JOHN CENA (John Felix Anthony Cena Jr), WWE SmackDown, Raw, Championship

JOHN CENA (John Felix Anthony Cena Jr), WWE SmackDown, Raw, Championship

WWE SmackDown

SmackDown! wrestling is an entertainment program that is part of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). In the United States, SmackDown! commonly known by the name of WWE Friday Night SmackDown!. SmackDown! now not only aired in the U.S., but also various other countries such as Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Indonesia.

Era SmackDown!

Before the Brand Extension

SmackDown! is an event created by WWE that are intended to rival WCW show, Thunder. At first SmackDown! planned as a special performance of the Divas (female wrestlers the WWE), but the plan was aborted and the SmackDown! be a complementary show RAW.

In the U.S., SmackDown! first aired on April 29, 1999, was planned as a special performance only. However, because of the many wrestling fans who watch this show, SmackDown! finally got a primetime time slot on Thursday, competing with WCW Thunder. SmackDown! itself is identical with the color blue so often called "The Blue Show".

Theme song for SmackDown! did not actually sung by the band as well as RAW is WAR, but the WWE made the first theme SmackDown! (Which presumably is a combination of techno and rock). SmackDown! oval arena was once the setting has a unique, distinctive and different from the RAW. SmackDown! (The anniversary of both), replacing the theme song to "Beautiful People", sung by Marilyn Manson. SmackDown! also change the arena set start time (to be similar to the present).

Special Events SmackDown!

11 September 2001

On 11 September 2001, after the terrorist attacks in the U.S., recording impressions SmackDown! canceled and instead live broadcast aired two days later. At that time, a special design arena WWE SmackDown! to commemorate the incident - in the ring ropes are usually blue changed to red-white-blue, and the mini-tron screen animated U.S. flag there.

Decade of SmackDown!

On October 2, 2009 Date of SmackDown! celebrate the tenth anniversary of Smackdown. This episode aired three hours, including advertising, in this episode of RAW and ECW wrestler comes to playing and partying. such as before or after the ad aired wrestlers - wrestlers drink, talking to other wrestlers, dancing - dancing when the music started and a few party funny behavior by several wrestlers to make the audience laugh. The main event is the 8 people counterculture between The Undertaker, D Generation X (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) and John Cena against Randy Orton, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr.. The Undertaker, D Generation X And ​​John Cena wins this match.

WWE Championship

WWE Championship is the WWE World title, this title is owned by the promotion World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). This title was created in 1963 from WWWF promotion and the title is the first world title in WWE history. WWE has two world titles, one title the WWE Championship and another is the World Heavyweight Championship. Now the title is held by the RAW brand and Championhship World Heavyweight title held by the SmackDown brand.

WWWF Championship title was introduced in 1963 with Buddy Rogers became the first wrestler to hold this title on 29 April. Ii title has been renamed since a lot of promotion that holds this title has the name variations, such as in 2002 when the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) to change the company name to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Move the Brand

In the WWE Brand Extension years event held the WWE Draft, WWE Draft is an event where wrestlers from RAW and SmackDown brands of the brand rate. After three years held the SmackDown brand, the brand moved Championhip WWE 2005 WWE Draft Lottery show when John Cena holders It moved to the RAW brand as the holder of World Heavyweight Championship, Batista moved to the SmackDown brand.  On June 11, 2006, Rob Van Dam using the Contract Money in the Bank in event for ECW One Night Stand with the WWE Championship title match against John Cena. The contact is in the warranty contract by WWE match, this contract is for the WWE Championship title, World Heavyweight Championship or ECW Championship whenever the holders choose. Rob Van Dam defeated John Cena to win the WWE Championship was moved to make his ECW brand, which bought the brand from the WWE World Championship Wrestling because of bankruptcy. On July 3, Edge defeated John Cena and Rob Van Dam in the Triple Threat Match to win the WWE Championship title, making this title back to RAW brand because Edge is a wrestler from RAW brand. In 2008 WWE Draft, Triple H WWE Championship Holder moved to the SmackDown brand. [3] In front of him at the 2009 WWE Draft, returned to the RAW brand when Triple H was moved to the RAW brand. After WWE Elimination Chamber WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship held SmackDown brand as Batista, SmackDown wrestler won the WWE Championship from John Cena. But this title back to RAW after Batista defeated John Cena at WrestleMania XXVI event.

Brand Holders

WWE Championship was introduced in 1963 with Buddy Rogers was the first holder. There are now 39 wrestlers to hold this title, with Triple H holding the highest for eight times. Bruno Sammartino held the title of this during the day 2.803 May 17, 1963 until January 18, 1971 to holders of record of the longest. André the Giant holds the title for about 45 seconds to make a record holder of the shortest. Brock Lesnar is the youngest wrestler to hold this title and Mr. McMahon is the oldest wrestler to hold this degree by age 54. The holder of this title is now The Miz, WWE wrestler who won the Championship for the first time after defeating John Cena in Match Single in the show RAW on November 22, 2010, after use the Money in the Bank contract.

John Cena (John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.)

John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. is a U.S. professional wrestler, hip-hop musician and actor. He is listed in World Wrestling Entertainment and performing in RAW.

During his career in the professional wrestler, John Cena won the WWE Championship seven and two World Heavyweight Championship. Cena also won 3 times the WWE United States Championship, 2 times won the World Tag Team Championship (with Shawn Michaels once and once with Batista). He was also the winner of the 2008 Royal Rumble.


