Top Football Player in the World Ricardo Kaka

Top Football Player  in the World Ricardo Kaka - Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (born in Brasília, 22 April 1982, age 29 years), better known as Kaká, is a Brazilian football player who now defends Real Madrid club (joined in 2009; prior to the 2003-2009 in AC Milan). Kaká is generally played in the position of attacking midfielder or attacker. He is known to have very good dribbling and accurate passes. Her height was 186 cm.
Kaká married Caroline Celico on December 23, 2005 at a church in São Paulo, Brazil.


Kaká was born in Brasília, Brazil on April 22, 1982, he was a son of the couple Simone Cristina dos Santos Leite and Bosco Izecson Pereira Leite. Kaká has a younger brother, Rodrigo, who is known as Digão, who followed his lead playing football in Italy.

Nickname Kaká, taken from the original language, Portuguese, spoken like a spell, with an emphasis on the second syllable is marked with accents. It is usually used to abbreviate the name of "Ricardo" in Brazil, however, Kaká get his nickname from his younger brother, Rodrigo, who could not pronounce the word "Ricardo" when they were little. Rodrigo called his older brother "Caca" which later changed to Kaká. In Europe he was known by pamnggilan RickyKaka.

In September 2000, at the age of 18, Kaká suffered a career and possible threats to the vertebral fractures that cause paralysis as a result of a swimming pool accident. The worst did not happen and Kaká fully recovered from the incident. He thanked God for his recovery and since then he donated his earnings to his church. for that every time he scored his hand always in the upward march, marked with a sense of love for God.

Club career
Kaká signed a contract with São Paulo at the age of 15 years and led the junior team on winning the 'Copa de Juvenil'. She made her debut at São Paulo FC in 2001 when at age 18. In the first season, he collected 12 goals in 27 matches and 10 goals in 22 games the following season. At age 17, when he was still in junior team, Sao Paulo intends to sell Kaká to the first division league team from Turkey, Gaziantepspor. The transaction does not occur, because the manager Gaziantepspor, Nurullah Sağlam, and board the team refused to pay $ 1.5m for youth 17 years of it. After joining the senior team of São Paulo FC, Kaká appearance attracted the attention of European clubs.

He joined AC Milan (One package with her sister, digao) a fee of U.S. $ 8.5 m, the amount considered small by club owner Silvio Berlusconi. Within a month, he has entered into the first team and since that moment he became a starter. His debut in Serie A is when the visit against AC Milan Ancona, 2-0 win. He produced 10 goals in 30 games that season, winning the Serie A and Italian Super Cup.

Kaká is a core part of the five midfielders in the 2004-2005 season, usually playing in the shadow striker position behind striker Andriy Shevchenko. He collected seven goals in 36 league games and also won the Italian Super Cup with his club. Milan finished second to Juventus in Serie A and in the final with Liverpool on penalties in the Cup / Champions League.

One of the most amazing goal Kaká is against Fenerbahçe SK in AC Milan's first game in the Cup / Champions League 2005-06, the Rossoneri won 3-1. Goals that make it comparable with Diego Maradona, because Kaká started his run from midfield and skipped past three bumps before entering the area and finishing with a low shot under Fenerbahçe goalkeeper Volkan Demirel.

On 9 April 2006, he made his first three goals in a game against Chievo Verona. The third goal resulted in the first half. In 2006, Real Madrid showed interest to pick up this 25-year star, but Milan and Kaká refused to sell. Kaká signed a contract extension with Milan until 2011.
On 1 November 2006, AC Milan escaped Cup qualifier / Champions League after Kaká made three goals that helped his team win 4-1 against RSC Anderlecht. This is the second of three goals in Milan and three of his first goal in European competition.

Then on June 8, 2009, Kaká joined Real Madrid for six-year contract, with an estimated value of the transfer of about 65 million pounds.

