Lionel Messi - It's Record, I Never Dream (Barcelona Top Score)

Messi - It's Record, I Never Dream (Barcelona Top Score)
Lionel Messi top scorer expressed his delight to be immortal Barcelona, which he himself never even dreamed of.

"Honestly, I'm very happy" said Messi told Ole. "I never even dreamed could be the top scorer in the history of Barca."

Only in the age of just turned 24 years old, Messi has been transformed into one of Barcelona legend.

"Barcelona have given everything to me, and I will get back. It is a pride to be part of this club's history."

"I could not have achieved this record without the help of my teammates," said Messi.
Scored 234 goals is not easy. Of those goals, Messi created some extraordinary way or mediocre. However, for Messi, all equally important.

"My best goal? I do not know. First goal for Barcelona until the last, and others as well, all important to me."

"I am glad to know the people in my country go happy," Messi said when told of the delight of the fans in Argentina to record it.
 Messi knows that he's still not quite return the trust given to him. He was determined to gain more achievements again, both for club and country. (spo / gia)

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