NBA: Bulls at the Rose Party Wins Opener

NBA : Bulls at the Rose Party Wins Opener
Derrick Rose scored points victory when the game 4.8 seconds left to live, when the Chicago Bulls opened the new NBA season with a 88-87 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday.

When Rose finally prove the touch, his teammate Rose, Luol Deng, Bulls giving spirit they need in the fourth quarter, to catch up in front of 18,997 spectators who packed Staples Center Arena, on Christmas Day.

Deng scored nine points in the final quarter, and cut the operand Kobe Bryant, then sends the ball to Rose, who was heading Lakers basketball hoop camp, before ending the attack with a lob one hand.

Bryant has a chance to bring the Lakers back the lead, but the jump from close range successfully blocked Deng, right when the game ended.
Rose recorded 22 points and five assist, while Deng had 21 points and grabbed nine rebounds for the Bulls, who now has a 7-7 record in 14 games last season opener.

Bryant, who played with wearing a wrist bandage to protect the torn tendon, scored the highest points match, ie, 28 points, and Pau Gasol had 14 points for the Lakers, who are now 36-16 record in the history of the NBA opener.

This is not the first time since the start of the 2008/2009 season where the Lakers did not start the schedule with a home game championship ring ceremony.

Before the game, the Lakers midfield player and president of the association, Derek Fisher, speaking of a new collective contract.

"All people are not happy with the process or final product, but thank you for your support and patience," said Fisher told the audience.

After nearly canceled the season, league and players association approved a cooperation agreement at the last minute, which produces competition schedule was compressed into just 66 games, starting with five games on Christmas Day.

Because of the previous confused, teams have only two weeks and two friendly matches, to prepare themselves to this season.

Steal the show in Dallas last season, and beat the Miami Heat to win the NBA title, but the Heat could take revenge on Sunday, beating Maverics 105-94.

In other season-opening game, the New York Knicks get rid of the Boston Celtics by a score of 106-104.

In the next game, Oklahoma City will host Orlando, and Los Angeles Clippers will be a visit to the headquarters of the Golden State.

The Lakers are one of the NBA's most successful club, but they enter the new season with a series of problems. The biggest concern comes from the absence of the legendary coach, Phil Jackson, who retired with 11 championship rings.

Bulls have mastered the two meetings, after it was defeated seven times in a row from the Lakers.


Chicago is one candidate to win the championship this year, after successfully reaching the league semi-final last year before losing to Miami in five games.

League's best player, Rose (23), has signed a five-year contract, which is an extension of the contract worth tens of millions of dollars.

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