Orlando Magic, Cleveland Cavaliers, Indiana Pacers, New Jersey Nets, Toronto Raptors

Orlando Magic, Cleveland Cavaliers, Indiana Pacers, New Jersey Nets, Toronto Raptors

Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic basketball team is the American who joined the NBA. The club is based in Orlando, Florida.  The name is taken from the Magic Kingdom Magic (Magic Kingdom) in Walt Disney World, Orlando. The name chosen in a contest by defeating another option, namely Tropics and Juice.

Magic's first season in the NBA in the year 1989/1990 was the worst season with a 18-64 win-loss record.  the best season the Magic won in the year 1995/96 with a record 60-22 defeat to win. At that time, the Magic get young players like Anfernee Hardaway and Shaquille O'Neal brought the team into the NBA finals for the first time.  In the same year, O'Neal decided to join the LA Lakers. Following the senior players Dennis Scott, Nick Anderson, Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway is also out of the club. n the 1999/2000 season, the club rebuilt by coach Doc Rivers is the best NBA coach in 2000. Rivers put 11 young players with experience playing 3 years or less in the NBA.  He also managed to get the NBA star Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady to defend Magic.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team is the American who joined in the National Basketball Association. The team is based in Cleveland, Ohio. The team began playing in the NBA in 1970 as a new team. The best achievement of this team is to win the Eastern Conference (for the first time in 2007.


LeBron James Era

Some seasons continue to experience defeat led the Cavaliers fell to the bottom of the league standings and become a team that routinely have to go through the lottery to get a new player. After a disappointing season in 2002-03, the Cavaliers get the first lottery to pick new players in the NBA Draft. Simultaneously, the team chose a high school basketball whiz and aspiring MPV future NBA, LeBron James. As if to celebrate the birth of a new era in Cleveland Caveliers, pride in the team colors changed from orange-blue-black and black became the color of the wine and gold, with the addition of navy blue as well as a new primary logo.

James is the star status of the area (never played basketball in high school St. Vincent-St. Mary, near Akron) and one of the most touted prospects in NBA history to make a lot of people see choices as a turning point against the club's history. Dubbed by fans of the Cavaliers as the "King James," the 2003-04 season to give great hope to the future, where James grew into the most dominant player and won the NBA Rookie of the Year. Hope continues to expand in the 2004-05 season. James increase its productivity in terms of scored, rebounds and assists per game. Despite losing to Carlos Boozer at the end of the season, with Zydrunas Ilgauskas and James Drew Gooden became the core of the team. After a promising start, the Cavs decline that eventually resulted in dismissal of coach Paul Silas and general manager Jim Paxson. The team also failed to make the playoffs that year, the series with New Jersey Nets in the final playoff entry, and the Nets won the extra round (tiebreak).

Cavaliers make some changes at the end of the 2005 season. Under new owner Dan Gilbert, the team hire a new head coach Mike Brown and the new general manager, former Caveliers forward Danny Ferry. The team experienced success in the current season, entered the playoffs the first time since 1998. After winning the first round over the Washington Wizards, the Cavaliers back up 0-2 in round two against the Detroit Pistons, winning three games in a row until now looking for one more game to reach the final area. They lost the game strictly to 6 at home and finally followed by a 79-61 defeat in the game to 7.

Cavaliers continued success in the 2006-07 season. The team came second in the east with a record of 50-32, promises a number of interesting games in the playoffs. They fought with the Wizards, who struggled with injuries towards the end of the regular season. Cavaliers brushing resistance in the first round 4-0, and beat the Nets 4-2 in round two. Cavaliers face the Pistons in the Eastern Conference finals. After once again losing in the first two games in Detroit, the Cavaliers won the next three games to lead 3-2. This time, the Cavs get rid of Detroit in game 6. The win included victory with a 109-107 double over-time in game 5 at the Palace of Auburns Hills, where LeBron James scored 25 points for the Cavs last until his appearance in this game is listed as one of the best in NBA history. They continued their dominance in the 98-82 game 6 at home. Daniel Gibson scored 31 points as the highest of his career, and this club win the final of the territory for the first time. Travel teams for the first time to the NBA finals the next so quickly, after they were finally defeated and eliminated from the strong team San Antonio Spurs beat the Cavs 4-0.

