Moto GP, Valentino Rossi Prepare to Race in Laguna Seca

Moto GP, Valentino Rossi Prepare to Race in Laguna Seca - Valentino Rossi still difficulties appear primed with Ducati. Rossi's performance shocked former world champion Kevin Schwantz.

Rossi will face after the race at Laguna Seca in the previous series, in German MotoGP, reaping the worst this season. At that time he only finish in ninth position after qualifying a record time of 2th from the back.

So far Rossi has yet to appear convincing with Ducati that started defended this season. Use of GP11.1 latter did not make the performance better.
Due to unsatisfactory results, at this weekend's U.S. MotoGP Rossi was preparing two different types of motors.
Difficulties being experienced by Rossi, who last season defending Yamaha, was welcomed surprise from Schwantz so ever 500cc world champion in 1993 ago.
"I was surprised. I think with so many motors that have been driven Valentino well, he will soon find a way to drive," said Schwantz told MCN.

"Maybe not all he was in front, but at least he was consistent fight in the top five and perhaps up to the podium a few times," he added.

Given the difficulty Rossi, Schwantz himself had allegations. One thing he believes, Rossi this time patience is tested.

"Maybe Valentino realize that this is not something you can fix it immediately, and the more he drove it and the more development time the better."
"But to come out to race and struggled for four or five laps and the lead in the race, and then not know what to try for next week, I thought he was doing it all with more patience than I would have," concluded Schwantz ..

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