Steven Gerrard - Top Football Player

Steven  Gerrard - Top Football Player 

Steven George Gerrard is a soccer player from England. The man plays the body of 188 cm is playing at Liverpool FC since 1997 (although the new professional debut occurred on November 19, 1998) as a substitute for Vegard Heggem in the second half when Liverpool played against Blackburn Rovers.

Although he plays as a midfielder on the soccer club, in fact he can play in any position as striker, midfielder or defender. You could say this player plays all positions except goalkeeper may seem like Northern Ireland football legend and Manchester United that is George Best.

In this club nicknamed The Reds, Gerrard wearing the number 8 as well as holding back the armband. Together with Xabi Alonso, Jamie Carragher, Sami Hyypia and he has donated several titles for the club from the city port. He was also highly respected by fans club based in Anfield stadium, team-mates at the club as well as England and English society as a whole. In 2006 he was selected as the best player in the UK by the Association of British professional footballer (PFA).

In England national football team he debuted in 2000 and to date has featured as many as 67 times and scored 13 goals.

Gerrard was familiarly called by dialing Stevie G.

Steven Gerrard have two daughters named Lily Ella and Lexie. He also had married a woman named Alex Curran in the summer of 2007.
Early career

Gerrard started out playing for local team Whiston Juniors. He got interest of Liverpool scouts and joined the Reds at the age of 9 years. He was only playing a few games, because of the slow progress made hana he played in 20 games between the ages of 14 and 16. [Citation needed] at age 14, Gerrard had the opportunity to compete with several clubs, including Manchester United. In his autobiography, he says "to pressure Liverpool into giving me YTS contract." during which time he had had an accident caused by a rusty garden fork which can cause him to lose his toes. Gerrard signed his first professional contract with Liverpool on 5 November 1997.
1998-1999: First Season

Gerrard made his debut with Liverpool first team on 29 November 1998 in the second half substitute for Vegard Heggem when confronted with Blackburn Rovers, and his first appearance as a starter place in the UEFA Cup against Celta Vigo.  As a substitute for the injured Jamie Redknapp, Gerrard played in 13 matches for Liverpool on the season.
1999-2000: First Team

In the 1999-2000 season the manager Gérard Houllier start with Gerrard partnering Jamie Redknapp in central midfield. After becoming a starter in six games, Gerrard was relegated to the bench for the local derby against Everton.  Gerrard replaced Robbie Fowler on 66 minutes but later released after receiving the first red card of his career for a foul on Everton's Kevin Campbell in minutes to 90. Later that season, Gerrard scored his first goal for the senior team's 4-1 victory over Sheffield Wednesday.

Spine often have problems. At that time, many journalists spread the rumors, so fans have suspected that they would never see Gerrard complete the competition. However, manager Gerard Houllier took the practical approach and sought specialist help to overcome the problem. list. After consultation with the sports consultant (health) Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfarth,  was diagnosed that Gerrard is caused by growth are too fast on his spinal cord. After treatment he and Liverpool FC ensure that these problems would not recur. But then Gerrard suffered from groin problems, and needed four operations to solve this problem.  Then he went to a French specialist to resolve problems with the injury, which caused the growth is too fast and too often when playing small ball.
2001-02: Growing influence

In the season "treble" 2001, Gerrard rose to an influential player on the team Liverpool where he became more mature and with injury problems and diminishing returns. He became an important part when Liverpool played in the 2001-2002 season where the standings final, Liverpool was ranked second, which stood at the highest value in the last decade. During that season, Houllier suffered serious health problems that require him to undergo heart surgery. At the moment Liverpool is predicted to return soccer fluttering in the UK, but after Houllier sick, Liverpool suffer a setback. Team's performance increased again after Gerrard and Michael Owen was the star that became the inspiration for a victory.

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