Cavaliers stepped back in the 2007-08 season. They struggled with injuries and many changes in the exchange of players, including three players at the end of occasions where this team get a Joe Smith, Wally Szczerbiak, Ben Wallace and Delonte West. Cavaliers end the regular session and lost 45-37 in the second round of the playoffs. At the end of the 2008 season, the team made major changes in the composition of its core, trading Damon Jones and Joe Smith with point guard Mo Williams. The exchange is intended to get a scoring to help James.

Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers basketball team is the United States who are members of the National Basketball Association. The team is based at Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana. The name is taken from the history of the Indiana Pacers about a horse race called the Pacers. In addition to , the Pacers also inspired by the safety car (pace car) used in the Indianapolis 500 race.

Before occupying the stadium Conseco Fieldhouse, Pacers once had headquarters at the State Fairgrounds (1967-1974) and Market Square Arena (1974-1999). n 1967, the Pacers and joined in the competition founded the American Basketball Association (ABA). The first player to join the club is Roger Brown, a star player one-on-one (one-on-one) from New York City and worked in one of the local factories. Until 1976 , the Pacers have won three ABA titles.  During compete in the ABA, the most prominent Pacers player Mel Daniels is the best player get two ABA titles. When the ABA and NBA merged in 1967, the Pacers became one one of four teams that joined the NBA. In 2000, Larry Bird led the Pacers as coach for the NBA Finals to the first time. In 2004 / 5, Reggie Miller, Jermaine O'Neal, and Ron Artest brings  his better Pacers reached the NBA season with win-loss record of 61-21.

New Jersey Nets

New Jersey Nets basketball team is the American who joined in the National Basketball Association. The team is based in Newark, New Jersey. The team was formed in 1967 with the name of the New Jersey Americans. Initially, NJ Americans play in the competition of the American Basketball Association (ABA) and won two ABA championships when he was reinforced by Julius Erving. owner of the club, Arthur Brown, intends to put his team in New York City, but because they do not get anywhere then the team spent the 1967-68 season in Teaneck, New Jersey. The name of the Nets was taken when the team moved to New Jersey and aligned with the two sports teams that already exist in the city, the Mets (baseball) and the Jets (football).


After playing at the Teaneck Armory in the year 1967/68, the Nets could move to a stadium, the Long Island ArenaIsland Garden, Nassau Coliseum, Rutgers Athletic Center, Continental Airlines Arena, and finally the Prudential Center. the Nets joined the NBA in 1976 season / 77 by paying $ 8 million U.S. dollars. As a result, the Nets suffered financial problems and was forced to sell Julius Erving to the Philadelphia 76ers. Nets in the NBA's best season came in 2001/02 when point guard Jason Kidd, join the club. In that season, for the first time Nets advanced to the NBA finals. In the 2009/2010 season, the Nets were sold to Mikhail Prokhorov.  In that season, the Nets had the worst year with the only win in 12 games and lost as much as 70 times. 

Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors basketball team is the American who joined in the National Basketball Association. The team is based at Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario.  Together with the Vancouver Grizzlies, the team became the first Canadian team to compete in the NBA since 1946/47. The name of the Raptors selected based on the type of meat-eating dinosaurs.


At the beginning of his first season, the Raptors hired Isiah Thomas, former NBA player who won two championships, as head of the public.  Formerly, this team has a headquarters called the Skydome, until in 1998 was transferred to the Air Canada Centre. 19997/98 In the NBA season, the Raptors have the worst season record for wins by losing 16-66. This is because the number of injured players, there was some exchange of players, and Isiah Thomas resigned the same year. Raptors have lost the best winning record (47-35) in the year 2000 / 1 when reinforced by Vince Carter and in 2006 / 7 when it was led by Chris Bosh.  In the year 2006 / 7, for the first time the Raptors came out as champions of the Atlantic division . coach and NBA players who retired while leading the Raptors defense is Lenny Wilkins and Hakeem Olajuwon.

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