL New York Jets defeated the Baltimore Colts NFL team in the Super Bowl III in Miami. The next year the team beat the AFL Kansas City Chiefs NFL team Minnesota Vikings 23-7 to win Super Bowl IV in New Orleans. This match was also a last game played between champions league.

After the NFL and AFL merged into one in the 1970 NFL season, three NFL teams joined the 10 AFL teams to form a division called the AFC (American Football Conference). Meanwhile, the remaining 13 teams formed the NFC (National Football Conference). After the AFC and NFC are formed, the Super Bowl champion was held between the AFC and NFC champions, each of which is determined by the NFL playoffs. Up to Super Bowl XL, former team joined the AFL has won 12 times the Super Bowl, while the 26 wins recorded by the team who before 1970 had become a member of the NFL.

NFL commissioner at that time named Pete Rozelle is often considered the brain planners AFL-NFL merger and the father of the Super Bowl. Time Magazine Magazine appreciates the services Pete Rozelle as the 100 most important people in the 20th century.

Vince Lombardi was the name of the Green Bay Packers coach who won two consecutive matches in the first Super Bowl. After Lombardi died in September 1970, his name is immortalized as the Super Bowl trophy called Vince Lombardi Cup.


Cheerleaders is a dynamic blend of movement gymnastics, dance, acrobatics, and cheers to encourage sports teams that were playing, or as a competition sport . Cheerleaders term is also used to name the person doing the action.
The cheerleaders in charge of leading the shouts of encouragement and motivation for the crowd.

Tradition scout shout came from North America and spread throughout the world. Cheerleader team used in American football and basketball often. Cheerleader team is often invited to act in a parade or a carnival, and sometimes also owned a football team, ice hockey, volleyball, American football and baseball.

Initial appeal cheers

Cheers voiced "Hooray, hooray, hooray! Tiger SISS-boom-ah, Princeton!" popular among students at Princeton of the 1850s to early 1860s. The sound of fireworks rockets are flying "SISS-boom-ah" is taken from a similar appeal was shouted members of the 7th Regiment of New York City from the train depot that takes them from Princeton to Washington, a few days before the outbreak of the Civil War in the United States.

In 1896, the College of New Jersey changed its name to Princeton University after celebrating the 150th anniversary. In the same year, cheer called "The Tiger Rocket Cheer" (later known as "The Locomotive") echoed for the first time, '' Ray 'ray' ray Tiger, tiger, tiger, sis sis sis, boom, boom , boom, ah! Princeton! Princeton! Princeton! "cheers are called" locomotive "that starts slowly but continued with the tempo increasing as the sound of a locomotive. In the past there has been no marching bands, the shouting is the only way to give support to the game of American football. Players are drawn from the field of play are also greeted with applause as a sign of gratitude.
In 1894, Princeton graduate Thomas Peebles named, began to introduce the idea of ​​organizing the public cheering at the University of Minnesota. But this idea was only implemented in 1989 by the University of Minnesota student named Johnny Campbell stood in front of an audience as cheerleader first to set the audience cheering.

Cheerleader now

Although 97% of all female cheerleaders now, cheerleaders actually originated from the activities carried out entirely by men. Women are just beginning to participate as a cheerleader in the 1920's, whereas in the 1940's began to be activities carried out almost entirely female.

Cheerleader organization in the United

Lawrence "Herkie" Herkimer founded the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) in 1948. Course cheerleader NCA was first held in 1949 followed by 52 participants.

In 1960, the National Football League (NFL) began to organize professional cheerleading teams. In the 1972-1973 season, the team Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders cheerleaders debuted and immediately attracted attention because of skimpy clothing and intricate dance movements.
In the 1980's, acrobatics and gymnastic movement both difficult and dangerous began to frequent the cheerleading group in the United States. Organizations such as the AACCA cheerleading (American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors) started applying safety guidelines and provide a safe course for the cheerleading coach and sponsor.

Cheerleading stunt technique

Cheerleader team while doing acrobatics (stunt) know the technical terms that are officially used by the parent organization of all cheerleaders around the world. The terms used are generally already made uniform so understood by coaches and cheerleaders in the entire world. Cheerleading stunt performed involving bases (team members residing below) which is used as the foundation for the flyer (team members who are appointed / supported by the base).

Base is those responsible for weight flyers, and served as the foundation for the flyer in doing stunt. Basically, there are two kinds of bases, namely the base rear (back base) and the base side (base side). In some stunts, sometimes some are acting as spotter, whose job it is to assist in building a stunt flyer, without a foundation as the base.


Height or weight restrictions to being a flyer is very relative, depending on the level of ability and strength of the flyer and base. Basically is a member of a smaller and lighter is more likely to be above and thrown, but actually it is not necessary to become a flyer. Ability to hold / bear her own weight is a major factor in being a flyer. In general, the flyer is smaller than the base, but is also not always true, because other factors are important to being a flyer is to have good balance, correct technique, and not afraid of heights. A good flyer is a member who can master the fear of heights. And should feel comfortable with the circumstances in which other members will appoint members to the 3-4 level, or tossed into the air. If you've overcome this, the next thing you need to have is to have a good balance.

Shoulder sit

This is one of the basic stunt in cheerleader. Flyer sitting on the shoulder of the base, by pinning his legs to the back of the shoulder base. The hand holding the thigh flyer base, slightly pressed down to increase stability.

Shoulder stand

Flyer stands on the shoulders of the base, with a lock body to stay balanced. Base holding hands tightly behind the calf base to add stability. Can be used behind a supporting base to help hold the knee flyer.
Thigh stand

As the name implies, flyers stand in the thigh from the base. Two bases in lunge position (one leg bent and one straight), and flyers stand on it. Notice that flyers about stepping in the pants pocket of the base, do not be too far down or up.

Elevator / half extension

Elevator, or half extension, or 'prep7, is one of the most frequently used stunt in cheerleading. Minimum should be done by 3 people base who are always looking at all the stunt flyer done.


In Indonesia, this technique is often simply called a "balance" or "toes up" or many other terms. Standard term for this technique is heelstretch. When do heelstretch, knee on the ground do not bend.


If translated into Indonesian means "scorpion", did gymnastics shape it resembles a scorpion tail that curled upward. Additionally, one hand can also point toward the front.

One or more members who serve as the base lift the flyer by the foot and the flyer balances weight on one leg straight. The leaflets leg bent with your feet at about knee level arms wide as it stood beside the knee of the leg. The name of this stunt is often shortened to 'Lib'.


This is a variation of freedom (liberty) facing to the side. One or more bases extend one leg. Flyers other leg is held by the hand to the side and legs fully extended. Known or skater skate.

Crazy Eight

Similar to the scale, but the crazy eight ankles supported by leaflets wrist, his hand holding to form a circle above his head. This pose is generated resembles a figure eight, because two circles, one formed by the arm, and the other with his feet and side.


Basic groups holding the feet face forward as the basis for the right side. While holding a one-legged fliers. Extended action while facing 90 degrees to the side of the base.

Bow and Arrow

Variations of the heel stretch. Flyers grabbed the foot with the opposite hand. Then pulled his arm and put it on the front foot, holding directly. Or if the flyer is not flexible enough to have a hand in front of his feet he could remain behind, but it is known as the "overstretch".
When will a dependence racket the young cathedral?

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