National Team
Kaká made his international debut in January 2002 against Bolivia. He is part of a national team that won the 2002 World Cup, but did not see much action playing just 19 minutes in the first round match of Costa Rica. In 2003, he captained the team in the Gold Cup tournament in the United States and Mexico, leading Brazil to the second position and make a decisive goal in the match against Colombia. After that, he acted in the 2005 Confederations Cup, with Kaká scored and won the final match against Argentina (in celebration after the match, he and his teammates wore T-shirts with the inscription "Jesus Loves You - Jesus loves you" in different language.) He managed to get a place to 10th in the award voting for FIFA World Player of the Year 2004. In the 2005 competition he finished two places higher. Finally, he helped Brazil qualify for the 2006 World Cup. Kaká has matured as a player and is regarded as one of the best footballers from Brazil. He recorded his first goal in Brazil's 2006 World Cup in the match against Croatia on June 13, 2006. On 3 September 2006 he donated one of his brilliant goal for the Brazilian team after a feed to produce goals for the new incoming players, Elano Blumer. Kaká received the ball from the corner reflection Argentina, and take the ball from three-fourths of the field and scored. On 15 November 2006, Kaká was chosen as captain of Brazil in a friendly against Switzerland because of the absence of previous Brazilian captain Lucio caused by injury.

World Cup 2006
In Brazil's first match in group F, Kaká scored a goal in the 99th minute against Croatia. Left-foot shot from 25 meters to make Brazil win 1-0. Media considers Kaká as the only member of the "magic quartet" - Adriano, Kaká, Ronaldo, Robinho and Ronaldinho, who produced the game. And also when he registered himself against Ghana in the history of the lure to Ronaldo, who finally yielded a goal, so that Ronaldo broke Gerd Müller's record, most goals in World Cup. Kaká was unable to continue its performance to the next match and Brazil were defeated by France in the quarterfinals.

World Cup South Africa 2010

Playing for the Brazilian team in Group G, in his second game against Ivory Coast Kaka contribute to goals scored by Luis Fabiano. Unfortunately Kaka emotions provoked by a hard game that menyebabkanya Ivory Coast team gets a red card. If not, he is likely to be Man of the Match Luis Fabiano is finally strapped.

Personal Life

Kaká married Caroline Celico in the Church on December 23, 2005, two years after Kaká's move from Sao Paulo to Milan. Caroline was born on July 26, 1987, son of Rosangela Lyra, the director of Dior in Brazil, and Celso Celico, a businessman. She and Kaká met in 2001 when he was still a student and became a Kaká is still playing for the São Paulo Football Club. The wedding was attended by 600 people, including fellow footballer: Cafu, Ronaldo, Adriano, Dida, Julio Baptista and Brazilian national coach Carlos Alberto Parreira. She plans to get a business degree from a university in Milan.

Kaká is a devout Christian. He is known like to wear gear from the first Christian: he never wore T-shirts with the words I Belong to Jesus in some games, such as Brazil's victory celebration at the 2002 World Cup, and Milan's Scudetto celebration in May 2004. He used a shoe coupled with the inscription on the shoe tongue. Each time he scored he pointed with his fingers to the sky as a sign of his love for God and Terim is probably a first for a footballer who at level: He's proud that he is still virgin when she married.

Unlike most other ball players, Kaka is the preferred drink of water where most other soccer players prefer to drink-liquor while partying at the bar. While his colleagues had underestimated, he remained consistent in his stance so that eventually he actually respected her friends,. Kaká like the pious personality. All co-rekannyanya did not know Aline Baros because they may prefer the type of rock music, and others. It is also the first to make the relationship of Kaka and Andriy Shevchenko are very close, Shevchenko was also a religious person so Kaka feels so close to him, but that relationship should be disconnected after Shevchenko moved to Chelsea the 2006 season, but Kaka is sometimes still found time to contact Shevchenko. Kaka loved the color white symbolizes purity and sincerity. Kaka really like to pray, even he often invites his colleagues helped to pray. Kaka including a Ferrari enthusiast, he likes to model a sporty and elegant. Kaka also idolized actor Tom Hanks.

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This is great to watch kaka again in AC Milan. But don't know why he sold to Orlando City. He could play well in the team. However, good news is Kaka back in Brazil Squad that surprises the fans and Coach wants him to another chances too.

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