Most Phenomenal Football Player - Ronaldinho Story

Most Phenomenal Football Player - Ronaldinho Story - Ronaldinho is one of the most phenomenal soccer player on earth. Individual action and tricks Brazilian playmaker make sure anyone who saw him in awe. But who thought that if Ronaldinho football learn from a dog?

Yes, Ronaldinho himself admits it. In the neighborhood of his life in Porto Alegre, Brazil, there is a dog named Bon Bon who always accompany him when his friends had gone home. Almost every day they play together.

That's why a England newspaper, My Free Sport, said that it is not surprising that the physical and Ronaldinho is very good strength.

"Yes, Bon Bon. I learned a lot playing football in the street in Porto Alegre. We have no field, just a road. But my incessant playing despite a male friend had gone home because there is still Bon Bon. I played with him, "said Ronaldinho, Friday (25 / 4).
"For a dog, he was great. He can hold the ball, but he did not know the rules because he's a dog. He is the best dog in our region. He chose a great right foot," added the former Paris St Germain player was.

Not only that. Ronaldinho also was able to combine football with music, so its action on the gridiron as a dancer who demonstrate the art of playing the round leather.

"When I was a kid, I could not imagine doing things differently. My brother Roberto is a footballer, and he is my idol. He played in Brazil, for Gremio, and then moved to Switzerland to strengthen Zion. I wanted to follow him and live with him every summer in Europe.
"My father worked as a security guard at the stadium Gremio, and my family always gives encouragement to them. All because of football, soccer and football, although music is also a favorite. I love samba and Pagode, which comes from samba and is popular in southern Brazil.

"I've also joined in the band, and sometimes I practiced with friends in a group in Barcelona. I'm wearing a mask, so people do not know me," said Ronaldinho.

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His lover have got two new points to add in their list Don Don and Music as a part of a great foot ball player.

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