World Wrestling Entertainment


Cena first appeared on television to answer the open challenge WWE Kurt Angle on June 27, 2002. On 27 April 2003, he challenged Brock Lesnar for the WWE Champion for the title, but lost to John Cena after receiving the F-5 from Lesnar.


In 2004, Cena's popularity began to rise, and at Wrestlemania XX was held, John Cena won his first title in the WWE United States Champion after defeating the Big Show. In No Mercy, Cena won the title back to the United States Champion after winning the final of the Best-of-5 series by defeating Booker T, but John Cena lost his title because Carlito defeated debutant week after No Mercy.

After that began the feud between John Cena and Carlito, the storyline said Cena was attacked in Boston Nightclub by Carlito bodyguard named Jesus, resulting in kidney injury, and did not appear again in the WWE for a month. In fact, John Cena is preparing for his film, The Marine. Afterwards, John Cena back face and seize the U.S. Champion Carlito.


On April 3, 2005, John Cena WWE Championship from JBL Seize at Wrestlemania 21 after losing the U.S. title of Champion Orlando Jordan. After seizing degree WWE Champion, John Cena moved to RAW.


After winning the Elimination Chamber Match at New Years Revolution, challenging Cena and Edge beat Cena, however, Cena reclaim his title at Royal Rumble. In Wrestlemaia 22, Cena defeated Triple H and defend his title. John Cena lost his title by Rob Van Dam at ECW One Night Stand. After that, the title of WWE champions won by Edge. He uses a new theme song and titled "My Time Is Now"

John Cena's effort to win the WWE title at SummerSlam champion had failed, but at Unforgiven was held, John Cena won the WWE title after winning the TLC match.


John Cena successfully defended his title from Umaga at New Year Revolution and end the unbeaten record Umaga. John Cena earned a World Tag Team Champion with Shawn Michaels after defeating Edge and Randy Orton.

At Wrestlemania 23, John Cena back to defend his title from Shawn Michaels and make Cena a Double Winner, but the World Tag Team Champion title won by the Hardy Boyz.

In the event Backlash, John Cena will face Edge, Randy Orton, and Shawn Michaels to retain the WWE Championship.

In October 2007, John Cena injury and his title was given to Randy Orton at No Mercy event.


John Cena's return from injury at the Royal Rumble match and eventually won the Royal Rumble after eliminating Triple H.

John Cena wrestled with Randy Orton at No Way Out event for the title Randy Orton but he failed.

John Cena and Triple H defeated Randy Orton in the Triple Threat match at WrestleMania XXIV event for the title of Randy Orton.

In the episode of RAW on August 4, 2008, John Cena and Batista won the World Tag Team Championship from Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, but next week they lost their titles to Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase as well.

In the event SummerSlam 2008, Batista John Cena wrestled with and finally in the game, he mencederakan neck.

John Cena's return match at the Survivor Series, where he won the World Heavyweight Championship from Chris Jericho.


In the event No Way Out 2009 John Cena lost his World Heavyweight Championship to Edge in the Elimination Chamber match.

In the event WrestleMania XXV, John Cena defending his title at the Triple Threat match against Edge and The Big Show

John Cena won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton at the Breaking Point in the Match I Quit.

John Cena lost the WWE Championhsip to Randy Orton in Hell in a Cell event 2009 in the Hell in a Cell Match.

John Cena won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton once again on the show Bragging Rights 2009 in Iron Man Match.

John Cena lost the WWE Championship to Sheamus on the show TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match at Table


John Cena won the WWE Championship from Sheamus on the Elimination Chamber match at the WWE Elimination Chamber, but after that Vince McMahon ordered John Cena against Batista with the title at stake, and he lost.

John Cena won the WWE Championship from Batista at WrestleMania XXVI event.

Extreme Rules in the event, John Cena defending his title from Batista at Last Man Standing match.

Over The Limit On the show, John Cena defending his title once again from Batista in the match I Quit.

In the event of Fatal 4 Way John Cena lost his WWE Championship to Sheamus in Fatal 4 Way match that also involved Randy Orton and Edge after the rookie's first season NXT called The Nexus intervened.

In the event Money In The Bank John Cena against Sheamus in Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship, he lost in this match after The Nexus intervened again.

John Cena at SummerSlam event and the formation of the group against The Nexus.

In the event Hell in a Cell John Cena defeated the leader of The Nexus, Wade Barrett making him a member of the Nexus 

John Cena and David Otunga, a member of the Nexus won the WWE Tag Team Champions Bragging Rights in the event of Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. But the next day on RAW episodes they lost to the other Nexus members are Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater after the command from Wade Barrett.

At the Survivor Series, John Cena's career is in his hands as he refereed the match between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett for the title of Randy Orton. If Randy Orton wins, he will be fired from the WWE, but if Wade Barrett he would come out of the Nexus group. In the show, Randy Orton successfully defended her title and also end the career John Cena (kayfabe) in the WWE.


In 2011 john cena won the royal rumble failed because eliminated by The Miz. since Del Rio chose Albelto World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania 26, John Cena following the qualifying matches in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship At Wrestlemania. On May 1, 2011 John Cena regained the WWE Championship title from the hands of The Miz, through battle Triple Threat Extreme Rules Steel Cage. That was followed by John Cena, The Miz and John Morrison.

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